Why Do Things Take So Long To Manifest Using The Power Of Intention?

Why do Things Take So Long To Manifest Using The Power Of Intention?

You’ve done everything right, so why do things take so long to manifest using the power of intention?

You’ve visualized your goals in great¬†detail, chanted affirmations three times a day, yet nothing. It’s been several weeks now, and your starting to get worried that this isn’t going to work. You’ve invested precious time and money on self help programs, but none of them seem to be helping.

You’re on the verge of quitting and giving up on your dreams. However it’s often just beyond this point that things start to happen. The sad fact is that a large majority of people give up, never realizing their ambitions. This is so sad and often a complete waste of talent and opportunity.

The power of intention

The power of intention or law of attraction simply means you attract towards you what you think and believe. If you want something, but have underlying beliefs that you aren’t good enough, or don’t deserve it then you’re creating a barrier. This could seriously delay or stop your dreams from manifesting.

You can spend hours visualizing your intentions, and chanting affirmations, but if you’ve got mental blocks going on in the background you could be wasting your time. You MUST work through any blocks first as these will hold you back.

What is the power of intention

You can work through mental blocks by firstly writing them down. This gets you to acknowledge them, making them easier to deal with. Analyse these blocks and try to work out why you’ve acquired them.

This can be easier said than done. Many of these obstacles or blocks have been either learnt from past experiences or installed as part of your belief system when you were very young.

It’s important to clear these blocks as You have to feel good about yourself and in a happy frame of mind as this will raise your level of vibration.

Making room for your intentions

Just like making room for new furniture in your home, you have to make room for your new intentions. The law of physics states that two things cannot exist in the same space at the same time.

With regards to old negative conditioning that you’ve been holding onto since childhood, this has to go before you can make way for new beliefs. If not, you’ll soon find that trying to affirm new ways of thinking will cause conflict with the old.

It’s a bit like buying new clothes when your wardrobe is stuffed full of old ones. They won’t all fit in to the same space, and you’ll end up with a muddled mess.

Is fear holding you back?

Fear can cause resistance when you’re trying to manifest. Fear of debt, failure in business, or a break up of a relationship can all emit negative vibes. You’re putting yourself in a place of lack, and will attract more of what you fear towards you. Once you can overcome these blocks you’ll start to see a shift in energy, as new opportunities and pathways open up for you, drawing your intentions closer towards you.

Overcome fear by trusting in the universe and let go. Once you have set your intentions, have complete faith that you’ll receive them. The universe always delivers, no matter what you intend.

Dealing with doubt.

overcoming doubtOften it’s when success is just around the corner that many give up. It’s taken far longer than they planned and instead of keeping calm and trusting the universe, they abandon their dreams listening to friends telling them them to “wake up to reality”.

In truth reality is what you make it. You can be anything you want, and achieve anything you want, but if you let doubts enter your mind, they will lower your state of vibration, delaying your intentions even more.

If you expect your intentions to happen, and you really believe your goals are attainable, they will manifest quicker. Often very small goals are far easier to manifest.

Have you ever visualised a free parking space when you were driving somewhere and then by some miracle a space became available just as you arrived.

Decluttering to make way for the new

You see, your mind has to go through a sort of decluttering phase before you can expect your intentions to manifest. Unfortunately this is why so many lose faith in the law of attraction and just give up.

Just remember, nothing worth having is instant. It simply just may not be the right time for your goals to manifest.

Feel the emotion of your intentions as if you have them now.It’s hard trying to manifest a goal if you’re worrying about what would happen if you didn’t reach it. Focusing on lack will slow down the time it takes to manifest your goal.

Be patient as the time will come when your intentions or goals are in alignment. Sometimes things take longer to manifest even if you’re doing all the right things. This may be because it’s simply not the right time. Old ways have to be cleared out first to make way for the new.

Will your intentions bring you happiness?

You have to enjoy what you do in order to achieve real happiness. Yes, you need to plan for the future, but you can only live in the moment. The past and future are in our imagination. Don’t make the false assumption that once you manifest your goals you’ll be happy. The

truth is happiness comes from within, and you can choose to be happy right now, as “now” is all there is in reality.

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  1. This is such a great article. I spent years in a deep depression and have recently been practicing the power of intention. I’d become discouraged as I had yet to see the manifestation of my visualizations. The section about fear holding back intentions from being realized really hit home. I’ve always been a fearful individual and even in the past when I have sought to be positive, my fearful feelings have held me back. I’m going to attempt to completely let go and allow the universe to reward my positive intentions.

    1. Thank you James, so glad you found my article helpful. Being in a deep depression for so long must have made it hard to believe that your intentions would ever materialise. I can sympathise with the fearful side of your nature as that also applies to me. I’ve had phobias, some of which I’ve overcome using visualisation, but claustrophobia is one I have that I’ll need to get treated by a professional. Just have faith in your intentions, then let go. They will appear when the time is right as the universe always delivers.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I love this post, and I feel like I found it at just the right time. I’ve been working hard for the past several months to build “a life of freedom”. I am most happiest when I can choose when to work, where to work, and live each day as I wish. I have manifested so many amazing things in my life and overcome many challenges to achieve these manifestations. I’ve had many ‘I can’t believe I actually manifested that’ moments . I decided I wanted to go bigger, unleash my true purpose – and create a life that is not limited by societal beliefs. I decided I was going to start an online business that would hopefully expand into a well-known brand. I could have people work for me, and I choose when and where I work. I was so confident as I was starting, feeling so many ‘signs’ from the universe that I was on the right path. I also have been going through a major transformation in my life, bringing the pain of the past to the surface so I can deal with these blocks. I really connected with what you said about clearing the old to make room with the new because I feel that happening within me now. Whenever I feel doubt, and the fear of not achieving this dream, I remember that these are beliefs that I need to overcome. Each challenge is a new opportunity for growth. Every time I recognize those doubts as the societal believes instilled in me; I am getting even closer to my truth and my manifestation .

    1. Hi Megan, thank you for your comment, and so glad you enjoyed my blog post. It’s always a great feeling when you manifest something positive in your life, whether it’s a business goal, or relationship goal. So glad your online business is going in the right direction, and I wish you every success with it. I agree that you can somehow know if you’re following the right path, you just get that instinctive feeling. Yes, you really do have to clear out the old to make way for new things in your life. It creates a space which is always filled up again! Take care:)

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