Who Is Abraham Hicks And Can He Really Help Manifest Your Dreams?

Who is Abraham Hicks you may ask? You’ve seen his name mentioned in many law of attraction books, but is he a real person?

The answer may surprise you as Abraham is a non-physical entity. Abraham is a group consciousness from a non-physical realm.

They describe themselves as source energy. This is energy in it’s purest form and is what we experience during overwhelming feelings of love or pure joy.

How do you connect with source energy?

Abraham teaches that you’re already connected and that source energy never leaves you. It’s always flowing through you but commonly, we put up resistance to it.

This is when you feel out of sorts, depressed, or worried. You can increase your awareness of source energy during meditation as your thoughts start to slow down.

Many people have so much going on in their minds that it’s hard to be aware of this powerful energy. Once you do become aware of it and let go of resistance your life can dramatically change.

Meditation and mindfulness are both excellent ways to get in touch with source energy, allowing you to be in a place of non-resistance. When you’re creating barriers to this amazing and loving energy you’re experiencing fear, doubt and lack of self-belief.

The best time of day to meditate is first thing in the morning when you’ve just woken up. Your mind is less likely to be busy with thoughts and letting go of resistance will be much easier.

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abraham hicks teachings show us that gratitude is another powerful way to let go of resistance. Thinking of all the good things in your life rather than focusing on the negative raises your vibration. This brings you into closer alignment with source energy.

The higher your vibration the easier you’ll find it to feel your connection with source energy. With fewer thoughts to distract you, you’ll be able to focus on manifesting your desires into your life.

Esther Hicks and Abraham

abraham hicks manifestation

Esther Hicks is a motivational speaker who’s able to channel the teachings of Abraham.

Both her and her husband Jerry tour America giving seminars and passing on Abraham’s words of wisdom. She takes questions from the audience giving Abraham’s response. Esther channels the energy and insights from this amazing force, passing the knowledge on to audience members.

Is Esther Hicks a medium?

Esther never really thought of herself as a medium but claims messages for loved ones started coming through to her. This connection with spirit became stronger as her gift developed. She decided not to resist it and began using it in her work with Abraham.

Abraham teaches that everything including money is energy. All of which is in a constant state of vibration. As I’ve mentioned so many times before, if you want something you have to align your energy towards it.

abraham hicks teachings show that getting what you want including money and wealth really isn’t difficult. The problem with many people is that they’re unknowingly creating barriers for themselves.

All it requires is for you to simply tune into money in the right frequency. This is not so different from tuning into a radio station.

If you’re listening to some music on the radio and you decide you don’t like it, what do you do? Say you like jazz funk for example and you’re hearing country music which you hate. You simply turn the knob or select the frequency of another station. It’s the same


the teachings of abraham hicks

Abraham teaches us that everything we want is already with us. All you have to do is align your energy with it for instant manifestation. Of course, you can’t wave a magic wand and make money appear out of thin air unless you’re Harry Potter!

But by aligning yourself with the energy of wealth and abundance you can attract opportunities into your life that can serve to bring you wealth.

These opportunities may come to you as creative inspiration. Coincidences begin to happen that seem to bring the right people into your life at the right time. As I mentioned before things happen for a reason and is what we know as synchronicity.

There is no such thing as death

Through Esther Hicks Abraham teaches us that there is no such thing as death. Energy never dies but simply changes its form.

We simply pass from the physical into the non-physical. Abraham reassures us that we never lose connection with loved ones who’ve passed on, and in fact we form a stronger bond.

They get to know us more intimately as they’re aware of our innermost thoughts and feelings. As humans, most of us rarely show who we really are. We may have a strong and loving relationship with our spouse or kids but we’ll never get to truly know them until we pass over.

Abraham Hicks books

Esther Hicks has published many books on the law of attraction through the teachings of Abraham. There are many testimonials of people who’ve turned their lives around by taking action on the knowledge that’s shared in her books.

Many are available on Amazon either in Kindle format or as a paperback and hardback editions. There are also plenty of videos on youtube of Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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Abraham Hicks quotes

The following quotes are some of my favorite from Abraham and I hope you enjoy them!

“As you think, you vibrate. And it is your vibrational offering that equals your point of attraction. So what you are thinking and what is coming back to you is always a vibrational match.”

“Everything that happens to you is created by the Energy you are summoning and allowing. Or not.”

“Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.”

“The Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you FEEL.”

abraham hicks the law of attraction

“It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen.

In your joy, you create something and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about.”

“Dollars aren’t the root of happiness, but they are not the root of evil either. They are the result of how somebody lines up the Energy.”

“It is natural for my body to be well. Even if I don’t know what to do in order to get better, my body does. I have trillions of cells with individual Consciousness, and they know how to achieve their individual balance.”

“If there is something that you desire and it is not coming to you, it always means the same thing. You are not a vibrational match to your own desire.”

abraham hicks teachings

As you think, you vibrate. And it is your vibrational offering that equals your point of attraction. So what you are thinking and what is coming back to you is always a vibrational match.”

“What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling, every single time.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it’s answered the question of who is Abraham Hicks

Wishing you health and happiness

Take care:)


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