What Is The Law Of Attraction?

What is the law of attraction, And How Can It Improve Your Life?

what is the law of attraction

The law of attraction has been around since the beginning of time and never fails to work. Put simply it’s manifesting into your life that which you think about and focus on. The problem is most people tend to focus on their problems rather than solutions to them. As a result they attract more of what they don’t want

You see thinking about a problem is going to draw more of it towards you. Let’s say for example you have a debt to pay and don’t have any money. Most people will worry about a lack of money. Focusing on lack may only serve to attract more of it in your life.

If instead you were to create a plan of action that will make money and pay off your debt you’d be much more likely to achieve success.

Thoughts are energy

Everything in the universe including your thoughts are created from energy. If you were to get a very powerful microscope and examined the particles that make up a chair or table. And then you zoomed in on the subatomic particles, you’d see that they were in a constant state of movement.

Well the thoughts in your mind are are also energy and in a constant state of vibration.

Quantum physics shows that thoughts create your reality. You can change your reality by changing how you think.

Why you should never focus on what you don’t want.

If you focus on what you don’t want to happen you’re actually attracting it towards you. Many times when people become fearful or anxious over a problem they end up making bad decisions, making things worse.

This is often because you’re in panic mode. You don’t expect things to work out well, and your actions may actually drive you closer to that which you don’t want.

You’ll make mistakes far easier and then see these errors as proof you can’t do something.

It becomes a vicious circle. The more you tense up, fretting over over what you’re trying to avoid, or achieve, the more obstacles you’ll face. You’ll keep making mistakes, and in the end probably give up.

So how can you make the law of attraction work for you?

Think about what you want and only focus on that. Forget the things you don’t want in your life, and you’ll be changing your energy from negative to positive. Imagine how great life will be when you get, or achieve whatever it is you want.

You have to really feel the emotion. This is much more than just wishing for good things to happen. It’s about shifting energy.

The universal law of attraction has been around forever, but the majority of people either don’t know about it, or can’t make it work.

This may be because their mind was so mixed up and full of negativity that they were unable to focus on creating change, or if something didn’t manifest they gave up.

The Secret and the law of attraction

law of attraction the secret

The teachings of Abraham Hicks is the inspiration behind the “The Secret” Both the film and book show you how law of attraction works. Many well known people including Bob Proctor and Dr Joe Vitale appear in the film, passing on their wisdom and understanding of the law of attraction.

Abraham is a non human entity of teachers from the world of sprit. These are advanced beings and depending on your belief are able to pass messages to us through a lady called Esther Hicks. She is an inspirational speaker and writer, and both her and her husband Jerry spent time touring America, passing on Abraham’s teachings through Esther.

I have a strong belief in sprit so have no problem accepting the idea of advanced beings from other dimensions, or the idea of law of attraction. However even if you don’t believe and are highly skeptical you must understand that this universal law is always working, just like gravity.

Allow it to happen and make the law of attraction work for you

You don’t need to struggle for what you want. Just allow it to happen. Most times when we want something we’re focusing on lack of not having it. You spend time wishing for that perfect job or relationship.

thoughts are energy

You may think about it a lot during the day and visualize it coming to you. However you’re actually focusing on a lack of it, and as I previously mentioned the law of attraction always delivers what your mind is focusing on.

Being in a state of allowing is very powerful as you become aligned with your desire and are open to receive it.

You do this by believing and acting as if you already have it.

It’s also important to only use the law of attraction for what you really want, or need in your life, otherwise you will only do things in a half hearted way, or if you do get what you tried to manifest, you won’t be truly happy.

Why affirmations can help the law of attraction work for you.

Affirmations can be a very powerful tool when used with the law of attraction. Simply write down on a piece of paper what you want.

It could be finding a soulmate, better career, more money, improved health etc, then imagining you’ve already achieved these goals, write down how you’re feeling.

e.g “I’m so happy to be in a loving and happy relationship”, or “I’m so happy now that I have more than enough money to pay the bills”, or “I love the new slimmer me”

You must also believe in the affirmation. just saying them everyday will help draw them into your life, but you must have the self belief that what you want is possible. Deeply ingrained negative beliefs can seriously hold you back.

Dealing with negative thoughts

You may believe that a negative thought has already done its damage by simply entering your mind. But, a thought only damages your thinking process when it’s allowed to linger – to become a strong and powerful force in your mind.

These thoughts may keep repeating themselves when necessary to keep you under their “spell.” For example you have a bad experience with a failed relationship.

You blame yourself, and acquire negative thoughts that this will happen again in other relationships. These damaging thoughts rise to the surface at the start of a new relationship and you then become focused on failure.

Getting rid of deeply ingrained negative beliefs isn’t easy and requires some work.

You can start by acknowledging these thoughts as it makes them less powerful.

Practicing meditation, and calming the mind can make a huge difference to your state of wellbeing and help you see things in a more positive light.

Some beliefs are so deeply embedded in the subconscious that professional counseling is the best option.

Once you’ve removed negative thoughts replace them with optimistic, happy thoughts, and you’ll raise your state of vibration.

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