What Is Synchronicity And How Does It Work?

Many people ask what is synchronicity and how does it work.



Read more as I share interesting and revealing information that will make you question many occurrences in your life and if it could be synchronicity at work.

Have you ever found that sometimes things just fall into place? A series of events occur that seem to magically fit together. It’s almost as if some higher force has given you a helping hand.

you ask for guidance and the right people who can help start appearing in your life. You may already know them or you may meet them as strangers.

It may seem pure chance that you meet the very person who can help you. You weren’t actively looking but somehow they crossed your path. This is known as synchronicity and isn’t just random events occurring in your life.

There are no coincidences

Things happen for a reason its energy from our thoughts that drive things towards us. Everything in the universe is created from energy vibrating at different frequencies. The frequency of energy from your thoughts attracts towards you that of the same.

The higher your frequency the more positivity you’ll attract in your life. Thoughts you spend time focusing on are known as intentions. They’re very powerful and are released into the universe. Whether you consciously or subconsciously desire something it will be drawn towards you.

Opportunities in disguise.


Sometimes we’re in the wrong place whether in a relationship or job and the universe will conspire to help move us towards where we should be.

It may be something disastrous like an accident or illness that opens doors to something new. This is the universe guiding you towards what’s right for you.

For example, I had a stroke 3 years ago which affected my left hand. At the time I was a hairdresser but for some years had become dissatisfied and wanted a change.

Though I can no longer work as a hairdresser I’m now able to work full time on my blog which I enjoy. I love writing, and my stroke had forced me to make the change I needed.

Opportunities can come in the form of redundancies, divorce, or even accidents. It’s often life changing events that force you to leave your comfort zone and take chances on things you would have otherwise never considered.

This is synchronicity at work, lining up events to bring that much needed break towards you. It’s then up to you to take it.

Why you keep failing at something

Failures can be synchronicity at work. Maybe you keep applying for the same type of job but fail. You may be trying to do something you’re not really meant to do. Your heart isn’t in it and this is the universe trying to tell you this isn’t right for you.

Answers come in many guises.

Occasionally the universe sends us answers or guidance in many different forms. For example, you may be watching tv and a presenter is discussing your very problem. You hear the exact action you need to take, and though it may not always be what you want to hear it’s completely relevant to you.

A billboard jumps out at you with a message that seems to offer the solution to a problem. It may be an advert for a product but it totally fits.

Answers can even appear on social media. You’re scrolling down your Facebook feed and a post catches your eye. It stands out from the rest as it’s a positive quote or saying that lifts your spirits just when you needed it. It’s almost as if you’re being told don’t worry everything will be ok.

Synchronicity between two people

synchronicity between two people

Have you ever had that weird thing happen to you when you’re thinking about someone and they call you? This is actually very common and it almost seems like telepathy at work. You created an intention by thinking about that person. Your mind was tapping into their thoughts even though they may live miles away from you.

You may even bump into an old friend you’ve not seen for a long time. They were meant to cross your path at that moment for a reason. Maybe they needed to pass information onto you, or you needed help which they were able to give.

Recently I lost my cat and was feeling very down. I bumped into a neighbour a few days later who took me to see a lady that rehomes unwanted cats. Now I have her phone number thanks to my neighbour. I definitely want to adopt another feline friend very soon, so this was certainly synchronicity at work!

Synchronicity and receiving help.

Usually, if we need help to the car we go to a mechanic, or if the toilet gets blocked we call a plumber. Help though can also come in unexpected ways without the need to pick up the phone!

There are many cases of people who desperately require help and as if by pure chance someone passes by at that critical moment. It’s as if the universe is protecting you. Maybe your car breaks down on a dark night while you’re driving down a lonely road and a friend just happens to be passing by. Or, maybe it’s something trivial like you’ve run of coffee and a neighbour happens to drop by with a tin of coffee.

synchronicity and manifestation

When we want something and focus our attention on it we’re sending out an intention. In order to manifest something though you must have belief. If you can overcome any doubts or lack of faith you may start seeing signs that alignment is taking place. Remember to have patience though as the timing must be right.

It’s not like ordering a pizza! You can’t send out an intention in the morning and expect a delivery 2 hours later! Though this can happen, most times it may be days, weeks, months, or longer.

synchronicity and numbers

synchricity numbersNumbers are all around us and angels as well as spirit guides use them as a way of communicating. Have you ever woken up at the same time during the night several nights in a row? You look at the clock and it shows 3.40 am, the exact same time as the last 2 nights.

This may well be a message. Think if these numbers are the same as an anniversary or any other date that has a specific meaning to you. It could simply be a message of reassurance letting you know your angels and guides are never far away.

If you see meaningful numbers or letters on car license plates this may also be a sign. Try decoding them and use your intuition to decide if they’re more than just random numbers.

If every time you look at the clock you see numbers repeated this may also be a sign of synchronicity. For example 10.10, 11.10, 3.10. Numbers are also in airports, train stations, bus stops. In fact everywhere you look you’ll see numbers.
Even the house or apartment you live in has a number.

Some people will only move into a property if it has a specific number, and there are people who won’t sit in an airline seat if it’s number 13.

synchronicity and love

The way we meet our life partners can often seem like pure chance but I truly believe it’s synchronicity at work. If we are meant to be with someone they will cross our path. Sometimes this may be more than once.

I met my partner through a dating agency some years back before internet dating was around. I remember he called me as I was watching a favourite tv show and I said I’d call him back. Later on, I phoned him just as he was about to call another date on his list!

When we met he told me lived right near to the college I attended a few years previously, and even frequented the same bar. We probably shared the same space more than once but it wasn’t the right time for us to meet.

Sometimes a relationship can break up but if you’re really meant to be together synchronicity will make it happen. The timing has to be right with everything in perfect alignment.

So how do you know you’re in alignment?

You’ll start seeing signs that are meaningful to you. Just as I mentioned previously, number sequences may appear or you may keep seeing a name that has a specific meaning to you. A song taking you back to the time you fell in love starts playing on the radio. You hear this tune again in the grocery store.

Using the power of visualization and positive thought can help bring things into alignment. Sending out intentions into the universe may help draw you back together if it’s meant. However, if the relationship only served as a lesson, and you’re meant to move on then chances are it will never work.

synchronicity dreams

At times we may become trapped in a negative state and things keep repeating themselves. For example, you’ve become very stressed and you’re repressing a lot of anger. You keep having recurring dreams with symbols showing a need to relax and let go. If you can remember your dreams write them down as soon as you wake up. Try to work out if they’re synchronicity dreams by using your intuition.

It’s possible that you may also keep seeing signs during the day pointing to the same idea. It could be as obvious as seeing a signboard with the word relax!

I hope I’ve helped you understand what is synchronicity and how it affects your life. Of course you can find a lot of information in books some of which I recommend here.


Wishing you health and happiness

Take care:)




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