What Are Subliminal Messages And Do They Really Work?

Subliminal messages are a powerful way to banish negative beliefs and reach your goals.

subliminal messages

They’re fast becoming a popular way of overcoming blocks, and when used in the right way can be life changing. We’re not talking here about the bad old days of the cold war and political persuasion! Subliminal messages can help you sleep better, boost confidence, lose weight, and much more…

often times, the reason you keep failing, or can’t quite reach your goal is down to mental blocks. They can be so deeply rooted in the subconscious you may not even be aware they exist.

All is not lost though. As long as you have motivation subliminal messages will work. They won’t get results though if you’re half hearted about it.

Is there any scientific basis to show subliminal messages work?

Way back in the 1950s during a film show, the words “drink coke and eat popcorn” were quickly flashed up on the screen. It was so fast that no one could have read the words. It was later claimed that as a result, sales of coke and popcorn increased significantly.

Other studies show high success rates in those trying to quit smoking or lose weight. You may be wondering if it can help you. The answer is yes, providing you opt for quality subliminals, and as I mentioned previously have the motivation to succeed

subliminal messages audiosThe brain is a very complex organ and scientists know more about the universe than what your brain is truly capable of. We all know however that the human mind has a conscious and subconscious.

The conscious part of your mind is only active when you’re awake. On the other hand, the subconscious is active all the time. Many of our daily tasks are carried out on autopilot.

You don’t need to remember how to do them. The mechanics of driving is a good example. You don’t have to think how to start the engine or change gear. It comes naturally to you.

Many bits of information you’re exposed to during the day are stored away for future use. Think of your brain like a Windows operating system.

When you need to access a file you simply navigate to the folder it’s stored in. The brain is similar. Information taken in years or decades ago can often be recalled instantly, or very quickly!

How subliminal messages work

Just like the 1950s cinema screen I just mentioned, you’re exposed to subliminal messaging all the time. They work best when you’re relaxed which is why tv advertising is so powerful. You may not think you’re paying attention to the ads in the middle of the show your watching. However, when you’re in the grocery store looking for floor cleaner the brand name from the tv ad pops into your head.

When you’re driving and listening to the radio you may hear about a new book being promoted. You pay attention as it interests you. You keep hearing about it and though you may not be consciously listening, it’s flowing into your subconscious. After a while the subtle reminders prompt you to pop into your local bookstore and buy it.

Have you noticed that once you show interest in a product online it starts appearing everywhere you look? This is known as retargeting advertising and is extremely powerful.

Some people may argue that if you can’t see the images being shown or the words being said, how can subliminal messaging work.  The answer is you don’t need to be aware as your subconscious takes them in.

Just like retargeting or the tv ads, you don’t need to be paying full attention.

You literally have the power to change your mind!

removing mental blocks

Providing you really want to make a change in your life and have the motivation, you can do it! Just wanting to do something isn’t enough. You may have negative belief systems lurking in your subconscious ready to sabotage any attempts at change!

Unless you can overcome these blocks you’ll find it very hard to move forward and achieve your goals. Subliminal messaging is the perfect tool for smashing negative beliefs.

Unlock Your FREE Subliminal MP3s!

There are plenty of subliminal message recordings online, but not all of them are equal. You need to find professionally recorded ones that are as close as possible to your goals.

You’ll need patience as the deeper your negative beliefs the longer it will take to break through them. Don’t give up! Stick with it and you’ll be glad you did.

Well known self help guru Tony Robbins and successful sportsman Tiger Woods both used subliminals to help them achieve their goals.

How to create your own subliminal messages

You may be asking why create your own when you can download subliminal messages from the internet. You may want to finely tune subliminals to an exact match for your needs. You may also like the personal touch creating your own gives.

Before I show you how it’s done I must point out that the technology behind subliminal messaging is highly complex. You won’t get the same results as from that of a professional recording.

Having said that, it’s fun to make your own and they will be totally unique. So the first thing you need to do is grab a pen and sheet of paper. Alternatively, you may prefer opening up Notepad on your computer.

Think about the aim of your recording? What do you want to achieve? Be as specific as you can. The more highly targeted your messages the greater the impact. You’re writing positive affirmations designed to motivate.

It’s always best to write them in the first person. For example, if your goal is to lose weight you may want to write “I can lose weight easily.”

Think of as many as you can. The more affirmations you have the higher the chances of influencing your subconscious mind and motivating yourself.

Get some recording software. Your computer may already have some or use your smartphone. Read your affirmations out loud and save in a folder you can find later.

It may be worth noting it’s been scientifically proven that your conscious and subconscious mind is very sensitive to the sound of your own voice.

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How to make your subliminal affirmations even more effective

To boost the effectiveness of your subliminal affirmations, include a layer of soft classical music and binaural tones. These are used to sync brainwaves to a desired frequency. You can then enter a calm and relaxed state, making it easier for subliminal messages to work.

If you’ve never created an audio recording before you can find lots of information online to help you get started. I use a program called Camtasia but you can use Audacity for free.

You can source free to use music from Creative Commons. I use it all the time and you’ll find plenty to choose from.

If you’d rather listen to professionally crafted subliminal messages you can download FREE subliminal MP3s here!

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