The Shocking Truth Of Why You’re Failing To Achieve Your Dreams!

The shocking fact is most people fail to reach their full potential. They live a mediocre existence, with just enough money to pay the bills, or work in a job they hate.

Hi, my name is Kathy,
If you’re like me, you have times when you feel that no matter how much effort you put into something you’re getting very little result

You’re not alone as I’ve had the same challenges. It can feel sometimes as if you’re banging your head against a brick wall. I’ve spent hours working on tasks, doing everything possible, yet seeing nothing for it. You do all the right things, follow the right steps, yet you’re getting nowhere.

Have you ever really wanted something so bad, you spend every waking moment thinking about it? You try and save money for it, yet every time you save enough for a deposit, a bill arrives in the post, or a household emergency suddenly needs all your spare cash?

I know it’s something I’ve experienced so many times in the past. It’s just as if you’re not meant to get what you want. However, I now know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can get and achieve anything you want providing you follow a few simple rules. Nothing is truly impossible unless you believe it to be.

My consultant said I would never drive my car again,
but I proved him wrong!

In June 2014 I suffered a fairly mild stroke and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks. While I was lucky not to experience severe after effects it caused weakness in my left arm.

A sixth month follow up with the consultant confirmed I was able to drive again, but would probably only be able to drive an automatic car. As my much loved car was a manual I felt heartbroken!

Driving is an important part of my life and the thought of having to sell my much loved car was horrible. My ex was having to drive me to the supermarket in my own car just to keep it running!

Then I began to visualise driving it, looking at google street view, and tracing the routes I took every day. I did this regularly and also imagined how it felt, the landmarks I would pass, and road junctions.

My arm was quite weak, but Most days I would sit in the car trying to move the gearstick. Now I am back driving it again, admittedly with the help of a steering aid, but a year ago that would have seemed impossible.

When I first got behind the wheel again 4 months ago I felt very emotional as you can imagine. All those months of visualising and practicing finally paid off!

The power of visualization

Visualisation has played a big part in my stroke recovery, and realise that by seeing yourself achieve a goal in your mind, and taking action, something magical happens to bring it into reality.

I came across law of attraction after joining an mlm company some years ago as it was part of their training. It really opened my eyes to what can be achieved even under the most adverse conditions.

Just spend time looking at images of what you want, imagine that you already have it, then it will manifest. “Awesome” I thought, “I’ll give it ago. I visualised my growing downline, the lifestyle I dreamed of, and awaited results. I worked hard enough, but weeks, months, and a whole year went by with nothing to show for it.

I became very disillusioned and gave up on the whole idea of mlm.
Trying to convince friends and family to join my downline wasn’t something I felt comfortable with. But that’s another story!

A few years ago I attended a meditation workshop in London. I was introduced to the true power of the subconscious mind. Something I’d never really considered before.

After just a short 30 minute guided meditation I was blown away to discover how calm and relaxed I felt. It had also helped release some of the negative thoughts in my head.

That’s when I had the lightbulb moment!

Then it dawned on me. Yes, I knew what I wanted, and worked hard to achieve it, but the reason I wasn’t getting any results was that my subconscious was sabotaging my success.

It also dawned on me that using this powerful tool along with visualisation could be the key. But there was yet another ingredient to make this work.

When I was recovering from the stroke, those around me quite expected me to get upset, or go into a depression, which apparently is common. After all, when I came out of hospital I couldn’t even open my hand properly.

However I began to tell myself constantly “you’ll be fine” “don’t worry, everything will be ok” “you’ll drive again” “you’ll get better”. I did this self talk multiple times during the day, along with visualisation, and of course relentless exercises.

This self talk, or repeated affirmations also stopped me getting depressed, and the meditation kept me focused on my goal.

I am writing this letter as I want to help you benefit from this powerful, natural force the way I have. If you have doubts that such things could actually work, I would like to share the following information with you. This isn’t really hard evidence, but shows the power of the mind.

There are people who’ve suffered some really bad health problems and made amazing improvements just by using the power of belief.

For example a study was carried out at a university in British Columbia on some volunteers who had Parkinsons. Some were given drugs to keep them well, and others had only placebos.

Images of their brain scans showed something quite remarkable. The people who took placebos were actually producing the chemical that healthy folk produce naturally, and those suffering the disease don’t.

I know it was only in small amounts, but nevertheless, just goes to prove that if you really believe something to be true it can actually manifest itself.

It’s always been believed that meditation can lower stress and have a positive effect on your health.

Studies at a university in Massachusetts really showed just how powerful an effect it can have. Some volunteers took part in a mindfulness program in which some meditated and some didn’t. They all had brain scans before and after.

The results were astounding. Those who meditated had positive changes in areas of the brain that control memory and learning.

Here’s yet another case study you may find interesting, Physiologist Edmond Jacobson got some amazing results when he asked a group of volunteers to visualise practicing athletic sports. Using special instruments he found that the muscles used to play these sports were actually moving, and in the right way.

It was just as if they were actually playing. Although they were only very subtle, evidence showed showed development of muscle memory which helped when they were really playing these games.

So hopefully that’s helped you understand how powerful your mind is and the amazing potential within all of us…

It’s not your fault!

It’s not your fault you’re not getting the results you want out of life. Much of our core belief systems are formed during childhood. This has a profound effect on the way we think and react to situations as an adult. It also affects self confidence and whether or not you believe you can do something.

For example I found maths challenging at school. I loved my parents dearly, and they loved me, but I was always being told I didn’t have a mathematical brain (whatever that is!) As a result it became ingrained in my subconscious that I couldn’t do maths.

A bad relationship can also have a major impact on your confidence and how you think subconsciously. You may try to think positively, but a negative remark from someone can soon have you back to square one again.

The mind is a very powerful thing, full of infinite potential yet most of us are only using a fraction of what we’re truly capable of.

Years of conditioning from childhood into adulthood shape the way you think. Your thoughts create your reality, so if your beliefs are negative, chances are you won’t be living the life you want.

Just imagine living your perfect life you once thought impossible to achieve…

Picture yourself with a life full of abundance. Financially free, living in your dream home, owning the car you desire, and surrounded by a loving family. Well you can make this a reality starting today.

I feel passionately about the law of attraction, and created “magnetic law of attraction” to help you benefit from it’s power the way I’ve done. This is a paid monthly membership site designed to help you manifest your dream life.
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Trying to meditate alone requires a lot of effort, and you may not get the results you want

Guided meditation helps by doing all the hard work for you. All you need do is follow the instructions of the person talking. This is great if you’ve never meditated before as you’re shown exactly how to breathe in the right way and relax your body.

You’ll get access to a new guided meditation each month while you’re a member. You can download them onto your mp3 player and listen any time you want.

This month you’ll get “calm the mind” This will help you clear your mind of all the constant chatter going on in your head, enabling you to focus much clearer.

Get creative inspiration with binaural beats

More and more benefits are being discovered all the time of listening to binaural beats. This is known as “entrainment”, and just like going to the gym, except it’s a workout for the brain.

“entrainment” has been around for thousands of years, and listening to binauraly beats,can open your mind to creative inspiration

  • Let delta frequency binaural beats help you enter into deep restorative sleep.
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Each month you’ll get an audio of binaural beats that you can download and listen to on your mp3 player.

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Inspiring articles for busting self limiting beliefs
Each month you’ll get an inspiring article to help you become more confident, challenge your limiting beliefs, and achieve the success you deserve.
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You can choose to carry on as you are and still be in the same position this time next year, or for a very small monthly investment take the opportunity to join “magnetic law of attraction”.

This is not for those who want success without any effort. the law of attraction won’t work on it’s own without you putting in some effort. deeply ingrained beliefs can be challenging to remove. you may have to leave your comfort zone, and this isn’t for everyone. There is no real time frame for manifesting your goals as everyone has varying levels of conditioning to break through.

As a rule it can take around 30 days for the subconscious mind to accept new ways of thinking. As long as you take the time to watch a very short 2 minute movie for the mind a couple of times a day, as well as meditate and use the other tools provided, you could be seeing results after about 30 days.

you can’t put a value on the benefits you’ll get from using the material on this site, and at a fraction of the cost of many rivals. You won’t get some of the in depth training provided by others, but you will get simple, yet powerful solutions that work when put into action on a regular basis.

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A group of smokers took part in a trial at New York University and over 60% of those exposed to subliminal messages quit smoking. Another study showed that a group of overweight women who received subliminal messages lost more weight than those who didn’t. So you can see just how powerful they are.

Law Of Attraction Subliminal Messages Pro will help you Overwrite negative self talk with positive so you can banish limiting self beliefs and reach your true potential. Remove mental blocks and attract abundance into your life saves time, so you don’t need to stand in front of a mirror every day, chanting affirmations.

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