The Power Of Positive Thinking

The Power Of Positive Thinking

power of positive thinking

The power of positive thinking is so great that it can shorten recovery time in illness and help manifest goals.

If you get sick, your mind is often focused on what’s wrong. For example if you develop a cold or flu you feel miserable. You focus on how unwell you’re feeling. It has been scientifically proven that thinking positively can boost your immune system and improve your health.

The placebo effect has become widely acknowledged as being very real with researchers proving it’s existence.

Practicing positive thinking on a daily basis can also help overcome depression.

How positive thinking can lead to success

On it’s own positive thinking can keep you motivated, but you also need an action plan as well to reach your goal. You also need to change deeply ingrained negative beliefs about yourself to achieve real success.

The majority of most people’s thoughts are negative. This is normal and doesn’t make you odd. However you’re thoughts are just that. They’re not reality and you don’t have to believe them.

Think about it, over 85% of what you worry about never happens, and for the small percentage that does it was never as bad as you anticipated. You found you could deal with the problems, and you learnt from them.

How a positive attitude changes your life

You can’t stop negative thoughts entering your mind, but observing them as an onlooker can help you analyses them without letting them take control.

You can choose to ignore them and replace each one with a positive happy thought. Visualise a successful outcome to your goal, and have faith.

You may get doubters and laughed at by friends who tell you all the reasons why you may fail. Even close family members may tell you not to bother as it’s to hard. Even though these remarks may be well meaning it’s important to stick to your plan and try to ignore them.

Don’t plan to fail

Creating an emergency back up plan for your goal is like planning to fail. You may be thinking, “but that’s just in case I don’t reach my goal.” However you’re setting a new goal, and you’re be far more likely to reach your back up plan than your desired goal. Your focus has shifted from your desired goal to your emergency plan.

For example you plan to make $2,000 in 3 months. You are low on funds so you need to reach your target, however You’ve carefully planned what to do if you don’t reach your goal. Making a positive plan of action that you stick to consistently is far more powerful.

Use the power of positive thinking to develop self belief

Successful people have an optimistic outlook on life and practice positive self talk. They surround themselves with positive people and avoid negativity.

Get into the habit of only talking to yourself using positive words such
as “I can” if you find a negative thought creeping into your mind such as “what if I can’t” write it down and identify it.

Ask yourself why you think you can’t, and then write down ten more reasons why you can.

Also most importantly the reason why you’re doing this in the first place. This can help overcome feelings of doubt and keep you on track.

Why negative thoughts are so destructive

We are all programmed to deal with fear and stress, way back in prehistoric times threats from being attacked by wild animals triggered a fight or flight response.

Your only concern was preserving your life and all other thoughts were blocked out. This is survival mode and the release of adrenalin helped kick the body into action.

In the modern world we no longer face being chased by wild animals, but are brains are still programmed in the same way.

Negative thoughts, anxieties and stress can be all consuming. For example if you have your driving test coming up, and you’re certain you’re going to fail, your mind is focused on failure.

You anticipate making mistakes such as taking a wrong exit at a roundabout, or pulling out to soon into traffic.

When the day of the test arrives everything seems to go wrong. You arrive at the test center late and you can feel your heart racing.

During the test your worst fears are founded as you sail past the 2nd exit on a roundabout. Not only that but you get in the wrong lane and end up taking an unplanned diversion!

The result, you failed your first test and have to do it all over again.

Affirmations and the power of positive thinking

positive affirmations looking in the mirrorAffirmations are just your thoughts, and the words you use when talking. They are very powerful and create your reality.

You attract into life what you constantly tell yourself, so if you’re always thinking about failing at whatever it is you want, then that’s what you’ll get.

Many of our affirmations originate from growing up. This is when our deepest belief systems are laid down. The problem is if they are negative and limiting you’ll find it hard to break through them.

The problem is if they’re negative and limiting you’ll find it hard to break through them. They’re stored deep within your subconscious and become a major part of how you see the world and yourself.

These negative affirmations are very disempowering and unless you deal with them they’ll hold you back.

A very powerful way to deal with negative thoughts is to write them down. This allows you to acknowledge and rise above them. Th

ey seem so much less intimidating when you see them on paper.It’s like they can no longer control you.

You will need to replace every negative thought or affirmation with a positive, empowering one.

Making a list of positive affirmations and repeating them several times a day can help overcome these beliefs. These will be different for everyone. For example you may want to lose weight, so your affirmations may include “I love my slim, healthy body”

You have to think and act as if you’ve already achieved your goal, so this is why affirmations can be so powerful.

By repeating your affirmations daily your subconscious mind accepts them as being real. It doesn’t question. Combine affirmations with a visualisation board and turbocharge results!

Positive thoughts are far stronger than negative ones, so don’t worry about the odd negative thought.

Every time you feel one coming into your mind repeat an affirmation. Remember it takes around 30 days to change habits or thoughts, so be patient.

Thoughts are energy, and like attracts like, so positive thinking combined with a plan of action will draw success towards you. It may not be immediate, but you’ll start to see opportunities, and positive things and people start to come into your life.

Surround yourself with positive people

Positive energy is contagious, so surrounding yourself with positive thinking people will make you feel good. Avoid the company of those who don’t believe in you, or are always complaining. Their negativity will drag you down.

Don’t abandon friends or family members who are negative, but just limit the time you spend with them.

Over time you will notice how much your thinking has changed, and old ingrained negative belief systems will fade.

Take care

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