The Power Of Mindfulness Yoga

The Power Of Mindfulness Yoga

mindfulness yogaMindfulness yoga is simply combining the physical disciplines of yoga with being aware of your body and of the present moment. Meditation can help you attain self awakening and free your mind from self imposed limitations.

The power of yoga breathing exercises

When you’re stressed your breathing becomes rapid and shallow. Meditation and yoga makes you become aware of your breath. This is very powerful as by following yoga breathing exercises you’ll feel calm and relaxed.


Yogic Breathing with Seane Corn

Deep breathing is calming and energizing. You’ll immediately start to feel your body relax, and hyper, nervous energy will disappear. This is an automatic response that’s hard wired in the brain. Try this simple, powerful trick next time you feel worried and anxious. Lie flat on your back and breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Totally relax, and within a few minutes you’ll feel calm and your heart rate will slow down.

Five minute yoga breathing exercise

1. Sit in a chair with your spine as straight as possible. Keep both feet flat on the floor with your knees positioned directly over the center. Place a book or cushion underneath your feet if they don’t rest comfortably on the floor. Place your hands on the top of your legs, palms facing upwards.

2. Gently close your eyes.

3. Focus on your breath, and feel your lungs expand and contract as you breathe in and out deeply and slowly.
Become aware of your thoughts, observing each and every one that enters your mind, just as if you are a casual observer. Doing this will slow down your mind allowing you to focus on one thought at a time.

4. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes for The first few times, then build up to 5-10 minutes. This exercise works well with guided meditation. Allow time each day to do this, preferably morning and evening.

Magnify the power of visualization!

Becoming calm and centered is a major key in successful visualization and manifestation. This is why a combination of yoga and meditation is so powerful.

Slowing down your thoughts lets you really laser focus on an idea or goal you want to manifest in your life. Banishing negative thoughts while you focus your mind on this one thing is very powerful.

You can’t stop negative thoughts, but you can at least take the focus off them for a while. The more you feel and see your goal as if it’s already here, the fewer negative thoughts will come into your mind. You’ll start to believe it, and old programing will gradually be replaced by a new positive and confident you!

Develop powers of visualization with yoga


Yoga can provide you with a spiritual awakening in many ways. It teaches you to focus on the mind and body, and practicing it will install disciplines, helping both the power to visualize and make affirmations.

These disciplines are learnt through both diet and exercise.

The principles of a yogic diet are all about creating balance and harmony within the body. Wholesome, meat free foods are encouraged. Eating a diet high in fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholegrains gives you slow release long lasting energy, which is great for focus and concentration.

Foods that stimulate such as tea and coffee are permitted, but not consumed too frequently. Several cups of coffee or tea a day are fine. Hot spices in Ayurvedic culture are valued for their healing properties, and to eliminate toxins from the body.

They’re frequently used in cooking, and ginger is often added to help digestion. Herbs such as rosemary and basil are believed to uplift the mind, and boost levels of seratonin. If you’re feeling happy and content you’ll find it much easier to focus.

Science is beginning to prove a mind body connection, and by looking after your body, feeding it nourishing, wholesome foods and practicing yoga each day, you can greatly enhance your visualization skills.

Yoga is about more than just twisting your body into challenging poses. It produces clarity of the mind when combined with meditation. It helps raise your level of vibration to new heights. Subtle changes start to take place and you begin to notice coincidences.

You may have asked for help in achieving a goal you know is possible, and a few days later you get a phone call or email from someone offering you that help. You visualized that goal as if you already had it. You smelt and tasted success as if it was already part of your life.

That phone call was no coincidence, as your level of vibration had attracted a similar level towards you. That being the help you wanted. This may sound like new age nonsense but it’s very real whether you choose to believe it or not.

Practicing Hatha yoga to raise your level of vibration

raise your vibration

Hatha means willful, and the exercises performed with Hatha yoga are known as asanas. This form of yoga is great for beginners as it’s gentle and slow paced. It’s more geared towards the mind than the physical body, and encourages mindfulness. There is no fitness level requirement and is suitable for all ages.

Those who developed hatha yoga designed it as a way to gain conscious control of their life energies, a way to go deep within, to harmonize the external so the innermost Self could be discovered. To them, it was about states of consciousness, about living a divine life, and it was a preparation for meditation.

You’ll find that regular practice of Hatha yoga will help your body become more flexible and supple. It will free your mind from stresses and negative thoughts. You will feel more aware, more alive, and much calmer.

During all postures breathe in using the diaphragm, not chest muscles. You will find many videos on youtube to get you started, but for best results you should find a qualified teacher.

Yoga isn’t only meant to make us young, beautiful or creative, but to help us in quieting the mind, body and emotions that we may awaken enlightened consciousness and know the Self within.

Take care
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