How To Stop Self Sabotage

If you find success is always just out of reach could you be experiencing self sabotage?

self sabotageLack of confidence and negative self beliefs have a profound effect on the results you get. Even though you’re trying your hardest and working all hours, things can still go wrong.

Somewhere in your subconscious mind is a little voice saying “why bother” “it’s all going to go wrong anyway!” You may not be aware of it, but it’s sabotaging all your actions.

You feel as if you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. Just as you feel something’s going right you hit a brick wall.

Fear of failure

Fear of failing is a common reason people self sabotage. If you find yourself making excuses for not starting something, then this could be you.

You may get as far as planning everything out but something holds you back. You keep finding unnecessary things you need to do before you make a start.

This is known as procrastination and is one of the worst killers of success. Low self esteem and believing you’re not worthy of success can hold you back from starting something new.

How you can avoid procrastinating

Write down on a piece of paper why you need whatever it is you’re aiming to achieve. Imagine what it would feel like if you never achieved it.

Next time you find yourself doing a lot of unnecessary tasks remind yourself of that! It’s often lack of confidence making you stall, and once you can overcome it you may find procrastination becomes less of a problem.

Stop fear of failure holding you back by accepting that everyone fails. It’s part of self growth and learning. Without failure you’re stagnent. You’re either not taking risks or not doing anything!
Eddison failed over 10,000 times before successfully creating the first electric lightbulb! If he’d given up we’d still be using candles!

Am I sabotaging my relationship?

This is a commonly asked question by those finding it hard to keep relationships. You don’t believe you’re worthy of being loved.

Subconsciously you’re looking for ways to end things before you get hurt. This is a survival instinct protecting you from harm.

It can manifest in different ways. For example, you find yourself pulling away from commitment. You may suffer irrational feelings of jealousy due to insecurity.

You don’t feel you’re good enough and see signs of infidelity that don’t exist. Eventually your relationship breaks down and in your mind this confirms your worst fears!

Pulling away from commitment before you get too close to someone is sad. You see it as a way of protecting yourself from being hurt. You don’t believe anyone could possibly want to stay with you.

Working on yourself is the best way to avoid sabotaging relationships. Learn to love yourself and realise you’re an amazing human being with a lot to give.

Self sabotage and depression

self sabotage and depressionDepression more often than not has it’s roots in negative thinking. It can become overwhelming and destroy your life if you let it.

It’s as if all your emotions are switched off and you feel numb. You start expecting things to go wrong. In fact, you may even plan for them to go wrong!

Negative thinking becomes a habit, and like all habits are hard to break. Oddly enough, it may even start to feel comfortable.

Thoughts are energy and extremely powerful. If you continually think negative thoughts you’ll manifest negative situations in your life.

This is the law of attraction at work. By changing the way you think you can transform your life. Once you form this new habit you’ll find things start to improve in your life.

Self sabotage as a result of depression is simply manifesting negative events by believing they’re going to happen. The belief is so strong you find yourself making mistakes, or bad decisions.

You don’t feel good enough, and everything’s always going wrong in your life. By thinking this way you’ll continue to make mistakes or wrong decisions.

This state of mind creates a very low state of vibration. As like attracts like, you end up getting more of the same. It’s like you’re on a path of self destruction.

Treatment for depression varies, but if it’s fairly mild you may find exercise helps. Half an hour of walking in the fresh air works wonders.

Do this every day along with meditation and you’ll start to see things improve in your life. Even if you’ve never meditated before I can highly recommend it.

Make time to do the things you enjoy. Be kind to yourself, and stop the constant self criticism. We are our own worst critics!

Is perfectionism sabotaging your success?

Are you self sabotaging by aiming for the impossible? Perfection doesn’t exist, and you can waste hours or even years of your time trying to achieve it.

It’s one of the common causes of procrastination, and can seriously hold you back. It can be due in part to low self esteem, as nothing you do ever seems good enough.

Waiting for the perfect time or failing to take risks are often down to a fear of being second rate. It can stop creative flow making you fearful of trying new things.

Using affirmations to stop self sabotage

Affirmations are very powerful and if used in the right way can reprogram the mind. We make affirmations all the time. Your thoughts and what you say to people all affirm your beliefs.

Unfortunately much of this is negative. However, repeating positive affirmations daily can override the negative.

The problem with this though is your core beliefs put up resistance. Unless you really believe in the affirmation it won’t have much effect.

There is a very powerful solution to this problem though, called subliminal messages. This has nothing to with old school advertising methods to make you buy!

Removing mental blocks with subliminal messages

Subliminal messages have the power to remove mental blocks. These blocks stop you from getting what you want.

You may have utter faith that the law of attraction works. But you seriously question why it’s not working for you.

The truth is, the law of attraction is always working. The problem is you’re on a different vibrational frequency to the things you want!

Breaking down these blocks will help manifest your desires.  Subliminal messages bypass the conscious mind and enter the subconscious.

You can try it out for yourself by downloading 2 free audios. I found them to be very effective, but you must play them regularly.

Self sabotage books

Below you’ll find a selection of self sabotage books I hand picked for you:)


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