How To Stay Young And Defy Age!

We would all love to know the secret of how to stay young and in good shape.

Unfortunately, many people believe the stereotypical idea that once you’re over a certain age it’s all downhill!

Well, I am over that certain age myself, and have regularly come across people who tell me how grim life is for them. They moan about their aches and pains and how it has to be expected at their age!!

The problem is we’re conditioned to expect a gradual decline once you’re past 40! While it’s true that your body will go through changes, it doesn’t mean you have to expect the worst.

Unfortunately the media is constantly telling us facts and figures related to aging. Many of these are negative and can have you believing that you’re going to die from some horrible disease.

Of course, obesity and poor diet are very real in the West, and some conditions are a result of this, but in many cases these can be treated with diet and exercise.

Refuse to accept the stereotype of growing old!

stay young

You don’t have to cut your hair short and go grey after 50! I see so many women who conform to this idea. Having been a hairdresser for a number of years I have seen so many women who give up on looking youthful. They dress in what they see as appropriate for their age and sort of give up on their appearance.

Of course, good health and youthful looks can be down to good genes, but your attitude also plays a vital role.

There is no reason why you can’t climb a mountain in your 60s or 70s. Only if you believe you’re too old.

There is also no reason why you can’t start a new business, do a degree, learn to ride a bike, or anything else.

There are many examples of those who have broken the mold and shown age has no barrier.

In fact challenging yourself and setting goals is one of the best ways to stay young.

Don’t focus on old age

When I was younger I used to dread every birthday once I passed 30. I was focusing on age. This is a big mistake. Yes we are all getting older and there is nothing you can do to stop it, but you can make a big difference in how you age.

Working as a hairdresser for many decades my customer base was largely made up of elderly ladies! I loved them all and enjoyed my work, but it was common for some of them to believe they were “passed it”, and too old to try new things!

This is sad as denying yourself opportunities just because you’re over a certain age means you’re missing out on so much in life.

You really are as old as you let yourself believe you are. If you believe you’re old and frail, then you’ll stop exercising. You’ll probably also stop taking in part in activities which actually will stop that from happening in the first place!

Can you stay young by raising your vibration

healthy agingEverything in the universe including your thoughts is made from energy. What you think and believe will attract that of a similar energy into your life.

Feeling sad, depressed, or anxious will lower your vibrational state. You may find you draw negative people and situations towards you.

This is just the way the universe works. By raising your energy you’ll feel happier and attract more positive things your way. You may even find you look younger as well:)

It would be great if you keep your state of vibration at a high level all the time, but you won’t. All of us will experience off days, or something will happen to bring you down again.

Read my post on how to raise your vibration for powerful tips to keep your energy high.

You can apply any of these tips immediately, or when you start to feel down. It’s always best to tackle a low mood before it really gets a grip

Does being sociable help help you stay young?

Not all of us are social beings, but we all need and benefit from the company of others. Interacting with other people keeps you mentally stimulated.

In fact studies have shown socialising can help protect against dementia, and cognitive decline. Even just visiting friends once a week is enough.

If you feel isolated look around for local groups you could join. Taking part in community activities or volunteering is something you could also consider. You’ll make new friends and you’ll feel good at having contributed towards something. It will also boost your vibration.

How to stay young with exercise

Regular exercise can keep you looking and feeling younger. You don’t have to run a marathon or join a gym to stay fit. Just 20 minutes of moderate exercise a day is plenty.

Exercise works in several ways to keep you young. Firstly it release serotonin a feel good hormone which lowers stress. Secondly it’s claimed that exercise can slow down aging by protecting caps at the end of chromosomes.

These are known as telomeres, and naturally shorten as you age. Certain factors such as being inactive, smoking and drinking heavily can accelerate this process.

This just goes to show that living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the quickest ways to age, as well as the powerful effect exercise has on the body.

A brisk 10 minute walk twice a day in the fresh air will work wonders over time. You’ll instantly raise your vibration, and you’ll notice how much fresher your skin looks.

Should you take anti aging supplements?

As you age your immune system weakens, and exposure to oxidants can do a lot of damage. As well as that, poor diet can make you nutritionally deficient.

The effect of this on your health and wellbeing can be significant. Even with a healthy diet, the amount of vitamins in fresh produce declines rapidly when stored for several days.

Taking a good quality anti oxidant can help you keep healthy both physically and mentally.

Strength training to slow down muscle loss

Muscle loss can start as early as your 30s, and slowly progresses through the decades into old age.

Strength training exercises can be found freely on the internet, but you may also want to join a gym as well. Having a professional trainer guide you will help prevent damage, and show you exercises that are right for YOU.

If your body is fit and healthy, you’ll not only look better, but you’ll feel great as well!

Combine this with meditation and yoga and you’ll certainly stay young for a very long time!

I hope this article has inspired you with my tips on how to stay younger. It really doesn’t matter if you’re reading this age 30 0r 80, if you apply them they will help you.

Wishing you health and happiness
Take care:)

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