How To Stay Focused And Boost Productivity!

How To Stay Focused And Boost Productivity


Setting goals is great, but knowing how to stay focused is vital if you want success.

One of the important things about setting a goal is that you feel excited by it. If you don’t have any motivation and lack interest, then you’re going to find it very hard to stay focused. This is often when procrastination sets in!

For example you may set well meaning goals to exercise and keep fit, but unless you feel excited at the idea of a fit and healthy body, and have no motivation you’ll soon find your gym membership was a waste of money. You may be full of enthusiasm to start with but you’ll lose focus within a very short time.

In this instance an accountability partner is the best idea to help you keep on track. Ideally someone who shares the same goal of losing weight and getting fit. You’ll find it much easier to stay focused if you’re accountable to someone, and can check on each other’s progress once a week

On the other hand your goals may be business related and your work involves hours sitting in front of the computer. In this case you really need a combination of motivation, consistency and a system in place if you want to keep focused.

If you start to lose interest, remind yourself why you want to achieve your goals, and how you would feel if you failed.

This is often enough to get you quickly back on track! If there isn’t a strong enough motivation you’re going to lose focus very easily.

Having a system that is easy to implement will make a massive difference. This could be daily or weekly tasks. A system is just something you repeat more than once.

You also have to be consistent if you want to see results. Once you can see progress you’ll find it much easier to keep on track, as this in itself will motivate you.

How to avoid distractions

how to avoid distractionsKeeping your mind on work when you’ve got so many distractions is hard. This is more so if you’re working online. The urge to check Facebook or your email every five minutes can be very strong.

I find the best way to overcome this is to set yourself daily targets. Then a list of tasks to achieve them. Allocating time slots to each task can help keep you focused.

You know that taking too long on a task could throw out your entire schedule for the day, and ultimately slow you down. So what better way to keep you on track!

Making your list of tasks for the day is best done the night before. Evaluate what you’ve achieved during the day, then carry over any unfinished tasks to the next day.

At the beginning of the day go through your to do list and starting with the first task work only on that one until it’s finished before moving on to the next one.

Jumping from one to the other is a sure way to lose distraction, and in the end you’ll get very little done.

Clear your mind and boost your powers of concentration


Meditation is one of the best ways to gain focus. Once you’ve tried meditation you’ll soon realise how much more productive you’ve become. Meditation helps you relax and clear your mind of negative thoughts. You can’t stop these thoughts but you’ll learn to ignore them.

Mindfulness is very similar to meditation, the only difference being instead of a formal 10 or 20 minute session were you focus on the breath and become aware of your thoughts, you simply become very aware of what you’re doing, blocking out all other thoughts.

For example if you’re walking, become aware of the sights, sounds and smells around you. If it’s a country walk you may hear the birds singing and smell the blossom on the trees. Become aware of every step you take as you walk along the path.

Yoga is another way to improve concentration. Just like meditation it helps you feel calm and focus only on the present. Most people spend their time worrying over the past or future instead of living in the present moment. It’s no wonder that so many people find it hard to get stuff done.

Clear your work space!

A cluttered desk will distract you and you’ll find it harder to focus. Try and deal with any paperwork as it arrives and that way you won’t have it lurking in the back of your mind!

Take plenty of breaks

Even if you have a ton of work to get through it’s important to take regular short breaks. This way you’ll find it easier to focus and you’ll be more productive.

This is even more important if you’re sitting in front of a computer screen all day. You need to rest your eyes for a couple of minutes every half hour by looking out of the window in the distance. This is good for the eye muscles and helps keep your vision healthy.

Get up and stretch your body. walk around the room or go outside in the fresh air. you’ll feel invigorated, and banish any sleepiness. A short, brisk 10 minute walk round the block will get oxygen pumping round your body and make you feel good.

This will not only help your posture but also help you stay focused. Even just getting up and making a cup of tea gets your body moving!

Never force yourself to work if you’re tired. Just closing your eyes and taking a 10 minute nap will make you feel refreshed.
this always works for me.

Can positive affirmations help you focus?

positive affirmations

Affirmations can help rewire the brain, changing your thought patterns. You may find it easier to keep focused and work towards your goals by creating affirmations. Keep them realistic and tailored to your what you want to achieve. You can change your affirmations as you progress, and get closer to your desired outcome.

Achieve super learning and focus with alpha brainwaves

Your brainwaves are in the alpha state when you’re very relaxed but still fully awake. This is when you’re at your most receptive to new information and at your most creative. Your default brainwave state is beta, but as you relax and chill out your brainwaves slow down.

your brain enters the alpha state just before you fall asleep at night. this is often why you get flashes of inspiration at this time.

the main reason being in the alpha state keeps you focused is that you’re not anxious or feeling stressed. Anxiety is a primary killer of focus! your mind is likely to wander on to things that are worrying you instead of focusing on the task you’re working on.

watching your favourite tv program while lying on the sofa will get you in the alpha state, but this isn’t conducive to work!!
A quick almost instant way to achieve the alpha state is with binaural beats.

Play the video below to listen to 2 hours of alpha binaural beats with the gentle tinkling sound of wind chimes. For best effect wear headphones

I hope this article has helped you understand how to stay focused, and keep on track as you work towards your goals.

Wishing you health and happiness:)
Take care
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