Setting Intentions Using The Power Of Hoonopono

You may know exactly what you want to achieve and even created goals, but why is nothing happening?


Often things like a fear of failure can stop you from taking any action. Your mind is racing with numerous reasons of why you’re going to fail so why bother. As a result you start procrastinating and nothing gets done.

We’re all human and we’ve all experienced uncertainty at some point. Even the most confident person will have doubts and fears.

Old outdated beliefs can also hold you back. I talk about this in my post on how to bust through limiting self beliefs. Meditation can certainly help you go deep within and identify them, but how do you get rid of them permanently?

You may start reading self help books and begin to change your outlook. Confidence grows and you feel happier. But what happens if you meet someone with a negative outlook? Will you be able to hold on to your new optimism or will they send you plunging back down again?

The techniques I mention in my article can bring results, but what if there was a way to supercharge them? Keep reading as I explain more…..

Letting go of toxic energy with hoonopono

setting intentions

I heard about this inspiring method by coming across an article written by well known self help guru Dr Joe Vitale. Not only is he an inspirational speaker helping thousands of people to turn their lives around, but he also featured in the film “The Secret”

At first you may be very skeptical about such things, but when I explain it you’ll see it all makes sense. I felt so inspired by the idea that I wanted to share it with you.

I believe that everything in the universe is created from energy including your thoughts. As you know like attracts like so if you’re weighed down with negative thoughts you’ll attract negative energy towards you. This energy is toxic and can seriously hold you back.

I’ve personally experienced this in the past and it can be hard to identify these thoughts, especially if they’re part of a belief system. A lot of how we react to situations is done on a subconscious level. We feel we’re in control of making decisions, but a lot of the time we’re greatly influenced by our subconscious mind.

When you’re setting intentions it’s really important that your mind is centered and clear from negativity

Hoonopono is a practice of reconciliation and forgiveness that can help release any negative thoughts.

It’s origins are in Hawaii, but it has spread to other areas with teachings and seminars.

Basically there are 4 steps each of which is very important as they all work towards giving you a positive end result that’s letting go of toxic energy. You’ll feel lighter and setting intentions will be much easier.

Here are the 4 steps in practicing hoonopono

1. I’m sorry

Saying sorry doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, in fact with hoonopono you can be saying sorry to someone who’s wronged you! You’re not saying sorry directly to them but silently to yourself. You’re acknowledging your part in the problem even if it’s as a victim.

You can even say sorry meaning yourself. It’s a great way of letting go of negative emotions and anger. Hopopono teaches that you must take responsibility for yourself and what happens in your life. Once you let go of toxic emotions positive things start to happen.

2.Please forgive me

Asking for forgiveness is affirming that you want to let go of all the toxic negative energy that’s built up inside you.

3. Thank you

Thanking is showing gratitude for what you have. It could be thanking your body for keeping you alive or putting up with any abuse you may have done towards it. It could be thanking yourself for all the effort you’ve put in towards achieving a goal. What you’re saying thank you for doesn’t really matter. What is important that you keep saying it.

4. I love you

Saying I love you has a powerful effect as it’s filling the void created from letting go of negative energy with that of love. Again, it doesn’t matter what it is. It could be saying I love you to your pet, your car, your home, your money. Even your problems!

To get success with Hooponono you must say things with sincerity and feeling. Just mindlessly chanting them is meaningless.

Using meditation with hoonopono to set your intentions

Meditation is a great way to calm your thoughts allowing you to be still for a short time. This is ideal if you tend to worry or get anxious. If I find myself with a ton of thoughts racing through my mind I take a deep breath and sit quietly for a few minutes. You can use meditation alongside hoonopono to make it even more powerful.

You don’t have to buy expensive courses or equipment to meditate. There are many free videos on youtube to help you get started or you can download my free guided meditation by entering your email address in the form on the right

The perfect time for setting intentions is just after meditation. Your mind is clear and uncluttered, and it’s in this state that you are your true self. There is nothing holding you back. Even if you only stay in this peaceful state for a brief moment it’s enough to quickly say your intention out loud.

Why you should forget about your intention!

After you’ve stated your intention forget about it. Release it to the universe knowing it will be delivered when the time is right. If you keep thinking about it you’re acknowledging a lack, and this can block it’s energy.

Just like planting a seed you can’t keep looking every five minutes expecting results. Your intention may not manifest right away. In fact it could take much longer than you’d expected.

Just like seeds need the right type of soil and growing conditions so does your intention. Worrying and fretting will only delay things. Remember, your thoughts become your reality and you are in control. It’s what’s going on in your head that can stop you getting results.

Looking for problems that aren’t there

It’s easy to believe something is harder to achieve than it really is. You create blocks in your mind looking for problems that don’t exist. Your mind focuses on them drawing their energy towards you. This is normal and you’d be superhuman if you didn’t have at least some mental blocks!

Removing mental blocks with hoonopono

So how can you remove those blocks? You do this by keep forgiving and letting go of toxic energy that builds up from past experiences. Whether it’s debt, bad relationships or failed businesses, practicing hoonopono can help.

Can you avoid negative blocks returning?

Having cleared your mind of negative energy can you prevent it returning? While you can’t stop thoughts entering your mind you can choose whether to hold on to them or not. Meditation can help slow down your thoughts allowing you to become aware of them, but it can’t stop them from entering your head.

Avoiding negative people, or at least not telling them about your intentions is an effective way of keeping your mind clear of negativity. However, if a close family member or friend is always offering well meaning advice on why you can’t do something it’s hard to ignore.

You don’t want to argue as that in itself creates negative energy. My advice is no matter how close your relationship keep your intentions to yourself. Even just one or two comments can allow mental blocks back in again.

If someone has an ingrained negative belief system they’ll always find a reason why you shouldn’t set a high goal or expect too much. They’ll happily find reasons why something won’t work, or tell you how hard it will be.

Keeping intentions to yourself means you only have your own thoughts to deal with and far less chance of mental blocks returning.

I hope you enjoyed my brief introduction to hoonopono and how you can use it to help set intentions. Click here to read how Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len can help you attract miracles in every area of your life using the power of this amazing practice.

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