What Is The Secret?:Is The Secret Real?

What Is The Secret?:Is The Secret Real?


what is the secret

The Secret” is based on the law of attraction. This states that your thoughts become your reality. In other words what you spend time focusing on and thinking about manifests in your life.

Now many people will argue with that and say that they weren’t thinking about bad health and got sick, or they weren’t thinking about money and got into debt.

No one can help getting cancer, heart disease or other serious illnesses, but sometimes negativity in people’s lives can play a part. For example I had a mild stroke a couple of years ago. I was in perfectly good health, didn’t smoke or drink. Yet I had a lot of stress in my life at that time.

Thankfully I’ve made a good recovery, and react to situations and events in a much calmer and optimistic way.

You see I realise now that it’s not the situation, but your reaction to it that really matters. Feeling anxious and worried lowers your wellbeing or state of vibration. In turn this tends to attract more negativity. This is often why people tend to have a run of bad luck, or are always getting colds

Focusing on that minor dent in the car or red wine spill on the carpet may not seem much, and you may not even be paying attention to your thoughts. However a shift in your thought pattern can make a big difference in your life. This is the basis of The Secret.

Rhonda Byrne is the author of the book and producer of the film. This lady travels with her husband Jerry giving seminars and inspiring thousands of people all over America and Europe, some of them on board cruises.

abraham the secret

“The Secret” was inspired by the teachings of Abraham, a non physical entity. Abraham isn’t a person but a collective group of consciousness. They are highly evolved beings and able to pass on their knowledge through Esther Hicks, an inspirational speaker.

They teach that anything you can imagine is yours, and the purpose of your life is joy and happiness, not pain and misery.

Depending on your beliefs about spirituality you may find the whole idea hard to understand, but I believe there is more to the universe than what we can see, feel and hear. After all you turn on the tv and watch your favourite program, yet you don’t see the tv signal or radio waves.

So why are thoughts so powerful?


The secret, or law of attraction talks about everything in the universe being in a constant state of vibration. This includes all physical and non physical things as well as your thoughts.

Thoughts are like radio waves being transmitted into the universe. and just like tuning into the right frequency for a radio station, your thoughts also vibrate at different frequencies.

Actually everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration including solid and non solid matter.

All objects are made up of atoms, and if you got hold of a high powered microscope you would see that these tiny atoms are constantly moving. Each one is made up of vortices of energy that’s continually moving and vibrating.

Everything is energy and quantum physics shows that everything has it’s own unique energy. Nothing in the physical world is really solid, though it certainly appears to be.

thoughts are vibration

The vibration of your thoughts depends on your mood. If you’re happy you’re in a positive state of vibration, and will attract positive things in your life. However feeling sad and negative about things will attract more negativity.

Even if you’re in a bad situation, by changing the way you’re thinking and reacting you can bring about improvements. This is why the way you think and the thoughts you send out in the universe are so powerful.

Both the film and the book focus on a number of philosophers, scientists and inspirational speakers who give their understanding of the law of attraction. The way they see it and how it’s helped them.

Bob Proctor is one of the people interviewed in the film. He is a an amazing guy and truly inspirational. At age 82 he’s full of energy giving seminars and empowering people with life changing ideas.

After listening to him talk he made me realise how most of us live our lives through habits and beliefs. These are gained over the years, and shape the way we live.

They have a profound effect making you either achieve your dreams or miss out on opportunities. However no matter how many times you’ve failed, or how negative your beliefs are YOU can change, and YOU can achieve success.

Another well known life coach is Dr Joe Vitale. He was also interviewed in “The Secret” and claims he went from homelessness to living the lifestyle of the rich and famous through applying the laws of attraction.

Other life coaches including Jack Canfield and Lisa Nichols who took part in the film also claimed that the law of attraction changed their lives, helping them achieve success and live the lifestyle they desire.

So how can you make the law of attraction work for you?

If you want it to work in your favour you simply need to change the way you think. It really is that simple, but at the same can be very complex. Breaking down old negative beliefs and changing habits requires determination and time. It takes around 30 days to adopt new habits. But once those habits have become established, they’ll be hard to break.

Making the law of attraction work in your favour requires being aware of your thoughts, and not sending out negative vibrations into the universe. Practicing mindful meditation is a great way to become aware of your thoughts. It allows you to live in the present moment which most of us don’t


Showing gratitude for everything in your life is a simple but powerful way to raise your vibration and attract more good things your way. Even if you don’t have much just being thankful for food on the table and a roof over your head will make you feel happier.

This never fails to work if I get a bit down. Another great way to boost your vibration is to listen to your favourite music or have a laugh with friends.

Finally, yes the law of attraction works, but you also need action and goals to achieve your dreams. Yes sending out positive energy will attract opportunities and the right people to help you, but unless you grab those opportunities and take action on them nothing will happen.

I hope this article has inspired you, and helped you understand the teachings behind “The Secret”

Take care
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