Why You Should Practice Gratitude Daily

There are many reasons why you should practice gratitude.

For a start, those who practice gratitude tend to be happier and more content. Constantly wanting what you don’t have is self destructive. It can give you low self esteem, wreck relationships and lead to depression.

 Being thankful makes you appreciate life. It can lift you out of the lowest mood almost instantly. We all have times when things go wrong or don’t work out the way we want. Giving thanks is the best way to feel better.

Wallowing in self pity lowers your vibrational level, attracting more negativity. You see, everything in the universe including you and I is created from energy. This energy is in a constant state of vibration.

If you could look through a high powered microscope you’d see that what we regard as solid objects are made up of billions of subatomic particles all revolving around each other in a constant state of movement

Your thoughts are also energy, attracting that which is on the same vibrational frequency. Though you can’t see energy it exists. Just like radio waves they’re invisible to the naked eye.

Gratitude can instantly alter the frequency of energy you’re sending out in the universe.  The effects on your whole being can be truly amazing, helping you both physically and mentally.

Gratitude and relationships

All relationships go through ups and downs, but how can gratitude help? Being thankful keeps the relationship strong, reducing the risk of separation. It will be far less likely you or your partner will have an affair if you show appreciation for each other.

Being thankful for all the little things you’re partner does makes for a closer and more intimate relationship.

You thank him for doing the housework after you’ve had a long day at work. Showing appreciation makes it likely he’ll do more to help you.

In return, you’ll want to do things for him. This mutual appreciation can strengthen a shaky relationship. It can even stop divorce in some cases!

Being thankful also stops complacency setting in. Long term relationships are especially prone to this. You start taking each other for granted after a while, and a downward spiral begins.

Practicing gratitude in a relationship keeps the spark alive. Your partner feels loved and appreciated every time you thank him. You’ll also feel loved for the care and attention he lavishes on you.

Make a point every day of thanking him or her. Just a simple thank you goes a long way. After cooking dinner in the evening my partner would always thank me, saying how delicious it was.

He made me feel very special and loved. In return he’d serve coffee and dessert while I was working on the laptop. You see, it’s the small things that add up in a relationship. Acknowledging them with gratitude keeps the relationship strong

Love and gratitude

love ad gratitude
Love and gratitude couldn’t be more closely connected. If you’re looking for love in your life try thinking of all the things you’re grateful for. Use this alongside visualization and you’ll soon start seeing results.

Many people unknowingly block love by giving off negative energy. The moment you change this you’ll start to find the right person comes into your life.

Gratitude and health

One of the greatest benefits of practicing gratitude is the positive effect it has on your health.  Research has shown being thankful lowers blood pressure, makes you feel less stressed, and boosts your immune system.

Those who practice gratitude tend to have more disease busting cells in their body. They shake off minor ailments such as colds much faster.

This goes to show the true power of positive thinking. It’s now widely accepted that mind and body are very closely connected.

By practicing gratitude, mental health can be greatly improved. Thinking happy, positive thoughts releases feel good hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin.  These both play an important role in your happiness and wellbeing.

Feelings of anger and stress are reduced. You’re more likely to feel grateful and more compassionate towards others. Stress melts away when you realise how unimportant many of your problems really are

Keeping a daily gratitude journal

Gratitude journals are becoming an increasingly popular way of improving all areas of your life. If the idea of writing in a diary everyday sounds boring and non productive read on as I explain more.

In this fast paced world we live in today it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied. Setbacks can be hard to take, and focusing on negativity only serves to make things worse.

Making time each day to journal all the things you should be thankful for can transform your life. If this sounds a bit over the top I urge you to try it for a few weeks anyway. Don’t look upon it as a waste of time since it can actually boost productivity.

You could keep a virtual journal online or buy yourself a diary. Even just spending a few minutes thinking about all the good things in your life can change your brain chemistry.

The brain releases neurotransmitters when you’re thinking happy or sad thoughts, and this has a direct effect on you physically. Your energy levels, digestive system, and as I mentioned previously, immune system are all affected by the way you’re thinking.

If you can set aside ten minutes at the end of the day for writing in your journal, after 30 days it will become a habit.

You’ll also notice how much calmer and happier you’ve become. You’ll sleep better as you’ve been focusing on all the good things in your life. If you’re stressed or anxious over something it can be hard to sleep.

You’ll also notice an increase in creativity. When you’re anxious or stressed you’re blocking your creative flow. As soon as you feel grateful and happy life seems good again. Ideas start flowing and your productivity soars.

Gratitude and law of attraction

gratitude and the law of attractionGratitude and law of attraction are very closely connected. In fact, practicing gratitude daily can help manifest things much faster.

The law of attraction is always working, but the results you get are always dependent on your thoughts.  As I explained earlier thoughts are energy and attract that which is on the same or similar frequency.

If you want to manifest good things in your life, being thankful will certainly help. You’ll be putting positive energy out in the universe and can expect to attract positive experiences in return.

Hoonopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Showing gratitude plays a very important part and has been shown to remove mental blocks. Read my article to find out more.

How to attract money with gratitude

Just like attracting love in your life you need to be on the right vibrational wavelength to attract money. The problem most people have with a lack of what they desire is they’re focusing on not having it.

Unfortunately, this only serves to create more lack. Switching your focus to joy and gratitude raises your level of vibration. You’re sending powerful signals into the universe of abundance. Consequently, the universe will deliver more of the same into your life.

This is why people who focus on debt tend to attract more debt. Focusing on a solution and having faith the universe will deliver is a much better idea.

While you can’t change situations you’ve no control over, you can change the way you react to them. Practicing gratitude helps change the way you see things making life seem happier and more joyous. You can also attract money by giving some of it away. I know that might sound mad, especially if you’re struggling financially.

Giving, just like gratitude is a very powerful way to attract abundance.
However, it must be done with sincerity.  Using gratitude or giving with the ultimate intention of gain won’t work. You must always be honest and sincere.
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Wishing you health and happiness

Take care
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