6 Powerful Feng Shui Wealth Tips To Attract Money In Your Life

Here are 6 powerful feng shui wealth tips you can start applying today!

feng shui wealth tipsDo you find it hard to hold onto wealth? Does money seem to always be just out of reach? Today I’m going to share some very powerful feng shui wealth tips that you can apply right away.

Of course there may be many reasons why you find it hard to attract money, or hold onto it. Lack of faith, or ingrained negative beliefs are fairly common.

But have you ever considered the idea that energy may play a part in attracting wealth? Everything in the universe is created from energy. In feng shui this energy is known as Chi. Feng shui literally translates as wind and water.

Both of these are associated with good health and good fortune. Feng shui originated over 3,000 years ago, well before science and technology evolved.

Energy wasn’t thought of in those days as no one understood what it was. Instead people turned to the idea of gods or mystical forces to explain things they didn’t understand.

In essence feng shui is using the law of attraction in your home or office. It’s based on the idea that how you design your decor and place objects in your home makes a difference to the way energy flows.

However just rearranging furniture and adding a few plants isn’t enough. You also have to send out positive thoughts into the universe to attract what you desire.

Feng shui tips for your home that will get wealth flowing through your door!

cushions for feng shui wealth

Everything in your home is created from energy. If you were to look at your table or chair through a high powered microscope you’d see sub atomic particles moving in a constant state of vibration.

The belief is that this energy is connected to the wider universal energy.

And just like you, your physical body and your thoughts this energy can flow in a positive or negative way.

Freshen up your home and let energy flow freely

If your furniture includes tatty looking sofas and old blankets even the dog won’t sleep on, then your home’s not sending out the right vibes.

Freshen it up by buying a few cheap, pretty cushions. Look for colorful, vibrant reds and oranges as these are the colors of passion. Also, green, blue and black are the colors of wealth, so you can mix and match.

Instead of creating positive feng shui energy, you’re creating negative energy. You’re enforcing a message of lack and poverty, which won’t attract wealth.

I know it can be hard spending money on your home if all you’re cash goes on bills, but one of the best feng shui wealth tips is to create a money corner in your living area.

4 Powerful Feng shui tips for a wealth corner

Your wealth corner must be south east facing as this is the area for wealth.

If you have a home with rooms facing south east, that’s excellent. But if not just use the south east corner in your living room.

1. Place water features in your wealth area

Water is one of the feng shui elements for wealth, so you could buy a small indoor water feature for this area, invest in an aquarium, or simply find photos of moving water such as waterfalls

For the energy to flow freely it must be moving. If you invest in an aquarium make sure it’s properly aerated and care for your fish. Small tropical fish are ideal and are very soothing to watch.

Decorate the tank with plants and little ornaments like bridges that your fish will enjoy swimming around. Also clean it regularly to stop a build up of algae. Keeping your aquarium clean, and the fish happy will ensure plenty of good energy.

Small indoor features such as waterfalls will bring positive flowing energy into the wealth area of your living space. They don’t have to be expensive and can look very pretty with colored lighting. Also, make sure the water is clean and flowing on a constant loop.

2. Place anything related to wood in your feng shui wealth area.

Wood is a wealth element. You could buy a few decorative twigs with lights. Place them in a tall vase for your wealth corner. Bonsai trees are very popular and you can find lots of different types. Photos of forests or even a piece of wood art are other ideas.

At the end of the day, the main thing is it must appeal to you. Positive flowing energy in an environment you’re happy in will attract good things including wealth!

3. Keep your wealth corner free from clutter as this can result in stagnant energy. This rule applies in general to your home.

Piles of old magazines,  a cluttered work area, or any objects you don’t need that take up space create stagnant energy. A clean spacious home allows a free flow of energy.

4.Create a strong front door to allow chi energy to flow freely into your home.

feng shui for money front door

One of the best feng shui wealth tips is to create a strong flow of energy into your home. This basically means keeping the path to your door free from obstructions.

Rubbish bins, or any clutter should be moved well away from the entrance. If you have pot plants outside your front door make sure you remove any dead leaves or flower heads.

The way your front door opens is important. An inward opening door will draw in energy, whereas an outward opening door pushes the energy away. So if possible chose a home with a front door that you push inwards to open.

You also want to make sure the area around the front door is clean and free from obstacles. A blocked area behind your door could have a negative effect on the energy in your entire home.

The color of the door has great importance. If it faces south choose red, east facing choose a natural wood color, north blue, and west choose yellow.

Feng shui tips on using mirrors to draw energy in your home

mirror for feng shui energy

Most people have mirrors in their homes and used in the right way can boost good energy. Mirrors add space making a small area look much bigger. They reflect energy and can add light and create an airy feel to your home.

Avoid placing a mirror opposite the front door as this can push good energy away. Hang a mirror in your wealth area, as it will add light and air.

Feng shui charms for attracting success and wealth

A popular Chinese tradition for attracting wealth is to hang gold coins on red ribbon. These coins are round with a square hole in the center and are placed in wealth areas including the purse or wallet.

The three legged toad is a popular ornament for attracting wealth in Chinese tradition and often has a coin inside its mouth. Placing one of these in your wealth area will help draw money into your home.

It’s important to place the toad facing the door and don’t put him on the floor! He will absorb chi energy as it enters your home, bringing you wealth and good fortune.


Using light to attract feng shui wealth

A home with plenty of natural light will raise chi energy. Open windows allowing plenty of oxygen to circulate the rooms helps to keep this energy flowing freely.

If you lack natural light consider getting daylight bulbs.

Candles can add lovely soft lighting in your home, and if used in the right way can help maintain good chi energy.

Vibrant reds and oranges create a warm, relaxing atmosphere, so place one or two in the middle of your living area.

Candles purify the air which is great for keeping a healthy home. The energy surrounding candles is good for attracting wealth. Always remember though, never leave candles unattended!

Bamboo plants for feng shui wealth

Bamboo has long been a Chinese symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Their hollow stems allow chi energy to flow freely. Placing a little bamboo plant in your wealth area will help attract money.

Using these feng shui wealth tips I’ve shared with you today will make a difference to the chi energy in your home. But you must also work on your personal energy. If you’re feeling negative and depressed, no amount of feng shui will bring wealth your way.

You have to combine all you’ve learnt here with the law of attraction. Learn to believe in yourself and let go of self limiting beliefs.

Everything you ever want is already here. You just have to know what you want, let go, and allow the universe to deliver.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Take care:)


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