Why Meditation For Healing May Work

Why Meditation For Healing May Work

meditation for healing

Meditation for healing has been around for thousands of years, well before conventional medicine! It was practiced as a means of enlightenment, but the power of meditation goes far beyond that.

You see the mind and body are very closely connected, and how you think and your mood definitely has an effect on your health and wellbeing. If you’re depressed or upset you’re more prone to catching colds or flu.

On the other hand if you’re feeling happy and optimistic you strengthen your immune system.

If you’re ill of course you must visit the doctor. Modern medicine is fantastic and saves lives, but the idea of using meditation for healing as complimentary medicine is growing.

If you’ve never meditated before, getting started is easy. You don’t need any expensive equipment. Just loose comfortable clothing and a quiet place to practice.

Even if you have a very hectic lifestyle, finding 20 minutes each day to meditate will really help you both physically and mentally. You could even break this up into 2 very short 10 minute sessions twice a day if you’re very short of time.

You need to be consistent though, and stick to a regular time. Make sure you have no distractions while you meditate so you can really focus on the session.

Don’t expect immediate results as it can take time to learn how to meditate and really gain focus. If you stick at it though and don’t give up you will start to feel the benefits after a while.

These will only increase and hopefully you may even find some symptoms ease or even completely go away.
Of course this all depends on what’s wrong with you, and the severity.

You’ll find plenty of videos on youtube, or you can download free guided meditation audios here to get you started.

Powerful visualization techniques to aid healing

visualization techniques for healing meditation

As I mentioned, the mind is very powerful, and most of us never use it to it’s full potential. Meditation releases tension and detoxifies the body. You’ll not only feel better, but look better too.

A very powerful way to aid healing while meditating is to focus on the breath. Close your eyes and imagine a small ball of white light next to you. As you breathe in and out imagine the ball of light slowly growing in size. Breathe in it’s healing energy, and breathe out toxic negative energy.

Try to imagine stepping inside this ball of healing light as it grows in size, and feel it’s powerful energy flow round your body, healing any damaged cells.

After suffering a stroke 2 years ago I used meditation and visualization to help my recovery. I found it really helped and within 6 months I was driving and leading a normal life. I won’t lie to you and say that I practice meditation daily as I don’t, but I am fully aware of it’s benefits if practice regularly.

Meditation and chronic pain

meditatio and chronic pain

Chronic pain is completely different from the short term pain of cuts and bruises. If you have a root canal done at the dentist, or other minor surgery you expect short term pain that’s treated with a couple of painkillers.

However, chronic pain never goes away, and can seriously affect your life. Sometimes in severe cases a doctor will prescribe morphine, but the side effects can be bad, causing drowsiness, dizziness, confusion and blurred vision in some cases.

Meditation on the other hand has no side effects apart from making you feel good! A study carried out showed just how effective several sessions of meditation are in relieving pain Results showed a massive 57% lowering of pain among those taking part.

This is incredible, and just shows the power of the mind in healing the body.

Any addiction can be hard to treat, with sufferers undergoing various treatments including hypnosis and behavior therapy. While effective they’re never a permanent cure.

The risk of cravings resurfacing is always there. Meditation also can’t cure you of an addiction. but is a powerful way to manage it by allowing you to detach yourself emotionally from your thoughts.

When you get a thought which triggers a craving you can simply observe it like watching clouds pass by in the sky on a windy day.

No thought is ever permanent and often quickly passes as long as you don’t give it emotional attachment

It doesn’t matter whether your addiction is smoking, sugar, drugs, or anything else, you can control it.

Healing meditation and cancer

meditation and cancer

Meditation can’t cure cancer, but it can help you relax and visualize your body getting better. There is even evidence that meditation can alter cancer cells.

The body is an incredible thing and has self repair mechanisms to help heal itself. It can repair damaged cells, fight aging and generally maintain everything.

However, stress can do an awful lot of damage to these repair mechanisms causing many different illnesses and conditions. When these systems fail, the immune system is affected, making it less effective. Incredible things happen though when you become relaxed.

Becoming mindful and only focusing on the present stops you feeling stressed over past or future events. Your heart rate slows down and your blood pressure becomes lower. This can have a very positive effect on healing.

I’m not going to get all technical here, but there are groups of cells called telomeres at the end of each chromosome. These determine how fast cells age, In cancer sufferers these become shorter as the illness progresses.

However a group of cancer sufferers took part in a study. The telomeres of those who meditated remained the same length, while the telomeres of those who didn’t shrunk in size. You can read about it here

How meditation helps your heart!

meditation for heart health

As I previously mentioned, meditation can slow down your heart rate. This is hugely beneficial in preventing heart disease. Stress can block arteries, as well as thicken the blood. This is a survival mechanism that evolved millions of years ago, and could save you from bleeding to death. However in the modern world it could lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Even if you already have heart disease, meditation can help by lowering the amount of adrenalin that’s released, and keep you feeling calm.

Of course diet, and exercise play a major part in keeping you healthy, as well as other lifestyle factors.

Meditation can also help manage conditions such as diabetes. By relaxing you’re also likely to reduce your blood sugar levels.

How you can age well with meditation

Aging is a natural process and you can’t stop time, however studies have shown that regular meditation can boost the immune system, help repair cell damage, and improve your wellbeing. All these factors can certainly help to keep your body in good shape. So although you can’t help getting older, you may be able to age well with meditation.

I hope this article has helped you to see that meditation for healing can work. Never stop taking prescribed medication even if meditation is making you feel better.
It’s not a substitute for medical care, but as I previously mentioned it can used alongside any treatment you receive.

Take care:)

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