How To Make Long Distance Love Work Using The Law Of Attraction

long distance love

How To Make Long Distance Love Work Using The Law Of Attraction

Long distance love can be very challenging. You may be spending weeks or months apart, and you may live in different countries. Even with Skype and social media to keep you in touch every day you don’t have the physical contact of a regular relationship.

You will need a lot of trust and faith in the relationship as your love will undoubtedly be going out and socialising. Many of his or her friends will be of the opposite sex, and your love may be attracted to any one of them.

Keeping the spark alive with your long distance love

You may find it hard to keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship, with so much time spent apart. This is more so if you come from completely different cultures and backgrounds. If language is an issue this makes it even more challenging.

Think about what brought you together and attracted you to each other. Think about those happy memories when you feel lonely or sad and really focus on the feeling.

Create a vision board. Fill it with photos of you and your love as well as images related to how you want your life together. For example marriage, children, the home you’ll share, the place you’ll live. Keep it somewhere you can see it during the day, and make sure you spend time focusing on it.

Create affirmations

Affirmations work alongside your vision board. Create a list of affirmations that closely relate to your vision of the two of you together in your perfect life. Use strong, positive words, and write as if in the present tense. For example “I’m so happy to be on holiday in the beautiful island of…with…” Be imaginative, but always remember you must both want the same things.”

No matter how much you visualise and repeat affirmations you have no control over the thoughts and intentions of your love.

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Worry and fear

Do you worry that your love will date other people and cheat on you? Worry and fear create resistance and can shift your vibrational alignment. What this means is we become a vibrational match for that which we believe in and think about. If this changes then you will cease to be on the same level of vibration.

Your worst fears may be realised if you’re focusing your mind on cheating and betrayal. Stop worrying and send positive, loving vibes to your love. Trust in the universe and that you will be together one day. Placing your trust and letting go is important.

Keep mementos of your precious time spent together

Keep photos, jewellery, love notes, dvds, or anything that makes you feel closer. Scent is very evocative. It can instantly take you back to a time spent together. Whether it’s the aftershave he wears, or her favourite perfume, it can have a very powerful effect.

Spray some of your love’s perfume in the air and imagine the two of you together. Really picture the scene in fine detail and know you will be together again soon.

Dealing with negativity

dealing with negativity

Dealing with negativity can be an issue with long distance couples. Friends and family may try to put you off with a variety of reasons. Culture and lifestyle may be hard to adapt to if you come from a widely different background. Your love may speak a different language, and may not understand any English. All these things may be seen by your family as a reason not to get involved, and can create negative energy.

The best thing is to trust your own judgement. Listen to your intuition. That little voice in your head is often right.

Let your friends say what they think, but don’t fall out with them. They don’t know your relationship and mean well. They aren’t intending to be hurtful.

As in all relationships you may have disagreements and say things you don’t mean in the heat of the moment. In a regular relationship you’re there in person. You can see their face and pick up on emotion easier. Even with Skype and voice calls you can’t really tell how they’re feeling in quite the same way.

Sending out the right vibes to keep your long distant relationship alive

distance love

Deal with any negativity by sending your love positive vibes. Focus your mind on meeting him or her again and the feeling of being together. Feelings are important when it comes to manifesting something. It doesn’t matter if it’s money, relationships or health.

Thoughts are energy, and as I mentioned before we attract energy on a similar vibrational level to our own. If you’re full of positivity and love towards your beloved, this is what you’ll attract in your life.

However, this positivity and love may not be from the person you desire. You see for this to work you must both be a vibrational match.

You must want the same things. Unfortunately, you have no control over another’s desires and thoughts for their future. You can align yourself to their vibrational level, but they may not be in alignment to yours.

I believe that if you’re meant to be together it will work out. Even if you live thousands of miles apart and only see each other once a month. Providing you both love each other and are a vibrational match you can make it work.

Avoid “wanting” and “wishing” Wanting your beloved with you and wishing they were here are perfectly normal emotions when you’re on your own. You hate time spent apart and can’t wait for the day when you’ll be together again. However, these are feelings of lack.

When you want something you’re acknowledging you’re lacking it, and it can create more of the same. I’m not suggesting that if you have a strong love for each other you’ll make something go wrong. However if he or she is not in alignment with what you want, then wishing may only create more lack.

Gratitude in relationships

gratitudeGratitude is a very powerful tool when it comes to relationships. Being grateful and appreciating what you have in your life creates positive energy. Keep a gratitude diary and jot down weekly something you’re grateful to have in your life.

Write down things you like about yourself, and things you like about your long distance love. Try and go into detail as much as possible, but don’t get anxious if you get stuck and don’t know what to write. The idea is to make it pleasurable and fun, not a laborious task

Doing this will boost your sense of wellbeing, and raise your level of vibration. This will have a positive effect not only on your relationship but other areas of your life as well

I hope this article has been of help to you

Wishing you health and happiness:)
Take care
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