How To Use Mantras To Transform Anxiety Into Powerful Energy

knowing how to use mantras effectively can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Mantras have been used in meditation for thousands of years in the East. It’s only since the 1960s that the idea of meditation and mantras has caught on in the West.

If you can remember the era of flower power, peace and love, you’ll also remember burning joss sticks and meditation. Apart from psychedelia and drug taking, chanting mantras and meditating was the in thing.

Decades later, it’s become mainstream, along with spirituality and healing. If you suffer from stress and anxiety, using mantras with meditation is a great way to ease it.

What are mantras?

Mantras are simply words or sounds that help you enter a meditative state. They’re often single words or short phrases used to override the thousand and one thoughts going through your mind.

While you’re focusing on the mantra your mind becomes calmer. Listening to the soothing sound of Tibetan singing bowls for example, has a very calming effect.

Singing bowls are widely used in Tibet and India to aid meditation and healing. The sound is a deep, long lasting hum. As the sound is of a high vibrational frequency it harmonises your mind and body.

Why negative self talk affects you physically, and how mantras help

As your mind and body are closely connected, what you think affects your state of health and wellbeing. When you’re happy, every cell in your body vibrates at a higher frequency. You feel full of energy and have that zing or sparkle.

If on the other hand you’re stressed and talking to yourself in a negative way, you may feel unwell. Tiredness and lack of energy are common side effects of stress.

Mantras help break the cycle of negative self talk. Used in meditation they provide a focal point. You’re less likely to continue inner chatter if your mind is focused on something.

Some sound mantras are of a very high vibrational frequency, as with singing bowls. Listening to them can help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Mantras and meditation also boost cell health. Long term anxiety and stress have a negative effect on every cell in your body. With regular use of mantras you can help lower the risk of degenerative diseases

The high level of vibration from chanting mantras creates a flow of positive energy. You’ll feel lighter with plenty of get up and go!

Repetition is the key

As with anything else you’re learning or forming new habits with, you must repeat them daily. You’ll also need plenty of enthusiasm and willpower to keep going

You can chant your chosen mantras anytime and anywhere. Whether silently in your head as you’re driving, or outloud in front of a mirror. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re repeating them.

Chant mantras as you switch off the light and prepare to sleep. You’ll wake up feeling happier about things. The more you feed your mind with positive affirmations and mantras the quicker your brain cells will start rewiring.

Don’t expect instant results. Yes, chanting mantras repeatedly will help you feel better. However, it can take weeks or months before you feel the full effect.

Combining mantras with meditation can speed up the process. You may start to feel energised and less anxious even after just a few sessions!

What is mantra meditation?

Mantra meditation is simply using a word or sound to help enter a deeper state of relaxation. You can meditate by focusing on the breath, but thoughts and feelings still linger in the background, especially if you’re a beginner.

Why is mantra meditation so good at relieving anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety it can be more challenging to enter a meditative state. Having a sound or word to chant gives you something to focus on. This makes it easier to redirect your thoughts and keep in the zone.

Though you can choose to ignore random thoughts, mantras are a more effective way to quieten the mind. While you’re focusing on a sound or word your mind can’t entertain anything else.

What are the best mantras to use?

One of the oldest and most well known mantras is “om.” It’s associated with sitting in the lotus position and chanting.

“Om” goes back to ancient civilisations when it was used for humans to communicate and heal one another. Why it’s so powerful is because of it’s level of vibration.  At 432 Hz this is the level of frequency found in nature.

Chanting the “om” mantra aligns mind, body and spirit with the universe. This is very powerful when used in meditation.

Chanting meditation

What is the difference between mantras and affirmations?

Affirmations are words or phrases repeated frequently to help reprogram the mind and override negative thoughts.

They penetrate your subconscious helping to create positive beliefs about yourself. Affirming new beliefs and desires is very powerful.

Though mantras were traditionally used in meditation, you can certainly use affirmations. Instead of chanting “om” during your meditation session use a positive phrase that fits in with your life.

Using affirmations this way boosts their power. Your mind is far more receptive when you’re relaxed. This is why hypnosis works so well.

The best time of day for mantra meditation is just before you go to sleep. Your brainwaves will of a slower frequency as you drift into light sleep.

This is when you often get flashes of inspiration and when your brain is at it’s most receptive.

I still recommend using a sound or mantra to help enter meditation. Once you’re relaxed and feeling calm then you can start repeating affirmations.

Wording your mantra or affirmation

How you word your affirmation makes a huge difference. Being vague with no feeling makes it bland. You’re far more likely to make it work if it’s in the present tense with plenty of emotion.

For example, Saying “I’m no longer anxious” is OK but doesn’t evoke any feeling. Saying “I’m thrilled I can drive on the freeway now I’m no longer stressed or anxious” is far stronger.

It’s also more specific giving your mantra a greater chance of working for you. Read how positive affirmations can change your life.

Can mantras with yoga relieve anxiety?

Yoga can make you feel calm and centered but is different from meditation. It’s a physical practice requiring a lot more skill and training.

You’re focusing on mind, body, and breath as you hold complex poses. Using mantras can help focus your mind while you’re practicing yoga, but for stress relief you may find meditation better.

Many people practice both, enjoying great flexibility well into old age as well as a stress free mind. Meditation doesn’t require anything other than a comfortable place to sit.

You can happily chant mantras while sitting on the sofa, or even in your car! Yoga however, needs space and ideally a yoga mat.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that it’s helped you understand how to use mantras

Wishing you health and happiness:)

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