How To Rewire Your Brain For A Happy And Successful Life

rewire your brain

Rewire your brain and transform every area of your life!


This may sound far fetched but your brain really can be rewired, not like a circuit board, but in a neurobiological way. Keep reading as I explain in easy to understand language.

It was once thought that the brain was a fixed structure, but now scientists understand it to be pliable, and constantly changing.

Your thoughts are energy that’s in a constant state of vibration. What you focus your mind on projects that energy into the universe.

If you’re feeling sad, worried, or upset, your energy will be at a low level of vibration. As like attracts like, you’ll draw more of the same towards you.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. Just like your thoughts it’s constantly vibrating. If you were to see the microscopic molecules in your furniture, car, or anything else you’d see they were moving.

These molecules are extremely tiny. You’d have to look through a super high powered microscope to see them.

It’s now become widely known that you can actually rewire your brain to change old belief systems and replace with positive ones. This process is known as neuroplasty.

What is neuroplasticity?

It was once thought that the brain was a fixed structure, but now scientists understand it to be pliable and constantly changing.

neuroplasticity is simply the brain forming new ways of doing things. You see, your brain has billions of neurons or cells that transmit information to different areas of your body. The routes they travel along are known as neural pathways.

When something changes in the body or mind the brain compensates by forming new neural pathways. For example, stroke damage may affect the use of a limb, so the brain forms new pathways to compensate. But this also applies to the mind as well.

You can strengthen neural connections in your brain by using your non dominant hand. For example, try brushing your teeth using your left hand. You may end up poking yourself in the eye, but persevere even if it seems ridiculously impossible! Your brain will build new pathways making it easier to perform this task.

Using your non dominant hand is a great workout for the brain as you’re using both hemispheres. Using your dominant hand means you’re only using one side of your brain. You could also try writing with your non dominant hand, or any other simple daily task

Using your left hand may also boost your creativity and intuitiveness. As a stroke survivor I was lucky it affected my non dominant hand, but I’ve been pushing myself to use my left hand. My consultant told me it to keep trying to use my affected hand normally, as doing so will help rewire the brain, forming new neural pathways.

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How To Rewire Your Brain For A Happy And Successful Life