How To Motivate Yourself And Finally Achieve Your Goals!

How To Motivate Yourself

how to motivate yourself

Knowing how to motivate yourself during difficult times, or when you just feel lazy can soon get you on track again.
We all have days when you don’t feel like doing much. This is normal. The weather, your health, worrying over something, feeling upset or emotional can all play a part.

Your productivity and motivation can be seriously affected if you’re not in the right frame of mind. .

One of the best ways to get started in the morning is to have a routine. Get up at a regular time and don’t be tempted to have just five more minutes as this rarely works, and you’ll probably just go back to sleep!

Take a shower, brew a nice strong mug of coffee and start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Fresh orange juice, fruit, muesli, or eggs are all a good option.

Then take a 20 minute walk outside in the fresh air. This will get oxygen flowing round in your body and you’ll feel energised.

Exercise produces endorphins which are feel good hormones. Any sluggish feelings should quickly disappear after a brisk walk, and you should feel fully alert

If you sit at a desk all day make sure to take regular breaks, and have a glass of water to hand as dehydration can make you feel drowsy and not like doing very much.

Many people are dehydrated without realising it as you don’t have to feel thirsty

If you work from home you may find simple tasks such as washing the dishes, making the bed and tidying your desk get you geared up for work.

I find working from home requires a lot of discipline as you’re solely responsible for yourself.

It can take a lot of willpower to resist checking Facebook or email while you’re supposed to be working!

Whatever your goal you must have a strong enough reason if you want to stay motivated. Just having a vague idea or casual interest in something won’t keep you focused for long.

Ask yourself how you would feel if you didn’t achieve your goal. This will give you a good indication of your staying power.



Using visualization can be a very powerful way to keep yourself motivated. Imagine yourself having achieved your goal. Picture it in your mind. How do you feel? Do this several times a day and you’ll find it easier to stay focused and on track. This isn’t just daydreaming, but using the power of the mind to get what you want.

Eat healthily

This may sound obvious but poor diet can leave you lacking energy and feeling tired.

Keeping yourself alert and motivated during the day requires plenty of stamina. I previously mentioned the importance of a healthy breakfast, but you also need to eat frequent small meals during the day, rather than one or two large ones. Make sure to include healthy carbs and fresh fruit.

This really will make a big difference in how you feel, and you’ll be more likely to stay focused on what you’re doing. Tiredness and low energy is a big motivation killer.

Play your favourite music while you work

Playing your favourite music while your working keeps your level of vibration up. I love soul, jazz funk, and unless I’m working on something that requires critical concentration I find listening to it helps me get through my tasks, and keeps my mood happy and upbeat.

Deal with problems and worries otherwise they’ll hold you back. I know this from first hand experience! Any bills that have to be paid or emails that have to be sent, do first before you start your working day.

If you’re anxious or worried about something try and find a way to deal with it as soon as possible. If it’s within your control find a solution, otherwise try to accept the situation for what it is.

You may find that regular meditation helps you keep calm and deal with problems easier.

Meditation can help you stay focused and motivated if practiced daily. You don’t need a lot of time, even just ten minutes in the morning before you start your day will make a big difference.

Keep your home clean and clutter free

It’s surprising how clutter can affect your motivation. Household chores that need urgent attention, or sitting at a desk littered with papers and dirty coffee cups will distract you.

You feel compelled to clean, yet know you have to work. Feeling torn between several tasks can make you feel unmotivated.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

This can be one of the worst ways to unmotivate yourself, especially if you suffer from self doubt. seeing someone more successful than you may make you feel like quitting if you let it.

everyone progresses at different rates, but instead of feeling envy or disheartened, learn from them. Ask questions and find out what they did in order to be successful.

how to get motivated to go to the gym

how to get motivated to go to the gym

If your lack of motivation is to do with keeping fit here are a few ideas to help.

Firstly gym membership can be costly, and so many people end up paying for the year, only to find themselves going maybe half a dozen times at most.

If you sit down and calculate how much money your wasting each week by not going to the gym this in itself may motivate you.

Reward yourself for going. You could treat yourself to a new top, or visit your favourite coffee bar.

Visualise yourself fitting into that dress, or pair of jeans that are two sizes smaller. Imagine how good you’ll feel

Another good way to motivate yourself is to find an accountability partner

If you find it hard to keep on track, having someone call or email you every day to check on your progress is a great motivator.

No one likes the embarresment of having to admit they failed to stick to the deadline!

Listen to or read self development books

There are a ton of self development programs, videos and books online. Keep yourself motivated and on track by studying some of them.

Bob Proctor or Dr Joe Vitale are two that I recommend. You can find free videos on youtube or subscribe to one of their programs here

Wishing you health and happiness:)

Take care

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