How To Manifest Money Into Your Life, Even If You’re Broke!

How To Manifest Money Into Your Life And Finally Pay Off All Those Debts!

msnifest money

If you’re trying to manifest money in your life with no results, chances are you’re making common mistakes. One of the most common is those in debt focus on lack instead of focusing on a solution.

Focusing on a lack of money in your account only serves to attract more of the same. While it’s understandable if you’re on a low income you have to ask yourself if that’s all you expect.

Living from one pay cheque to the next doesn’t have to continue as a way of life. What if I told you it’s possible to completely transform your life.

YOU can break out of that cycle of debt and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. If you’re wondering how on earth that’s possible keep reading as I explain…

Basically, everything in the universe is created from energy, and in order to get what you desire, you must tune in to the same frequency of energy.

Raise your vibration to manifest money.

raise your vibration to manifest money

This may sound very new age and something you’d find hard to take on board but constant worry and fear may repel money away from you.

You see if all you’re thinking about is how much money you owe, or you’re scared you won’t be able to pay the electric bill, you are projecting negative energy.

You’ll be sending this energy out into the universe and attracting that on a similar level back to you. Everything in the universe including your thoughts are created from energy. And this energy is in a constant state of vibration.

If you want to change the results you’re getting you’re going to have to have to change your level of vibration. Negative thoughts will attract negative situations into your life. On the other hand positive thoughts will attract positive situations towards you.

The world is full of wealth and abundance with plenty to go round. But you may be blocking it unknowingly.

If instead of putting all your focus on a lack of money, you started to visualize it flowing into your bank account your energy will change.

For this to work though you must really believe it. Half heartedly chanting a few affirmations you have no faith in won’t manifest money.

You’ll have to make some radical changes to your core beliefs, challenging all your negative ones. This won’t be an easy task as they’ll be well and truly embedded in your subconscious.


Releasing energy blocks that stop you from manifesting money.

Energy blocks can stop you moving forward in life. If you want to manifest money in your life you’ll have to clear these blocks.

As I previously mentioned, everything is energy, and the results you’re getting are in response to the vibrational level of your own energy.

We’ll look at several ways you can do this, but remember it won’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself and results will come.

The power of visualization to manifest money

visualization to manifest money

We’ve talked about how powerful the subconscious mind is. It accepts whatever you tell it as being real. It doesn’t rationalize like the conscious mind does.

Think for a minute how you’d feel with a bank account overflowing with money. All your debts would be paid and you’d have plenty to treat family and friends.

Feel the emotion. See the dollar bills in your mind. Smell them. Feel those new crisp notes. Forget your reality while you do this. Spend 5 or 10 minutes just focusing on your healthy bank balance.

Decide where this wealth is coming from. Don’t be afraid to be creative here. Maybe starting a business is a great way for you to manifest money, or getting a better paid job.

Forget all logic, and what you believe you’re capable of. Ignore that little voice saying “remember what your teachers told you, you’ll no good at sports” or “you’ll never make a good salesman”

This inner voice is a lifetime of experiences and wisdom passed on to you. Unfortunately, much of this well meaning wisdom may be false, or very limiting.

Go with your intuition or gut feeling. Having decided how you’re going to manifest money you’ll need to create a plan.

Meditation to help clear energy blocks and manifest money.

Meditation is a great way to calm down all those hundreds of thoughts racing through your mind. Becoming focused only on the present moment allows you to see things more clearly.

You’re not thinking of the past or projecting into the future. You can’t stop all those negative thoughts entering your mind, but you can choose to observe them as a bystander. You don’t have to get emotionally involved.

A thought will only stay as long as you allow it. Ignore it and it will leave. This is a great way to clear negative energy blocks and boost your state of vibration

Is fear stopping you from attracting wealth?

fear of manifesting money

This may sound odd as you don’t intentionally want to be poor. But could your subconscious be sabotaging you? Are you subconsciously harboring a fear of being rich?

As previously mentioned, your reality is largely based on your belief systems. Your experiences and how you react to things are a result of these beliefs.

If you’ve grown up surrounded by family members who despise the wealthy, believing them all to be bad, this will be passed onto you. Maybe some of your closest family or friends believe anyone who’s very rich must be some big time drug dealer or money launderer.

Of course, none of this is true, as some of the wealthiest people are very kind and generous.

Even if you break free of these limiting beliefs you may fear losing those close to you who hold onto them.

You may feel that having a lot of money is a big responsibility.

You don’t know anything about investing and fear losing it all with careless spending. You can immediately overcome this fear by seeking financial advice. Knowing how to invest is something that can be learned, so don’t use it as a barrier if you want to manifest money.

Act like you already have money flowing into your life.

window shopping to help manifest money

I previously talked about visualization and how to use it if you want to manifest money. But take it one step further and act as if you already have money. I don’t mean max out your credit cards, but there’s no harm in window shopping.

You can easily do this at your local shopping mall or online. Visualize yourself making that desired purchase and how you’ll feel afterward.

It may be the latest laptop or cell phone, or even the model of the new car you want.

Treat yourself to the occasional luxury item. You don’t need to spend much. It could be a luxury brand of coffee or expensive chocolate. It doesn’t matter what it is, but the emotion involved in seeing yourself buying it.

This will help you to feel the emotion of being wealthy. Being comfortable with the idea will grow as you work through those blocks holding you back.

Acquiring wealth isn’t just for the privileged few. Anyone with the right mindset and doable plan can manifest money.

Be grateful for everything you have

Ok, you may not live in the swankiest apartment or drive the latest Porsche, but you have a lot to be thankful for.

Focusing on lack will attract more of the same. But showing gratitude will attract positive things. You’ll feel happier after counting your blessings so your energy will be lighter.

Send loving thoughts out into the universe and help anyone who needs it. Acts of kindness with selfless intentions will come back to you three fold.

Learn to love your bills!

manifesting money

No, I haven’t gone mad!! Think for a minute, all your bills are a sign you have at least some wealth. You wouldn’t have an energy bill if you didn’t have a roof over your head, or a car payment plan if you didn’t own a car.

Fearing bills is a sure way to block the flow of abundance. Remember, money is just energy, and there is a limitless amount for everyone. You just have to remove the blocks keeping it from you.

Can Bob Proctor help you manifest money?

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I hope this article has helped show you that anyone from any background can manifest money. There is no big secret. Just the right mindset and belief.

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Take care:)













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