How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work By Chakra Clearing

Why Chakra Clearing May Help Make The Law Of Attraction Work In Your Favor.



If you’re familiar with the idea of chakra clearing you’ll know how powerful it is in releasing blocked energy.

As I’ve mentioned before everything in the universe is created from energy. This energy flows through your body and is in a constant state of motion.

If you’re tired or unwell this will be reflected in your energy field. Feeling low or emotionally upset has a negative effect creating blockages.

There are 7 chakras in the human body

Starting from the top of the head is the crown chakra. This is linked to the divine power, or spirit world. If the crown chakra is open you’ll trust your intuitive thoughts, and be open to inspiration. If it’s blocked you may feel depressed and find it hard to let go of things.

The third eye chakra is situated between the eyebrows, if this is blocked you’ll find it hard to focus and your mind will wander from one thought to another.

The throat chakra is situated in the throat area, and if this is blocked you may find it hard to express yourself. You may fear being laughed at for saying what you think and end up staying quiet.

A blocked heart chakra can be caused by the pain of a broken relationship. You may suffer loneliness, and find it hard to move on. Healing this can help you move forward with your life and let go of the past.

The naval chakra is found just above the belly button. This helps drive you to take action and fulfill your goals. If this is blocked you may lack the drive and the energy needed to push yourself.

The second chakra is just below the belly button. If this is blocked you may be resisting any change in your life. It’s here you may find yourself holding onto old belief systems from the past. Chakra clearing may help you attract more of what you want into your life.

The base or root chakra is associated with security, wealth, material possessions, and feeling grounded. If this is blocked you may find it hard to manifest material things into your life. You may also find it hard to let go of things, hoarding possessions you no longer need.

So now you can see the importance of chakra clearing to help the law of attraction work for you. Each chakra plays a vital role in maintaining both physical and mental health.

It’s rare for all chakras to be open all of the time, so regular cleansing will help keep the energy flowing freely. The root chakra is especially important as this is where we manifest wealth and material things in life.

How to clear your chakras

There’s no quick fix in clearing blocked energy, but here are a few tips that may help.

Using a pendulum

Pendulums are frequently used to clear blocked chakras, and though this is mostly carried out by another person it can still be done on your own.

You don’t need to go and buy a pendulum, as you can easily make one yourself. Just take a piece of string or a necklace chain, and hook a ring or some other small object that gives it weight.

Sit on a chair with both feet firmly on the ground and imagine you have roots going down into the earth. This is a way of grounding you. Relax, take a few deep breaths in and slowly breathe out. Do this a few times and completely relax your mind, letting go of any negative thoughts.

Next imagine a beam of bright white light entering your body from the top of your head, breathe in its positive energy and exhale negative energy.

Hold the pendulum above the open palm of your hand as still as possible and after a short time it should start to gently swing. This may be in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction depending on the energy.

Visualize in turn each color of the 7 chakras starting purple which is the crown chakra. As each one becomes cleansed you’ll notice the pendulum starts to swing in the opposite direction.

Keep your body hydrated to help chakra clearing

Drinking plenty of fresh water helps release toxins. These may help block the energy flow in your body so it’s important to keep drinking.

Smoking as we all know is harmful to your health, and will greatly increase the amount of toxins in your body. Quit as son as you can.

Avoid the company of negative people.

Negative people have heavy energy and it can be very hard to shake off. This is far worse if you’re a sensitive person as you pick up on their vibes more easily.

Have you ever found that listening to someone moan about how bad things are will have you feeling bad as well? Everything is wrong in their life and they’re blaming everyone else including the government!

Staying around them for any length of time will have you feeling bad as well. I’m a very empathetic person and find it easy to take these negative emotions to heart.

This energy can attach itself to you and stay around for some time after.

You don’t need to cut people out of your life, but try spending more time with positive people.

Their vibrancy and energy will uplift you raising your level of vibration.

Using crystals to clear chakras and draw positive energy towards you.

Positive energy is the key to making the law of attraction work. We’ve already discovered a few ways to clear chakras, but one we haven’t touched on is using crystals

This is a huge topic and you can find a ton of information online about it. But I’m only going to touch on crystals very briefly here.

Basically, there are different crystals for balancing different areas of the body. You use them by either placing the crystals on your body or holding them in your hand.

If you’re placing the crystal on your body try and place it in the chakra energy area you’re treating.

Laying down is obviously easier, but you can still use the crystal by sitting in a chair and simply holding it on the area.

You can cleanse the crystals by soaking them in salt water for a while. You can buy crystals here

Watch this video showing how to balance chakras with crystals.

Balancing the Chakras with Crystals

Chakra clearing to heal energy with reiki

Reiki has been used in energy healing for thousands of years. The practitioner works by placing their hands on or just above the area they’re working on. It can also be done remotely so you don’t always need to visit someone.

It’s an excellent way of balancing chakras and heals both physically and emotionally.

You can often feel a warm sensation from the reiki master’s hands and some people claim to see colors.

You’ll feel very relaxed after your session. You’ll notice a change in your energy, as it will be lighter. You’ll feel better and this in itself will help the law of attraction work for you.

Clearing your chakras with meditation

chakra cleansing

Grounding meditation is an excellent way to open up your chakras and clear any negative energy.

Lightworkers often use this before connecting with spirit.

Each vortex of energy, or chakra is associated with a color. Start your meditation by sitting comfortably with your hands gently resting on your knees, palms facing upward.

Take a long deep breath in, and exhale slowly. Do this several times so you feel nice and relaxed.

Next starting from the base, or root chakra visualize a warm red light with it’s vibrant energy flowing through the vortex.

Spend a few minutes really focusing on this healing energy.

Then move up to the naval chakra and visualize an orange light. Continue up to the crown chakra, visualizing the color associated with each chakra.

They are;

  • Root chakra-Red
  • naval chakra-orange
  • heart chakra-green
  • throat chakra-blue
  • third eye chakra-indigo
  • crown chakra-white

Spending time focusing on each chakra in your body will help unblock and cleanse it’s energy.

You’ll feel lighter and energized afterward, as harmony is restored.

I hope this article has helped enlighten you on some of the ways chakra clearing can be done. And in doing so make the law of attraction work for you.

Wishing you health and happiness,

take care:)

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