How To Keep A Strong Relationship Using The Law Of Attraction

Today I’m going to share some powerful tips to help you enjoy a strong relationship

strong relationship

Using the law of attraction. Everything in the universe is created from energy including your thoughts. What you believe and focus on is attracted towards you, whether you want it or not!

Making the law of attraction work in your favor can have a positive effect on your life and relationships.

You’ve finally found the love of your life and you’re blissfully happy. At the start of your relationship you can’t wait to spend time together, and every moment apart seems forever.

Everything about your new love is perfection in your eyes. He can’t put a foot wrong, and you’re totally blinded by this powerful emotion!

You forgive him or her for things that would normally annoy you like being late, or having an untidy home.

I remember when I first started dating my partner he was always late, and his kitchen sink was stacked high with dirty dishes! I am by nature a good time keeper, and a tidy person, so would normally find this very annoying.

So you see, I was overlooking this trait as all I could think of was how much I loved him! Thankfully he’s very domesticated now, and we share the cooking and cleaning!

You both gradually stop being so polite!

It doesn’t take long before those little habits start to grate on your nerves! Instead of ignoring them with loving thoughts, you start to get annoyed.

This is normal as you’re starting to relax in each other’s company. It wouldn’t be a healthy relationship if you continued walking on egg shells around each other.

So why do things go wrong?

After you’ve been together for a while you start to feel comfortable and safe in the relationship. While this is great, it can also be dangerous.

You’ve accepted each other’s quirky traits, and settled into the relationship. Life seems perfect. You feel so comfortable that you don’t realize you’re not spending quite so much together. You’re too busy with work for that weekly lunch date. You don’t have time to go away this year.

You’re starting to drift apart, but you don’t see it. This is the danger point as your partner starts to look elsewhere for company or someone to talk to.

I’ve been there and never spotted the signs. The phone calls he’d take upstairs, or texting while we were eating dinner.

This post is to help you avoid these same mistakes and enjoy a strong relationship.

Talking creates a strong relationship

how to have a healthy relationship

Couples with strong relationships talk frequently. I don’t mean exchanging pleasantries about the weather. I mean talk about what’s on your mind. Important issues in your life.

Keeping things hidden can weaken a relationship. Don’t make the mistake of only half listening. Be fully present, and take in everything that’s being said.

Watching tv while your partner is telling you his deepest secrets is a bad idea! Also, don’t interrupt before he or she has finished talking. Raising your voice, and trying to talk over what your love is saying is aggressive.

Practice forgiveness for a strong relationship

We’re all human and do things we regret. You’d be unique if you went through life without any regrets.

Being forgiving is vital in any relationship. Holding grudges creates tension and negativity.

It means letting go of the past. If your partner has hurt you emotionally by being unfaithful you need to let go and move on if it’s going to work.

Mistrust and harboring grudges can badly damage your relationship.

The law of attraction is constantly working. Attracting similar energy. If you’re giving off negativity you’ll attract it back. No matter how hurt you feel, send loving, positive thoughts his way. Doing this will raise the vibration in your relationship, helping to keep it strong.

Focus on the good points

Instead of constantly focusing on all the things you dislike about your partner, start to appreciate all the good things Maybe he’s always buying you flowers, and is loving and attentive. He never forgets your birthday or important anniversaries.

These are the qualities you fell in love with. Focusing on them will help keep that spark alive, maintaining a strong relationship.

Keep the playfulness alive for a strong relationship

Many couples settle into domestic life forgetting the fun times they had in the early days.

Daily routine can become dull and boring, so It’s important to add some sparkle. Doing fun activities together can relieve the monotony.

You don’t even need to go out, as a bottle of wine shared over a romantic candlelit dinner is fine.

Make a date in your diary each week for quality time spent together. Go and see a movie, or go to the theatre.

Start dating each other again!

You may have been together for a long time and have kids to look after. However that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to date. Remember how excited you felt at the thought of seeing him or her.

Your heart raced as you prepared to meet your love in a favorite candlelit restaurant.

Arrange to meet each other in a location away from home. Somewhere you used to date. Feel the emotion and passion of that time, even if it was years ago. Send out thoughts of love towards your partner and you will attract the same.

Don’t try to change your partner’s personality

Create a strong relationship by accepting each other’s unique personality. After all, it would be a dull world if we were all the same.

Trying to change someone’s core personality is wrong and can create resentment.  For example you may be outgoing and love socializing, whereas your partner may be quiet and prefers solitude. Often opposites attract, and in such cases compromises have to be made.

You can however make very subtle changes to correct annoying habits. For example, you hate the way he always leaves the top off the tube of toothpaste, or forgets to put the toilet seat down.

Expect to walk into the bathroom and find the toilet seat down. Expect the toothpaste to have the cap on.

Visualize this in your mind and send loving thoughts his way. Gratitude that these things are done without prompting, enforces it even more.

Stop expecting the worst!

Stop expecting your partner to always be late, or show insecurity when you spend a lot of time with your friends. The problem with a lot of couples is they focus so much on the things they dislike about their other half that they bring them into being. Remember, your thoughts become your reality.


This is how the law of attraction works. Expecting him to be late home means your focusing on what you don’t want. The universe always delivers, bringing into your life that which you think about and focus on.

It doesn’t understand “not” or “don’t want. Only the words surrounding it! Likewise, if he tends to be a bit insecure, stop expecting it. For example, if you spend a lot of time with your friends.

Show gratitude in your relationship

This something you should practice daily. It creates feelings of happiness, raising not only your vibrational level but your partner’s as well. And also don’t forget, the law of attraction works for not only making a relationship strong. It can also be used to attract love in your life.

Realize that you don’t need other people to make you happy.

healthy relationships

Believing that you can’t survive on your own is nonsense. Each one of us has the ability to look after ourselves and make our own decisions. Unless of course you become ill.

Believing in yourself can strengthen a relationship. Knowing that you don’t need another person to be happy or successful makes you more attractive. You aren’t seen as being needy, or dependent which can be a turn off.

Gain confidence by challenging yourself, and take up new interests. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you could. You will feel proud of your achievements, and your partner will admire you for it.

Realize that no relationship is perfect

Even the strongest of couples go through their ups and downs. Long term commitments mean standing by your partner no matter what.

You’ll both change and grow over the years. This is a part of life. Nothing stays the same, and you both need to pursue your own goals. Never stifle anyone’s dreams. Just like plants we need space and air to grow.

A strong relationship is supporting each other, with a bit of give and take.

Wishing you health and happiness

Take care:)

























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