How To Develop Intuition And Apply It To The Law Of Attraction

How To Develop Intuition And Apply It To The Law Of Attraction

Intuition and the law of attraction are closely linked. You get this gut feeling about something and it somehow feels right. The law of attraction is always working and the thoughts you put out out into the universe attract people and situations on a similar level of vibration to yours.

On a very simple level, you’re driving to the shopping mall at a busy time of day and want a parking space. You put out thoughts of a free space near the entrance. You see this image clearly in your mind, and somehow on entering the car park you feel compelled to drive down a particular row. Just as you do, a woman gets into a car and slowly backs out. So now you have your free space and it’s not too far to walk from the the entrance!

Was this coincidence, or the universe at work?

Little coincidences like this are a sure sign the universe is delivering what you ask for. Unfortunately many people pay little attention to their thoughts. They walk around in a negative state, always expecting the worst. Even though you may not consciously think you won’t get that job, or take possession of the house you want so badly, your subconscious is full of doubt. Even though you try to think positively your level of vibration is still at a lower level.

How To Awaken Your Intuition

Negative conditioning from childhood can be hard to break away from. If parents or teachers installed negative beliefs even if they were only out of love and with your best interests at heart, you will find it very challenging to break free from them.

However if you can, you’ll start to find new doors of opportunity open for you. At first you’ll think they must be coincidences, but as more and more good things come your way you’ll start to realise they’re a result of a positive mindset.

what is intuition

Some people think intuition is a sixth sense. In some cases it can be, but a lot of the time it’s a result of our subconscious mind projecting strong beliefs and desires. If the belief you can do something is strong enough, and the desire to have it is also strong, something quite amazing will happen. Opportunities will begin to appear. They may not be obvious, but you will be drawn towards certain things. You get a hunch that you should follow a certain path or accept an invitation that comes your way.

Even though certain chances appear, it’s up to you to take action. If you miss out on an opportunity as long as the desire is still there others will come your way, and new paths appear. You’ll get a feeling or hunch about something as another door opens.

how to develop intuition


Busy lifestyles with so many thoughts in your mind can make it hard to hear that little voice in your head. You are so pre-occupied that you just can’t tune in to your intuitive thoughts.

One of the best ways to calm the mind is by practicing meditation. You don’t need to go out and join a class as you can simply download guided meditations online. Letting someone do the work for you while you just listen and follow makes it so much easier.

You only need to meditate for about ten minutes a day to make a big difference. You’ll learn how to slow down your thoughts and completely relax. This is often when some of the most creative ideas and inspired thoughts happen.

Have you ever noticed how intuitive thoughts often come to you when you’re in the shower, or just before you fall asleep? This is when you’re relaxed and open to inspired ideas. A good idea is to keep a notepad by the bed and make notes of any intuitive and inspired thoughts that come in to your mind. Even if it is! If you leave it until the morning you may be so busy getting the kids to school or doing a host of other things that you’ll forget.

Going with your intuition and ignoring fears!

Sometimes opportunities that open up to you can seem scary. You feel comfortable and safe in your present situation, and this is way out of your comfort zone. This happened to me a couple of years ago when I was looking for a property to buy.

I had been living in the same house as my ex, and felt safe and comfortable there. The perfect flat came on the market, and I even went to view it. Intuition told me I should go for it, but I was fearful as it was way out of my comfort zone. I regretted my indecisiveness when a couple of weeks later I changed my mind and the flat had gone within hours of my phone call!

The lesson here is if it feels right go for it, even if it seems scary. Sometimes you just have to go with that leap of faith.

Can visualization boards help strengthen your intuition?

A vision board is a collection of images and text that closely relate to your dreams and aspirations. This isn’t an activity to be rushed as you really need to think carefully about what you want. To many times people adopt ideas from others on what they should aim for. Even if it takes you a few weeks to really identify your dreams it doesn’t matter. Once you have clarity, start finding images that closely resemble your dreams.

For example if it’s a new car, you need the make and model. If it’s a new boyfriend or girlfriend, what does he or she look like? Find images in magazines that closely resemble your ideal mate. If you want to get your ex back find photos of you both in happy times together. Be certain that you really do want to get back with an ex partner. Many couples prefer to move on and go their separate ways.

Vision boards help connect you to your higher self. Your intuition will guide you towards opportunities that open pathways towards your goals. For example a chance meeting with your ex, a sudden windfall that covers the down payment for your new car, or a promotion at work you’ve dreamed of.

Whatever it is listen to your gut feelings and just go for it.

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