How To Be A Confident Woman On A First Date

Learn how to be a confident woman on a first date and wow him with your charm!

how to be a confident woman

Whether you’re divorced, a confirmed singleton, or looking for Mr right you’ll find all you need to know about how to be a confident woman on a first date.

To begin with, if you don’t yet have a date and feel unsure of how to attract the right guy, you have to decide who you’re ideal guy is.

No matter how unconfident you feel right now, you can find him. Sometimes we meet that ideal person just by living life and not trying so hard to find the perfect guy.

You may be wondering how to attract guys if you don’t feel confident or have a busy social life. You may have heard this a thousand times before, but taking up new interests and leading a full life will increase your chances.

Think about what you’re interested in and if this relates to your ideal guy. For example you may enjoy art and music. If you’re looking for someone who shares your interest consider joining an art group.

Learn to play a musical instrument and join a group of like minded people. You never know where this may lead and it’s possible you may even find your soul mate in the process!

Having plenty of interests makes you more fun to be around. Your confidence will naturally increase as you make more friends and learn new skills.

Meditation for confidence on a first date

If you lack self confidence you may find meditation helps. It can make you aware of any negative thoughts giving you the choice of ignoring or accepting them.

>Don’t underestimate the power of meditation as it can transform your life. All you need is 15 minutes twice a day. It doesn’t require any expensive equipment or clothing, and can be done anywhere!

It does require practice though, so be patient if you’ve never meditated before. You may find guided meditation helpful to get you started.

If you’ve lacked confidence talking to guys you’ll find the more you mix with new people the easier it will be. Joining groups or classes will boost your social life.

You’ll meet new people through their friends as well. Your confidence with men will grow and you’ll find you’ve stopped trying so hard to find Mr right.

Learn to love yourself

Loving yourself for who you are and accepting your personality traits is very powerful. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes and do things we regret, but that’s all part of being human.

Being a confident woman comes from loving yourself. Once you realize this you’ll attract guys like a magnet!

Dealing with self consciousness

Feeling self conscious and awkward in front of a guy can be hard to overcome. No matter how confident you are normally, you can become a gibbering wreck in front of a guy you really fancy!

While this is perfectly normal it can hold you back. You can overcome it though by focusing on him and not on you. Once you’ve mastered the art of loving yourself you’ll find these feelings will lessen. Know you look great, and know you are worthy of love.

Using affirmations can help you feel more confident in front of guys. You must believe them though and repeat them every day.

Feeling good about yourself raises your vibration and draws positive energy towards you. You’ll not only find it attracts guys, but improves every area of your life.

Positive affirmations can be a great way to boost your confidence on a first date. Use them in the right way and you’ll soon lose those first date nerves.

self confidence affirmations

self confidence affirmations

How to approach a guy you like

Maybe you’ve seen him at work or in a local club you go to. You’re instantly attracted but don’t know how to approach him.

Body language is very important and you must appear friendly and approachable. Tensing up your shoulders and avoiding eye contact gives off the wrong signals.

Calm your nerves by taking in a few deep breaths and exhaling slowly. Visualize yourself as being calm and confident.

Smile in his direction but don’t stare! If he smiles back pluck up the courage and say hi. However, if he looks away and carries on chatting with his mates then forget it for a while.

If he’s interested he’ll look your way again. Making contact with a guy can be daunting. You fear rejection and the embarrassment it would bring.

Feeling good about yourself helps enormously, even if you’re shy. Remember to always focus on the other person not on you. We all love compliments especially guys! Think of something you like such as the top he’s wearing and compliment him.

It can be a great conversation starter. If you have a shared interest think of something to say about it. Of course if you’ve met in an art class or drama group this will be so much easier.

Rejection is a part of life. No one is immune from it. Don’t take it personally as he doesn’t know you. See it as a learning experience. The more you approach guys the more confident you’ll become.

How to talk to a shy guy

What if he’s shy and doesn’t seem interested? Guys that are shy around girls tend to appear aloof and look awkward. This doesn’t only apply to teenagers but older guys as well. Always be patient and take things very slowly. Watch the video below as Josh explains this very well.

How to talk to a really shy guy

What to wear on your first date

You’ve finally met a wonderful guy and he’s asked you on a date. Your mind is in a panic as your first thought is what to do I wear.

This depends on the date itself, but it should always be something you feel comfortable in. Don’t wear those brand new ultra high heels if you’ve not worn them before. Toppling over or tripping up isn’t a good look!

If it’s a casual date, jeans and a pretty top is a good idea. Don’t wear low cut dresses or display lots of flesh. Natural looking make up is best, so stay away from siren red lipstick or harsh eyeliners.

If it’s a formal date, wear something that fits in with the surrounding. You don’t want to turn up feeling out of place. If you’re not sure just ask his advice.

What to talk about on your first date.

what to talk about on your first date
If you’ve met through a mutual interest you will always have something in common to talk about. Meeting through online dating can be slightly different, but at least you’ll both have similar interests.

If you’ve met online always make sure you talk to your date before meeting up. At least you’ll know he’s genuine and hopefully won’t fall victim to a scam.

Keep the conversation light on a first date. Don’t talk about your ex or previous dating disasters!

Avoid politics or religion as they can be a big turn off. Ask questions but don’t try and delve too deep. Asking about his work or hobbies is fine. Quizzing him on his failed marriage isn’t!

Pay attention to what he’s saying. If you’re nervous or anxious it’s easy to miss bits of conversation. Try to relax and focus on your breathing if you’re feeling nervous.

Remember, he’s probably feeling exactly the same. Jokes can lighten the mood and laughter instantly relaxes the body. Look around the room for something funny to comment on.

At the end of the date don’t feel hurt if he doesn’t suggest meeting up again. There are many reasons why, and you should never take any of them personally.

If on the other hand he wants to meet up again and you don’t, be honest. It can avoid hurt feelings and not give him false hope.

Always thank your date for the time you spent together. It’s polite and shows you’re a thoughtful person. Even if you never see him again take some experience away from the date.

Before I met my wonderful partner I’d dated lots of different guys. Each had their own personality and I always saw dating as a fun experience.

I hope this article has helped show you how to be a confident woman on a first date.  Remember, you’re not alone as dating can be a very stressful game. Even if you’ve not been on a date in years, it will get easier.

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