How Sleep Can Raise Your Vibration (Podcast 003)

How Sleep Can Raise Your Vibration

sleep can raise your vibration?

Welcome to the third in my series of podcasts! This is something I’ve only just started to do, and plan to upload one each week.

Every week I’ll cover a different topic on law of attraction, and although they won’t be very long, I’ll try and make them as informative as possible.

I’m very passionate on the subject, and really believe you can make a big difference to your life by applying these laws in the right way.

This week is all about sleep and how it can raise your vibration

What is vibrational energy

everything in the universe is connected and in a constant state of vibration including plants, animals, people, and even your thoughts. Discover what this energy is, and how you may even be able to see it around your body!

How to improve your quality of sleep

The importance if winding down at the end of the day, so you get a peaceful nights sleep. Tips to help you feel calm and drift off to sleep easily.

Laying awake worrying over things won’t give your body the rest it needs. You may find yourself waking up many times during the night, and find it hard to get back to sleep again.

Meditation can be a very effective way to calm the mind, but we also look at other effective ways.

How a short nap in the afternoon give you an energy boost!

Many people see napping as something the very elderly or babies do. However if you say “power nap”, this gives it a modern, trendy feel!!

You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, ad ready to tackle all your afternoon tasks.

Actually I believe that all offices and places of work should have somewhere you can just go and sleep for a short time. I’m sure many bosses would find their workforce becomes far more productive!!

Also in this podcast I share a few tips to make your bath before bedtime soothing and relaxing.

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I hope you enjoy listening to this weeks podcast, and don’t forget to tune in again next week:)
Take care


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