Goal Setting

Why is Goal setting so important and can it really mean the difference between failure and success?

goal setting

Setting goals are something many people overlook. You may know where you’re going and even have a plan of action, but without goals you’ve no incentive.

You may argue that you want your business to succeed and the plan you’ve created is fool proof. However, no matter what area of your life you plan to improve on you need to set targets.

Without goals you run the risk of drifting along with few or none your plans being accomplished. We are all capable of being lazy, especially if there’s no time limit on completing projects.

A common excuse for not starting something is you don’t feel ready, or there’s plenty of time and you’ll start tomorrow! Unfortunately in many cases perfectly crafted plans never get off the ground.

The same goes for starting a diet, learning a new skill, or anything else you intend to do. There is no such thing as the perfect time, and if you don’t feel ready just start anyway.

You’ll learn as you go along, and the mistakes you make are the best teachers! If it’s a diet you plan to start, make lifestyle changes right away. They don’t have to be drastic, but gentle and gradual. That way you’ll have more chance of sticking to your weight loss goal. Making sudden drastic changes never works in most cases. Always be realistic with your goal setting.

All you need to start setting goals is a pen and piece of paper. Set a realistic time in the future when you want your goal to be reached, then break that up into smaller goals.

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