Getting Back Together After A Break Up (Podcast 004)

Getting Back Together After A Break Up (Podcast 004)


Welcome to my fourth podcast. Every week I’ll cover a different topic based around the law of attraction, and although they won’t be very long, I’ll try and make them as informative, and interesting as possible.

I’m very passionate on the subject, and really believe you can make a big difference to your life by applying these laws in the right way. The law of attraction just like gravity is always at work

In this week’s episode we’re looking at relationships and getting back together with an ex

we’re going to look at why you broke up

If you should really get back together

and how you can use the law of attraction to help things along

Getting back together after a break up isn’t uncommon. there are many pros and cons, and you need to give it serious thought before giving things another go. in this episode I’m going to cover what I feel you need to consider before starting a new relationship with your ex.

When you definitely shouldn’t get back together. There are a few reasons why it’s never a good idea to rekindle the flame with an ex. I explain them in this audio

How to use the power of intention to keep your relationship alive. I share one very special technique with you that may help draw you closer together.

How to win your ex back

I also reveal how you can use the law of attraction to attract him back into your life, even if you’ve not seen or heard from your ex in a long time. If you want to learn how to win your ex back using the law of attraction, listen to my podcast.I can’t guarantee success, but the techniques I reveal will at least raise your vibration.

Plus how energy can either pull you together, or push you apart, and how you can change this energy.

Thank you for listening to my podcast, and don’t forget to tune in next week for another episode..

Until then, take care,



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