How To Get Him Back Using The Power Of Intention

How To Get Him Back Using The Power Of Intention

If your boyfriend has split up with you and you want to get him back I firstly recommend questioning why the break up happened and if you truly want him back.

A relationship that was only held together out of habit, with little in common is unlikely to work. If he found a new love and is happy with her you may have to face the reality that you’re just not meant to be.

If on the other hand you were the one who had an affair, you may have been searching for something that was missing in the relationship. These are issues that need to be addressed if you were to get back together.

Whatever the reason for the break up, that relationship is dead and gone. However I believe that if you’re truly meant to be together you can be in time, by forming a new relationship.

Just waiting, wishing and longing for him back rarely works. These are feelings of lack that serve to push your ex further out of your life than back towards you.

A mistake many women make after a break up is chasing after their ex, begging him to come back. This is the absolute worst thing you can do if you want to get him back and very rarely works. If it did you’d most likely end up being treated like a doormat, with little self respect.

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Clinging isn’t the way to get him back

I know from first hand experience the destructive effect of clinging on to a broken relationship. My boyfriend broke up with me after 20 years of living together, and I made the mistake of staying on for a few more, believing he would suddenly realise he loved me.

I stayed while looking for a new home, but also hoped he’d change his mind. The atmosphere between us became highly negative, and this was way before I understood the law of attraction.

As soon as I moved on both physically and mentally I felt my energy change. It was lighter and even my health improved. I was able to focus on things much easier and it was like a great weight had been lifted.

We are now on much friendlier terms, and I have discovered the pleasure of living alone! There was no contact for quite a long time when suddenly he started emailing me.

He asked how I was, and that he hadn’t heard from me in over 6 months! It was as though he was somehow picking up on my positive energy.

I am happy on my own for the time being and need this space to focus on things, so jumping into a new relationship or rekindling old flames is not on my agenda.

This casual approach towards your ex is by far the best way. Neediness and longing create lack, and this in turn will only push that which you desire further away.

If he’s with another woman DO NOT harbor feelings of jealousy or hate. This is a classic reaction to a failed relationship. While you may want to stick pins in her eyes, or pray that a bird shits on her head, this all creates negative energy!

Feel happy for them both and glad he’s found true love. Just let go and move on.

So how can you get him back?

power of intention

I’m a true believer in the power of intention, and that setting your intentions, then letting them go is the best way. You have to trust that the universe will deliver, and stop watching the clock for signs.

It will happen in it’s own good time and not before. You MUST completely detach yourself from him mentally and start focusing on YOU.

Setting your intentions

An intention need only be set once. You shouldn’t keep asking for what you want as this is being desperate. As I mentioned previously desperation creates lack which drives away that which you desire.

Write down on a piece of paper how grateful you are to have such a loving and committed relationship, or whatever you desire as if it’s already in your life. Say it aloud or mentally, then let it go.

You must believe it and visualize the two of you back together happy and in love.

You could also create a vision board filled with images of love and happiness. By letting go I don’t mean never thinking about him. Just focus on the positives and not negatives.

It can work second time with a bit of work. Read my post to discover all you need to know about getting back with an ex.

Remember, you don’t need any one person to make you happy. That comes from within, and you can simply choose to be happy.

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Work on YOU

Focus on YOU and enjoy being single. You don’t have to go out ever night dating new men, but don’t sit at home moping and feeling sorry for yourself either. This creates negative energy pushing him further and further away.

Even if you don’t feel like it, accept all invitations and be open to new experiences. This will make you feel better, and you may even end up making new friends in the process.

If you’re lonely join a dating site. You may feel that meeting a new guy isn’t what you want, but you never know, you may find someone you really like. NEVER do this to make your ex jealous, or as a way of getting back at him.

This is where the magic begins!

If you do start dating someone you must only do this because you genuinely want to. I can almost guarantee that if you did meet someone and fell in love with him, your ex will get back in touch!

This is the way things seem to happen. Of course, if that were to occur you may not even want your ex back! You may find a whole new world opening up to you with opportunities and new people you’d never have met if you were still mourning the loss of your ex.

Remember, YOU can survive on your own! Nothing bad will happen to you if your ex stayed out of your life for good. You don’t need a man to make you happy, and you can find fulfillment in many other areas of life.

Keeping a cat or dog will always give you plenty of unconditional love, and if you surround yourself with friends you’ll always have someone to talk to. You need never be alone.

Try new things, re-invent yourself. Once you have completely let go of him mentally, and moved on with your life you may find he starts to get in contact with you. It’s as if he picks up on this new energy, and is actually feeling you moving on.

If he still has feelings for you, the thought of you gone for good may push him to take action. After all, if he still loves you he won’t want you dating other guys or starting a new relationship.

This is the classic scarcity tactic in action. Once he feels he really has lost you for good you’ll find he’ll be texting or calling you. We all want what we can’t have.

Show gratitude for what you have

how to get your ex back with gratitude

Show gratitude, and instead of feeling sad, focus on the positives in your life. We all have things to be grateful for. Good health, a loving family, a roof over your head, enough money to buy food.

No matter how bad you’re feeling you still have a lot to be thankful for.

Do things you enjoy. Watch your favourite film, read a good book, go for a walk. Making yourself happy raises your vibration, and attracts that which is in harmony with it.

Banishing all negativity you felt towards your ex, and only thinking of him with warm, loving thoughts may help draw love back into your life. Make sure your thoughts are ones of detachment though and not longing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that I’ve helped you see that a break up isn’t the end of the world.
The power of intention may work for you, but every relationship is different.

I truly wish you all the best and that if you’re reading this after a break up, things work out for you.

Take care

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