Don’t let the past hold you back from achieving goals

Don’t Let The Past Hold You Back From Achieving Goals

achieving dreams by not letting past hold you back

Welcome to my sixth podcast. Each week I’m going to cover a different topic based on the law of attraction. and Although they won’t be very long, I’ll try to make them as interesting and informative as possible.

I’m very passionate on the subject, and really believe you can make a huge difference to your life by applying these laws in the right way. The law of attraction just like gravity is always at work, and the way you think and the beliefs you hold play a part in shaping your life.

In this weeks podcast we’re looking at how your past can hold you back.

It’s very easy to let past events and circumstances stop you from moving forward. The past can affect the way you react to things, which is sometimes in a negative way.

Why is it we can get so hung up on past events, and why do they tend to hold us back? I’ll be looking at some of the answers in this weeks podcast. Hopefully they’ll not only give you an insight but also prompt you to take action so you can move forward and achieve your goals.

Achieving goals gives you confidence and helps you grow. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to start a new business or move on from a failed relationship, they are all very important and achieving any one of them will improve your wellbeing.

Being truly happy in life doesn’t come from being successful in just one area. You may have a thriving business, but you’re miserable as you feel lonely. On the other hand you may have the perfect relationship but you feel unfulfilled in the career area of your life.

I hope you enjoy listening to this weeks podcast, and we look forward to seeing you next week.

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  • It is definitely hard to argue that the mental aspect of achieving success is what stops most. You hit the nail on the head Kathy. It is important to be able to let go of the past to be able to grab on to new success. Awesome article and can’t wait to give the podcast a listen!

    • Kathy

      Thank you Michael. Yes letting go of past events can be hard, I know from experience. Once you move on though, you’ll find you will be open to new opportunities. This can then lead to success and you’ll feel happier too:)

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