Dealing With Loneliness At Christmas

How you can overcome loneliness during the holiday season

dealing with loneliness at christmas

Welcome to my fifth podcast. Each week I’ll cover a different topic based around the law of attraction, and although they won’t be very long, I’ll try and make them as informative, and interesting as possible.

I’m very passionate on the subject, and truly believe you can make a big difference to your life by applying these laws in the right way. The law of attraction just like gravity is always at work, even if you don’t believe it.

In this weeks podcast we’re looking at the subject of loneliness at Christmas.

This time of year can be very hard if you’re going to be on your own as it’s traditionally a time for family and friends. There is a lot you can do though to make yourself feel better if you’re suffering from loneliness.

We’re looking at why you may be feeling lonely. There is a very big difference from being on your own and feeling lonely. Something many people get confused with.

Being on your own is absolutely fine if that’s what you want. In this case don’t let well meaning friends and family bully you into thinking it’s wrong! It’s not wrong, but is a lifestyle choice many prefer. Like everything else it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. It’s just that this time of year

We’ll look at how YOU can change this Christmas from a lonely one you’re dreading, to one you’re looking forward to! This may seem impossible with only a couple of weeks to go, but believe me it’s not to late. I suggest a few ideas that may get you thinking, and hopefully will help transform your life!

I hope you enjoy listening to this weeks podcast, and we look forward to seeing you next week.

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