How Daily Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Daily positive affirmations have the power to change your life!

We make affirmations all the time without even thinking about it. The problem is though, many of these affirmations are negative, and The more you repeat them the more powerful they become.

After a time they establish themselves as part of your core beliefs and are hard to break. This is why you get mental blocks about things. The more things go wrong the more you blame it on yourself. As a result you end up self sabotaging everything you do.

This cycle of negativity affirms your beliefs even more. You may end up discussing it with your friends, who in turn tell you about their own negative experiences. You think to  yourself why bother as it won’t work anyway

Breaking free from negative thinking isn’t an easy task. The greater your negative beliefs the harder it’ll be. However, what I’m about to share with you will make things a whole lot simpler.

Just imagine if you could reset your brain so all negative beliefs that have been holding you back disappear. You’ll begin to realise that anything is possible if you feel it is.

Uncovering your mental blocks

positive affirmations can change your life

Before we talk about daily positive affirmations I want you to think about any blocks that may be stopping you from moving forward. Many of these are typically formed during childhood and adolescence.

For example, if I was to say “rich people” how does that make you feel? If you believe all wealthy people are selfish with bad intentions then you may well have a block with making money.

Did your parents install in you that money is scarce and hard to come by? Do you feel uncomfortable every time you get a bill? You may be able to pay it but you fear money going out of your account in case you can’t replace it.

You may have a block with relationships and always seem to attract the wrong guy or girl. Were your parents happy, or always fighting each other? We often look to our parents as examples and this may be why you can’t break out of the cycle of attracting the wrong guy.

You may have been in an abusive relationship in which you were continually fed some very negative statements about yourself. After a while you start believing them, and as a result you feel worthless.

You may have ended that relationship but because of your low self esteem you end up attracting the same type of guy time and time again. It’s as if you don’t feel worthy of love.

Are you always trying to complete a project but keep failing? This could be self sabotage at work. As I mentioned previously, this is often caused by getting into a cycle of negativity.

You may not even be aware of your mental blocks as they become part of your subconscious. Your rational conscious mind knows what you have to do, but subconsciously you’re sabotaging any progress.

How positive affirmations can help

Just as negative affirmations have the power to brainwash you, so positive affirmations have the same effect. Don’t underestimate the power of repeating words or phrases.

The subconscious mind happily accepts anything you feed it. It doesn’t question, unlike the conscious mind. Most of our reactions to situations are a result of subconscious thinking. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of happiness or success there will always be something blocking your path.

Affirmations can unblock pathways attracting positive energy. It won’t be instant and you will have to repeat your daily positive affirmations multiple times during the day every day

The length of time it will take depends how deeply engrained your beliefs are. If you’ve experienced years of abuse from a partner, or grew up with strong beliefs that money is bad, you’ll have to be patient with yourself.

It could take months before you start to feel differently about things. On average it takes around 30 days to form new habits or change a way of thinking.

Once you’ve started seeing everything in a different light, providing you continue to affirm your new belief systems they will stay with you. Remember, the more you affirm a thought or belief the deeper it becomes.

Making your daily positive affirmations

woman making daily positive affirmations

Affirmations are very personal and no two goals are exactly the same. However, there are plenty of positive affirmations online to get you started.  Spend time thinking about areas in your life that need improvement.

Pick one area and work out what you need to do to bring about positive change. Make this into a series of attainable steps or goals.

Next, visualise yourself having already attained these goals. How does it feel? It’s important to get emotionally involved in order to keep you motivated.

This step can be hard if you’ve spent years building up negative belief systems. You really have to use the power of your imagination and understand that anything is possible.

How to make affirmation cards

positive affirmation cardNext, we’re going to make some affirmation cards that will boost your success. You can buy affirmation cards already made, but I want you to target your exact needs.

Find or buy some thin card and cut into squares. Ideally all about the same size.  Now the fun part! Using coloured pencils, watercolour, or whatever medium you desire, create designs you feel represent your affirmations. Don’t be afraid to use lots of colour. Be bold!

Allow space for writing your text, though you can incorporate it in your design. Don’t aim for perfect! It’s not about the artwork, it’s about affirming your beliefs!

Ideally, the cards should be of a size you can carry with you during the day. About the size of a playing card or slightly larger is ideal.

You could make your affirmations in the present tense as if you’d already achieved your goals. This is very powerful since your subconscious will accept it as being real.

For example “I have plenty of money for all my needs” “I am a loving person with a lot to give” You may find this difficult if your beliefs are strongly embedded, so a different approach may be best.

In this case, write your affirmations as if you’re in the process of achieving them. For example, “I have found it hard to accept myself but I’m learning to love myself more every day”

Affirmations raise your level of vibration. Since you attract energy which is on the same or similar levels you’ll start drawing positive experiences and people into your life.

Using visualisation and positive affirmations.

Put daily positive affirmations on steroids by using the power of visualisation. We tend to daydream about possible scenarios we don’t want, but turn this around and imagine your perfect outcome instead!

Spend a few quiet moments daydreaming about your desires each day. Really focus on feelings and bring it to life with colour! A good idea is to practice mindfulness as well.

This helps strengthen focus as well as put negative thoughts on hold. Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to help you feel calm and tackle problems without feeling overwhelmed.

Forget past mistakes

Daily positive affirmations will certainly help you feel good about yourself, but you also have to stop revisiting past mistakes. What’s done is done. Learn from them and move on. The past can seriously hold you back if you let it! Here are a few daily affirmations to get you started.

success affirmation
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Wishing you health and happiness

Take care

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