Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Your Ex Back

how to apply law of attraction to get ex back

Is it possible that you can get your ex back using the law of attraction?

Your boyfriend has just split up with you and you’re devastated. You’re heartbroken and believed you’d be together forever. Before you even think about how to get back with him you have to think long and hard about things.

Do you really want your ex back?

Are you just upset at being on your own? Fear of being on your own especially after a long term relationship can be scary. If this is the case it’s no basis for a relationship.

Discovering that you can be happy on your own may make you realise you don’t want your ex back, and you weren’t really suited anyway.

Think about what caused the break up.

Did he cheat on you? If so can you learn to trust him again?
Did you cheat on him? Sometimes it takes a break up to make you realise just how much you love your partner.

Another thing that commonly happens in long term relationships is that you start taking each other for granted. You feel you don’t have to bother so much anymore. This in turn can create negativity as your boyfriend feels you’re growing apart.

He starts to fear losing you and what you think becomes your reality. The human mind is very complex, and his affair started as a result of his fear of losing you. In his mind He was going to lose you anyway so his affair was a sort of compensation.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back With The Power Of Thought

Firstly if you want your ex back try and keep to the 30 day no contact rule. This means no texting, phone calls or email during this time. If he does contact you my advice is to play it cool. This doesn’t mean pushing him away, but letting him see you’re happy and getting on with your life. Be uplifting and positive, don’t let him see you’re desperate to get him back.

Desperation creates negativity, and as the law of attraction works by attracting like, you’ll end up creating more of the same. Your ex will see you as being needy and the result being you’ll push him further away.

Raise your level of vibration to win him back

Get out and socialise with friends even if you don’t feel like it. Making the effort will give you a boost. spend time working on yourself. Build your self confidence by taking up a new interest.

Challenge yourself, and set yourself goals. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but lacked confidence. You’ll soon find that you’re much happier in yourself and have a ton of things to talk about when you eventually meet up again.

Your energy will be lighter, and much more positive. You’ll start to notice good things coming into your life, and opportunities will present themselves to you, plus he’ll be far more likely to call you!

Raise his vibration with light and love!

Make sure he’s on the same level of vibration as you by sending out feelings of love and light towards him. You could also try imagining both of you surrounded by pure white light.

This is very powerful and may draw him back into your life by focusing on positive and loving energy. This isn’t magic or casting spells, but simply using the law of attraction.

I believe we’re all connected by energy, Everything in the universe is created from energy including our thoughts.

Use the power of thought to draw him back into your life!

Picture a happy date you’re enjoying together in the future. Really imagine this in fine detail. What are you wearing? Are you going out to a restaurant or bar? Is there music in the background?

Really get into this scene and feel the emotion. If this a place you’ve been to before feel the atmosphere. Visualise your conversation. Hear his laughter. The more detail the better.

Create a vision board with photos of you both, places you spent happy times together. Even love letters he sent you. Keep this in a visible place that you’ll see many times during the day. Vision boards are very powerful, and if you create daily affirmations as well you’ll turbo charge the effect!

Always create your affirmations in the present tense, and NEVER as “I am going to”, or “I will” This is very important as you need to affirm your beliefs as if they’ve already happened.You also believe they’re possible. Any doubts and you’ll have a hard time making this work.

Carry a photo of him and when you look at it send positive feelings of light and love.

Say to yourself every day how happy and grateful you are to have your boyfriend in your life. Really feel his love radiating out to you as you think or say this.

The power of meditation.

Just spending 10 minutes meditating each day focusing on your new relationship will help enforce the message that you are back together. If you’ve never meditated before I recommend guided meditation.

Why you shouldn’t call him your ex

NEVER think of him as your ex, always use his name. Calling him your ex is enforcing the idea that you will stay apart.

Always remember that we all have free will, and no matter how much effort you put into sending out the right vibrations, you can’t make him get back with you. You both have to want the same thing. If you’re meant to be together you will be.

The law of attraction, like gravity, never stops working. If your both on the same level of vibration and you’re meant for each other then you will be drawn back again.

Also remember that this will be a brand new relationship, so you must let go of past regrets and negative emotions from the old relationship for it to work properly.

At the end of the day, if your relationship doesn’t work out, you can still use the law of attraction to find a new love in your life,

Take care, and thank you for reading this post:)
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