Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Find Love?

Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Find Love?

the law of attraction to find love

The law of attraction is a very powerful force that’s as real as gravity, but can it be used to find love?

How can I find love is a question asked by so many single people desperate to find their soulmate. Endless nights in front of the tv with a meal for one can seem very sad, especially if all your friends are part of a couple. Loneliness and feelings of emptiness can be overwhelming if you’ve been on your own a long time, or recovering from the break up of a long term relationship. So what’s the answer?…

Learning to love yourself

Before you can think about finding love you have to learn to love yourself. This means accepting who you are, and. challenging any negative beliefs. Many of these are often laid down in childhood, but may also stem from abusive relationships. You may not even be aware of them as they often only surface when you’re feeling emotional or upset’

Many years ago I was in a thankfully short lived marriage in which I was constantly being “put down” My ex would say hurtful things to make me feel bad. It took years for me to realise that.  As a result I’d created a negative belief system which could have been very destructive if I’d let it.

Acknowledging these negative beliefs and replacing them with new positive ones is a great step forward in learning to love yourself. Once you feel happy and positive about yourself your state of vibration will rise. This is incredibly powerful as positive energy attracts that which is on the same level.

How To Love Yourself

Learning to say “NO”

Try to be assertive and say “no” if you don’t want to do something. Many women are hard wired to think it’s wrong and uncaring in refusing to help out, especially where family are involved. However, You have to think of yourself as well and your own needs. Putting yourself first doesn’t make you a bad person.

Always obliging others even if it makes you feel unhappy will have a negative effect on your vibrational state. Of course sometimes there is no alternative and you have to attend that meeting, or stay at home wuth a sick child. But take a bit of control back and you’ll feel much happier. This is when the law of attraction will start to work in your favour!

Overcome your lack mentality

stop focusing on your lack of love in your life. if you continue to dwell on how sad and lonely you are, you will attract more of the same.

visualise your perfect relationship. what does he look like?
what are his qualities? Imagine how you feel. Live as if this reality is already here. it’s very important to know the qualities you want in your soulmate as this is what you need to focus on. Constantly thinking about what you don’t want in a relationship will only attract more of the same. This is often why women fall for the same type of guy time and time again.

The power of daydreaming

Daydreaming may seem an indulgent waste of time, but visualising your desired outcome is extremely powerful.
By daydreaming you’re tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. This is often when we get some of our best creative ideas. daydreaming about your ideal relationship and the life you’ll have together will send signals out to the universe that you’re ready to receive your desires.

You just need to lock into the emotional state, and ONLY focus on your end goal, NEVER that which you’re trying to avoid.

This may sound a bit new age, and hocus pocus, but trust me, this really does work. I have personally used these same techniques to successfully bring about a desired result. You can’t do this half heartedly though, and you have to really work hard at visualising.

meditation for manifesting love into your life

using meditation with the law of attraction for manifesting love into your life is a very powerful combination. Meditation requires you to become aware of your breath and focus on your inner thoughts. It calms the mind allowing you to visualise your desires with a greater intensity.

Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, and this is why you can picture a happy time in the past and really feel the emotion

This is very powerful as you can build an image of your desired soulmate down to very fine detail, feeling the emotion of meeting, and the excitement and happiness. This can act like a magnet, drawing it towards you at greater speed.

Whatever information you feed your subconscious will be accepted as reality.

Consequently, if you tell yourself that no one loves you, and you’ll always be lonely, you will attract more of the same. Telling yourself you don’t want something is a sure fire way to attract it, as I mentioned before. This is because your subconscious doesn’t hear the words “don’t want”.it only hears what it is you want to avoid, and will serve to deliver it to you!

Clear out the clutter!

This may sound like an odd request to manifest your soulmate, but clearing out your clutter is a way of letting go of the past, and making way for new beginnings. Throw out anything that ties you to past negative relationships. Photos, letters, keepsakes etc. This may sound harsh, but while you’re hoarding all these things you’re hanging on to the energy.

Create a vision board.

A very powerful tool to help manifest love or anything else you want is to create a vision board. Find images in magazines of your desire and cut them out. This can include images and text. Take a piece of stiff card and create a collage using these images. Keep it where you can see it everyday to remind you of your dream boyfriend, and life you desire together.

Vision boards are very powerful, and when combined with the other techniques I shared with you today can create a potent method for manifesting love using the law of attraction.

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