Boost Your Energy, And Raise Your Vibration!!

Boost Your Energy, And Raise Your Vibration!!

boost your energy
Keeping well and having plenty of energy is essential if you want to maintain a high level of vibration. Boost your energy, and your state of vibration will rise.

We all know how having an off day make you feel low. Catching a cold, or even having a late night can have an effect on your well being and energy.

This in turn will affect your mood and how you respond to situations. If you’re already feeling negative about something, then feeling tired or unwell will lower your state of vibration even further.

How the healing power of sleep can boost your energy

Sleep is essential, and if you have too many late nights, poor sleep patterns or chronic insomnia, you’ll soon start to suffer the consequences.

Your immune system will weaken, and you’ll feel low. Negative thoughts are more likely to take hold when you’re tired and have low energy.

deep sleep is when healing and cell repair takes place. It’s important to get at least 7 hours sleep each night, though the odd late night won’t harm you.

Waking refreshed and energised from a good nights sleep will boost your energy and level of vibration. You will naturally feel more optimistic and your concentration will be sharper.

If you feel well and have plenty of energy, you will also be in a higher state of vibration. On the other hand, feeling tired, stressed, or unwell will drag you down to a lower vibration.

You will find it harder to feel positive or optimistic and less able to manifest goals.

If you find it hard to sleep and can’t switch off, there are a few steps you could try.

deep sleep

Firstly quality sleep is so important for your health and wellbeing, and even 5 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep is better than 8 hours of constant tossing and turning.

In order to get a decent 7 hours sleep you need to be relaxed, both in mind and body.

Keep your bedroom only for sleep. Checking your phone or tablet in bed when you should be relaxing is a bad idea. I know how tempting it is.

You just want to take one last look at Facebook, then spend the next half an hour scrolling down your feed, seeing what your friends are up to.

You may think you’re relaxing, after all it’s not work. However you’re stimulating your mind with information, making it hard to sleep. Reading a book or magazine is ok though, especially if you associate this activity with sleep.

If you have worries, try and find solutions during the day so that you don’t face another night of poor sleep.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine avoid caffeinated drinks during the evening. Opt instead for decaf coffee, or herbal tea.

Try meditation half an hour before bedtime. You can get guided meditations specially made to help you sleep. Stretching exercises and yoga can help as well. Meditating daily will help calm your mind and stop all those racing thoughts

Exercise can boost your energy and raise your vibration

Lack of exercise can leave you feeling sluggish and depressed. If you want to boost your energy and raise your level of vibration you need to create a regular exercise regime.

This doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. Try and fit in 20 minutes or half an a day for walking outside.

Preferably choose a green space such as a park or recreational ground. Green has a calming effect, and spending time among nature will make you feel good.
Exercise boosts levels of seratonin, a feel good hormone which is also one of nature’s painkillers.

Hydration to boost your energy

Keeping your body hydrated can improve your mood and raise your level of vibration. Aim to drink at least one and a half litres of fresh water each day.

If you find water boring, try sparkling water and add a slice of lemon. Your body is made up of one third water, and keeping it hydrated will not only ensure that your vital organs are in good working order, but also boost brainpower as well.

You’ll find concentrating on tasks becomes easier, and you’ll be less likely to suffer drowsiness during the day.

Foods to boost your energy, and raise your vibration

Eating nutritious, healthy foods is a great energy booster, and will lift your mood. Whole foods such as brown rice, wholemeal bread and plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep your energy levels stable throughout the day.

Junk foods may taste good, but they’re full of empty calories and won’t keep you feeling satisfied for long.

Sky rocket your productivity!!

meditation on the beach

Meditating for just 20 minutes a day will not only skyrocket your productivity, but reduce stress, increase your energy both physically and mentally,  and raise your level of vibration as well.

Even if you have very little time to spare in the morning, just allow yourself 10 minutes for meditation on waking up.

This will make you feel happy and ready to face the challenges of the day ahead. Meditating will also calm your thoughts, and this in itself can increase your productivity as you’ll find it so much easier get one thing done at a time.

Work flow can slow down if you’re jumping from one unfinished task to another.

Stop worrying!

This may seem impossible if you have so many challenges going on in your life, but worrying is non productive and creates negative energy.

Sit down with a pen and paper and write everything down that’s worrying you. Just writing them down can make them seem smaller and less intimidating.

Many things we fret and worry about never actually happen, and if they do, they’re never as bad as they seem. Focusing on them will only serve to lower your vibration and draw more of the same towards you.

You’ll be more inclined to make wrong decisions, and make mistakes much more easily.

Talk to a friend or family member if something really big such as debt is worrying you. You’ll feel lighter and less burdened by sharing your fears. Letting go of worries releases negative energy.

If you can’t solve your problems immediately, create a doable plan of action. Any worries that you have no control over whatsoever just let go of. For example, worrying about being struck by lightning, or your home being destroyed in an earthquake.

Raise your vibration through music.

Listening to upbeat music can instantly boost your level of vibration and change your mood. It can take you back to a time you felt happy, and recreate feelings of hope and optimism.

Music can also help with healing and pain. Of course, everyone has their favorite music, and different types will affect you in different ways.

So hopefully you can apply some of these ways I’ve suggested to boost your energy. All of them can applied straight away, but some may take a little while for the full effect to take place.

Take care

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