Can Binaural Beats Help Boost Cell Regeneration?

Can binaural beats help cell regeneration?

Deep meditation can provide as much benefit as sleep. In fact many who meditate regularly, claim they need less sleep.

There are even reports that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to a good night’s sleep.

The benefits if you can achieve a deep meditative state are enormous. You’ll not only feel fantastic, but healing can take place as well. During the deeper stages of sleep or deep meditation your brainwaves slow down into the delta wave frequency. This is the slowest brainwave frequency, and is when cell regeneration occurs

Feeling great and looking healthy is not only good for you physically, but will boost your state of vibration as well.

Deep sleep is dreamless and occurs naturally several times a night. The big problem many people face is that insomnia, poor quality sleep, or waking up during the night makes it difficult to reach.

This is often why you feel groggy in the morning even though you’ve gone to bed at your usual time.

Taking a nap in the afternoon can help, but you won’t get the benefits of deep sleep. You may wake feeling refreshed, but your body still won’t benefit from the cycle of deep, dreamless sleep.

Binaural beats are a great way to experience all the benefits of deep sleep or deep meditation almost instantly.

Syncing your brainwaves for cell regeneration

binaural beats

Listening to delta binaural beats may help sync your brainwaves
Syncing occurs all the time even though you may not be aware of it.
Listening to different types of music can affect your mood, as your brainwaves sync in time with the rhythm.

Cell repair and regeneration is vital. Your skin can look sallow with poor sleep. It’s during the deepest stages of sleep when your brainwaves are at their slowest that cell regeneration occurs.

Have you noticed how bad your skin looks after a few very late nights, or partying with your friends into the early hours?

Of course you can soon make up for this, but what if late nights, or insomnia are a regular thing?

You can soon find yourself catching colds easily as your immune system weakens. This is on top of poor skin or dry scalp!

Many people don’t realise how active your brain is during sleep, or the processes that take place.

Growth hormone for cell regeneration

deep meditation

It may also surprise you that delta brainwaves also trigger the release of a growth hormone. There has been much in the news about this powerful hormone, and many people pay for supplements containing it. The pineal gland releases it, but it’s also produced during deep sleep

However there are dangerous side effects associated with taking some of the supplements available, especially if taken in excessive amounts.

Produced naturally in the body growth hormone is perfectly safe and is associated with anti aging

Listening to delta binaural beats will slow down your brainwaves allowing cell regeneration and other benefits such as the release of melatonin which helps control your natural sleep cycle.

This hormone is produced by the pineal gland, and it’s thought to enhance cell repair.

I just wanted to mention another remarkable way to help cell regeneration, and that is by adding a well known spice to your diet

It’s tumeric and used in a lot of Asian dishes including curry. It’s one of those spices that many of keep in the store cupboard.

I know I do, and try and use it cooking as much as possible.

It’s thought that just one teaspoon added to food each day can help repair damaged brain cells over time, and even fight certain types of cancer.

This isn’t a medical website, and I certainly don’t profess to know much about the topic, but thought I’d mention it anyway. It’s such a simple and affordable way to give your health a little boost.

The video below contains 1 hour of delta binaural beats with a frequency of 2hz which is associated with cell regeneration. There is also a background sound of soothing tibetan singing bowls, rain and birdsong.

You will need headphones to get the best effect. DO NOT DRIVE WHILE LISTENING TO THIS AUDIO!!

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Wishing you health and happiness
take care:)

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