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Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Your Ex Back

strong relationship

how to apply law of attraction to get ex back

Is it possible that you can get your ex back using the law of attraction?

Your boyfriend has just split up with you and you’re devastated. You’re heartbroken and believed you’d be together forever. Before you even think about how to get back with him you have to think long and hard about things.

Do you really want your ex back?

Are you just upset at being on your own? Fear of being on your own especially after a long term relationship can be scary. If this is the case it’s no basis for a relationship.

Discovering that you can be happy on your own may make you realise you don’t want your ex back, and you weren’t really suited anyway.

Think about what caused the break up.

Did he cheat on you? If so can you learn to trust him again?
Did you cheat on him? Sometimes it takes a break up to make you realise just how much you love your partner.

Another thing that commonly happens in long term relationships is that you start taking each other for granted. You feel you don’t have to bother so much anymore. This in turn can create negativity as your boyfriend feels you’re growing apart.

He starts to fear losing you and what you think becomes your reality. The human mind is very complex, and his affair started as a result of his fear of losing you. In his mind He was going to lose you anyway so his affair was a sort of compensation.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back With The Power Of Thought

Firstly if you want your ex back try and keep to the 30 day no contact rule. This means no texting, phone calls or email during this time. If he does contact you my advice is to play it cool. This doesn’t mean pushing him away, but letting him see you’re happy and getting on with your life. Be uplifting and positive, don’t let him see you’re desperate to get him back.

Desperation creates negativity, and as the law of attraction works by attracting like, you’ll end up creating more of the same. Your ex will see you as being needy and the result being you’ll push him further away.

Raise your level of vibration to win him back

Get out and socialise with friends even if you don’t feel like it. Making the effort will give you a boost. spend time working on yourself. Build your self confidence by taking up a new interest.

Challenge yourself, and set yourself goals. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but lacked confidence. You’ll soon find that you’re much happier in yourself and have a ton of things to talk about when you eventually meet up again.

Your energy will be lighter, and much more positive. You’ll start to notice good things coming into your life, and opportunities will present themselves to you, plus he’ll be far more likely to call you!

Raise his vibration with light and love!

Make sure he’s on the same level of vibration as you by sending out feelings of love and light towards him. You could also try imagining both of you surrounded by pure white light.

This is very powerful and may draw him back into your life by focusing on positive and loving energy. This isn’t magic or casting spells, but simply using the law of attraction.

I believe we’re all connected by energy, Everything in the universe is created from energy including our thoughts.

Use the power of thought to draw him back into your life!

Picture a happy date you’re enjoying together in the future. Really imagine this in fine detail. What are you wearing? Are you going out to a restaurant or bar? Is there music in the background?

Really get into this scene and feel the emotion. If this a place you’ve been to before feel the atmosphere. Visualise your conversation. Hear his laughter. The more detail the better.

Create a vision board with photos of you both, places you spent happy times together. Even love letters he sent you. Keep this in a visible place that you’ll see many times during the day. Vision boards are very powerful, and if you create daily affirmations as well you’ll turbo charge the effect!

Always create your affirmations in the present tense, and NEVER as “I am going to”, or “I will” This is very important as you need to affirm your beliefs as if they’ve already happened.You also believe they’re possible. Any doubts and you’ll have a hard time making this work.

Carry a photo of him and when you look at it send positive feelings of light and love.

Say to yourself every day how happy and grateful you are to have your boyfriend in your life. Really feel his love radiating out to you as you think or say this.

The power of meditation.

Just spending 10 minutes meditating each day focusing on your new relationship will help enforce the message that you are back together. If you’ve never meditated before I recommend guided meditation.

Why you shouldn’t call him your ex

NEVER think of him as your ex, always use his name. Calling him your ex is enforcing the idea that you will stay apart.

Always remember that we all have free will, and no matter how much effort you put into sending out the right vibrations, you can’t make him get back with you. You both have to want the same thing. If you’re meant to be together you will be.

The law of attraction, like gravity, never stops working. If your both on the same level of vibration and you’re meant for each other then you will be drawn back again.

Also remember that this will be a brand new relationship, so you must let go of past regrets and negative emotions from the old relationship for it to work properly.

At the end of the day, if your relationship doesn’t work out, you can still use the law of attraction to find a new love in your life,

Take care, and thank you for reading this post:)
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How To Manifest Money Into Your Life, Even If You’re Broke!

How To Manifest Money Into Your Life And Finally Pay Off All Those Debts!

msnifest money

If you’re trying to manifest money in your life with no results, chances are you’re making common mistakes. One of the most common is those in debt focus on lack instead of focusing on a solution.

Focusing on a lack of money in your account only serves to attract more of the same. While it’s understandable if you’re on a low income you have to ask yourself if that’s all you expect.

Living from one pay cheque to the next doesn’t have to continue as a way of life. What if I told you it’s possible to completely transform your life.

YOU can break out of that cycle of debt and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. If you’re wondering how on earth that’s possible keep reading as I explain…

Basically, everything in the universe is created from energy, and in order to get what you desire, you must tune in to the same frequency of energy.

Raise your vibration to manifest money.

raise your vibration to manifest money

This may sound very new age and something you’d find hard to take on board but constant worry and fear may repel money away from you.

You see if all you’re thinking about is how much money you owe, or you’re scared you won’t be able to pay the electric bill, you are projecting negative energy.

You’ll be sending this energy out into the universe and attracting that on a similar level back to you. Everything in the universe including your thoughts are created from energy. And this energy is in a constant state of vibration.

If you want to change the results you’re getting you’re going to have to have to change your level of vibration. Negative thoughts will attract negative situations into your life. On the other hand positive thoughts will attract positive situations towards you.

The world is full of wealth and abundance with plenty to go round. But you may be blocking it unknowingly.

If instead of putting all your focus on a lack of money, you started to visualize it flowing into your bank account your energy will change.

For this to work though you must really believe it. Half heartedly chanting a few affirmations you have no faith in won’t manifest money.

You’ll have to make some radical changes to your core beliefs, challenging all your negative ones. This won’t be an easy task as they’ll be well and truly embedded in your subconscious.


Releasing energy blocks that stop you from manifesting money.

Energy blocks can stop you moving forward in life. If you want to manifest money in your life you’ll have to clear these blocks.

As I previously mentioned, everything is energy, and the results you’re getting are in response to the vibrational level of your own energy.

We’ll look at several ways you can do this, but remember it won’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself and results will come.

The power of visualization to manifest money

visualization to manifest money

We’ve talked about how powerful the subconscious mind is. It accepts whatever you tell it as being real. It doesn’t rationalize like the conscious mind does.

Think for a minute how you’d feel with a bank account overflowing with money. All your debts would be paid and you’d have plenty to treat family and friends.

Feel the emotion. See the dollar bills in your mind. Smell them. Feel those new crisp notes. Forget your reality while you do this. Spend 5 or 10 minutes just focusing on your healthy bank balance.

Decide where this wealth is coming from. Don’t be afraid to be creative here. Maybe starting a business is a great way for you to manifest money, or getting a better paid job.

Forget all logic, and what you believe you’re capable of. Ignore that little voice saying “remember what your teachers told you, you’ll no good at sports” or “you’ll never make a good salesman”

This inner voice is a lifetime of experiences and wisdom passed on to you. Unfortunately, much of this well meaning wisdom may be false, or very limiting.

Go with your intuition or gut feeling. Having decided how you’re going to manifest money you’ll need to create a plan.

Meditation to help clear energy blocks and manifest money.

Meditation is a great way to calm down all those hundreds of thoughts racing through your mind. Becoming focused only on the present moment allows you to see things more clearly.

You’re not thinking of the past or projecting into the future. You can’t stop all those negative thoughts entering your mind, but you can choose to observe them as a bystander. You don’t have to get emotionally involved.

A thought will only stay as long as you allow it. Ignore it and it will leave. This is a great way to clear negative energy blocks and boost your state of vibration

Is fear stopping you from attracting wealth?

fear of manifesting money

This may sound odd as you don’t intentionally want to be poor. But could your subconscious be sabotaging you? Are you subconsciously harboring a fear of being rich?

As previously mentioned, your reality is largely based on your belief systems. Your experiences and how you react to things are a result of these beliefs.

If you’ve grown up surrounded by family members who despise the wealthy, believing them all to be bad, this will be passed onto you. Maybe some of your closest family or friends believe anyone who’s very rich must be some big time drug dealer or money launderer.

Of course, none of this is true, as some of the wealthiest people are very kind and generous.

Even if you break free of these limiting beliefs you may fear losing those close to you who hold onto them.

You may feel that having a lot of money is a big responsibility.

You don’t know anything about investing and fear losing it all with careless spending. You can immediately overcome this fear by seeking financial advice. Knowing how to invest is something that can be learned, so don’t use it as a barrier if you want to manifest money.

Act like you already have money flowing into your life.

window shopping to help manifest money

I previously talked about visualization and how to use it if you want to manifest money. But take it one step further and act as if you already have money. I don’t mean max out your credit cards, but there’s no harm in window shopping.

You can easily do this at your local shopping mall or online. Visualize yourself making that desired purchase and how you’ll feel afterward.

It may be the latest laptop or cell phone, or even the model of the new car you want.

Treat yourself to the occasional luxury item. You don’t need to spend much. It could be a luxury brand of coffee or expensive chocolate. It doesn’t matter what it is, but the emotion involved in seeing yourself buying it.

This will help you to feel the emotion of being wealthy. Being comfortable with the idea will grow as you work through those blocks holding you back.

Acquiring wealth isn’t just for the privileged few. Anyone with the right mindset and doable plan can manifest money.

Be grateful for everything you have

Ok, you may not live in the swankiest apartment or drive the latest Porsche, but you have a lot to be thankful for.

Focusing on lack will attract more of the same. But showing gratitude will attract positive things. You’ll feel happier after counting your blessings so your energy will be lighter.

Send loving thoughts out into the universe and help anyone who needs it. Acts of kindness with selfless intentions will come back to you three fold.

Learn to love your bills!

manifesting money

No, I haven’t gone mad!! Think for a minute, all your bills are a sign you have at least some wealth. You wouldn’t have an energy bill if you didn’t have a roof over your head, or a car payment plan if you didn’t own a car.

Fearing bills is a sure way to block the flow of abundance. Remember, money is just energy, and there is a limitless amount for everyone. You just have to remove the blocks keeping it from you.

Can Bob Proctor help you manifest money?

Bob Proctor is one of the most recognized life coaches of our time. Starting out from humble beginnings he transformed his own life from reading a book given to him as a young man.

This book “Think and grow rich” is still very popular and widely read today, transforming the lives of those who read it. You can find out more about Bob Proctor here.

I hope this article has helped show you that anyone from any background can manifest money. There is no big secret. Just the right mindset and belief.

Get my latest e-book “The Power Of Mindfulness” and discover how you can supercharge your life!!

If you alwys feel success is just out of reach, this book is definitely for you. I love helping people reach their true potential:):)

Wishing you health and happiness

Take care:)













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Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Find Love?

Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Find Love?

the law of attraction to find love

The law of attraction is a very powerful force that’s as real as gravity, but can it be used to find love?

How can I find love is a question asked by so many single people desperate to find their soulmate. Endless nights in front of the tv with a meal for one can seem very sad, especially if all your friends are part of a couple. Loneliness and feelings of emptiness can be overwhelming if you’ve been on your own a long time, or recovering from the break up of a long term relationship. So what’s the answer?…

Learning to love yourself

Before you can think about finding love you have to learn to love yourself. This means accepting who you are, and. challenging any negative beliefs. Many of these are often laid down in childhood, but may also stem from abusive relationships. You may not even be aware of them as they often only surface when you’re feeling emotional or upset’

Many years ago I was in a thankfully short lived marriage in which I was constantly being “put down” My ex would say hurtful things to make me feel bad. It took years for me to realise that.  As a result I’d created a negative belief system which could have been very destructive if I’d let it.

Acknowledging these negative beliefs and replacing them with new positive ones is a great step forward in learning to love yourself. Once you feel happy and positive about yourself your state of vibration will rise. This is incredibly powerful as positive energy attracts that which is on the same level.

How To Love Yourself

Learning to say “NO”

Try to be assertive and say “no” if you don’t want to do something. Many women are hard wired to think it’s wrong and uncaring in refusing to help out, especially where family are involved. However, You have to think of yourself as well and your own needs. Putting yourself first doesn’t make you a bad person.

Always obliging others even if it makes you feel unhappy will have a negative effect on your vibrational state. Of course sometimes there is no alternative and you have to attend that meeting, or stay at home wuth a sick child. But take a bit of control back and you’ll feel much happier. This is when the law of attraction will start to work in your favour!

Overcome your lack mentality

stop focusing on your lack of love in your life. if you continue to dwell on how sad and lonely you are, you will attract more of the same.

visualise your perfect relationship. what does he look like?
what are his qualities? Imagine how you feel. Live as if this reality is already here. it’s very important to know the qualities you want in your soulmate as this is what you need to focus on. Constantly thinking about what you don’t want in a relationship will only attract more of the same. This is often why women fall for the same type of guy time and time again.

The power of daydreaming

Daydreaming may seem an indulgent waste of time, but visualising your desired outcome is extremely powerful.
By daydreaming you’re tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. This is often when we get some of our best creative ideas. daydreaming about your ideal relationship and the life you’ll have together will send signals out to the universe that you’re ready to receive your desires.

You just need to lock into the emotional state, and ONLY focus on your end goal, NEVER that which you’re trying to avoid.

This may sound a bit new age, and hocus pocus, but trust me, this really does work. I have personally used these same techniques to successfully bring about a desired result. You can’t do this half heartedly though, and you have to really work hard at visualising.

meditation for manifesting love into your life

using meditation with the law of attraction for manifesting love into your life is a very powerful combination. Meditation requires you to become aware of your breath and focus on your inner thoughts. It calms the mind allowing you to visualise your desires with a greater intensity.

Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, and this is why you can picture a happy time in the past and really feel the emotion

This is very powerful as you can build an image of your desired soulmate down to very fine detail, feeling the emotion of meeting, and the excitement and happiness. This can act like a magnet, drawing it towards you at greater speed.

Whatever information you feed your subconscious will be accepted as reality.

Consequently, if you tell yourself that no one loves you, and you’ll always be lonely, you will attract more of the same. Telling yourself you don’t want something is a sure fire way to attract it, as I mentioned before. This is because your subconscious doesn’t hear the words “don’t want”.it only hears what it is you want to avoid, and will serve to deliver it to you!

Clear out the clutter!

This may sound like an odd request to manifest your soulmate, but clearing out your clutter is a way of letting go of the past, and making way for new beginnings. Throw out anything that ties you to past negative relationships. Photos, letters, keepsakes etc. This may sound harsh, but while you’re hoarding all these things you’re hanging on to the energy.

Create a vision board.

A very powerful tool to help manifest love or anything else you want is to create a vision board. Find images in magazines of your desire and cut them out. This can include images and text. Take a piece of stiff card and create a collage using these images. Keep it where you can see it everyday to remind you of your dream boyfriend, and life you desire together.

Vision boards are very powerful, and when combined with the other techniques I shared with you today can create a potent method for manifesting love using the law of attraction.

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How To Overcome Depression With Positive Thinking

How To Overcome Depression With Positive Thinking

overcome depression

Knowing how to overcome depression when everything seems pointless is very hard.If you suffer from depression it can be like you’re stuck in a black hole and everything seems meaningless. You get good and bad days, but on the bad days even getting out of bed is an effort. You have no energy, and the smallest task is like climbing a mountain.

We all have off days, but real depression is different. It’s more than just feeling a bit low, or a bit depressed about something.

What causes depression?

There are many reasons why you may be depressed. Loss of a loved one, divorce, illness, redundancy, to name but a few.
If you suffer from a mental illness or your depression was caused by grief, you must take any medication the doctor prescribed for you, as positive thinking on it’s won’t help.

How does depression start?

Depression can start with a few negative thoughts in your mind that won’t go away. You feel depressed at moving to a new area for example, and dwell on the loneliness and isolation. You feel cut off from friends and family, and you start to focus on these sad thoughts more and more. They build up in your mind and you start to feel as if you’re under a black cloud.

You may have broken up from a long term relationship and feel you’ve lost your soulmate and your life is over. You remember the happy times, and keep going over in your mind the row you had before the break up.

Grown up children leaving the home is a bit like bereavement, even though they may not have moved far. You may feel as if you have no more purpose in life, and it can be quite a shock to the system.

All these life experiences can make you depressed, and once you’re in this cycle of negative thinking it’s very hard to break out of.

changing negative thoughts takes time and you won’t do it overnight. just take it one step at a time, and be patient with yourself.
you will get days when everything seems black and pointless, this is to be expected if you’ve worked yourself into a cycle of negative thought.

Getting rid of negative thoughts to overcome depression

Before you get rid of negative thoughts you have to acknowledge them. Write every negative thought down on paper, even if you don’t think it will work. Just give this a chance. Next write down reasons why they’re not true.

e.g. “my boyfriend left me, I’ll never find love again”, or “I lost my job and I’m to old to find another” your boyfriend did love you once, and for whatever reason has moved on. you can find love again. there are plenty of guys just waiting to date someone like you.
Losing a job may seem the end of the world, but plenty of women and men are being being hired all the time in middle age and much older.

how to use meditation to overcome depression

meditation will only work if your depression is mild to moderated. Severe depression requires urgent help from your doctor.
you will need to find a quite place to meditate where you won’t be disturbed, and can go to each day. If you’ve never meditated before the best way to start is with guided meditation.

This takes away all the hard work as you don’t have to think, but just follow the instructions given. You should set aside at least 10 minutes once or twice a day to get any benefit. meditation works well for both depression and anxiety, as the combination of breathing techniques and clearing the mind is very calming. You become aware of your thoughts, and after some practice becomes easier to replace the cycle of negative thoughts with new positive ones.

Can daily affirmations help overcome depression?

Affirmations can certainly help to beat depression, but you need to stick to a daily routine. Depending on how depressed you feel, you may get days when any activity is too much including chanting affirmations. If this is the case, just wait until you mood lifts a little. If you force yourself to meditate or chant affirmations when you’re not up to it your heart won’t be in it, and you’ll get poor results.

just as negative thoughts can become a habit, so can positive ones. It can take around 30 days for the subconscious mind to accept new thoughts, so don’t expect miraculous overnight successes.
you need to write down your affirmations and say them aloud, or in your mind several times a day.

Can visualisation help overcome depression?

The mind is very powerful and capable of achieving far more than you could ever realise. Your subconscious mind is unable to differentiate between real and imagined scenes that you play out in your head. Focusing on the negative and feared outcome can make you feel far worse, and even draw these much feared situations towards you.

For example you feel anxious and depressed at the thought of a job interview. You badly need this job, but in your mind you play out scenarios where you say the wrong thing, and mess the whole interview up. You feel depressed as you’re sure you’re not good enough and don’t stand a chance.

By imagining yourself happy and confident walking into the interview with everything planned out in your mind of what you’re going to say, you will be far more likely to get the job, and your depression will lift as a result.

Try easing depression by imagining a happy day you experienced in the past. Really feel the emotion, the sounds and how happy you were. If it was a day on the beach feel the warmth of the sun on your face and hear the sound of the waves lapping on the shore, and seagulls flying overhead. Play some calming music in the background, breathe in deeply and totally relax.

Try this simple exercise every day, allowing at least 15 minutes.
Just by giving yourself a short break from this cycle of negative thinking can make a big difference

I have tried this many times when feeling a bit low and it works for me, so hope it works for you as well, and that it can help you overcome depression.


Take care,

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How To Be Confident Even If You Don’t Feel It

How To Be Confident Even If You Don’t Feel It

how to be confidentYou want to know how to be confident but have no idea where to begin.  Read this article to discover simple but powerful tips to help you gain the self confidence you so desire.

There are many things that can cause a lack of confidence. Bad experiences, strict upbringing, being bullied at school, illness, divorce and losing your job, among many other things can all cause you feel unconfident

This can make you avoid social situations, or risk taking of any kind incase you fail. As a result this can greatly affect your life making it less fulfilling, and more restrictive making you miss out on so many exciting opportunities.

So how can you build self confidence?

The first thing you should do if you want to know how to be confident is to note down all your strengths and abilities. We’re all good at something, and each of us has our own individual strengths. For example you may be a good listener, or fantastic cook. Once you become aware of your abilities it may help to boost your confidence a little.

It’s all to easy to overlook what you’re good at, and focus instead on your failings if you lack confidence.

Avoid hanging around people who make you feel bad about yourself, and instead seek out those who are more positive about themselves and make you feel good.

Do you really need to say sorry?.

You tend to find that people with an unconfident and subservient nature are always apologising, even when it’s not necessary. They may have accidentally jumped a queue, knocked into someone, or said the wrong thing. It can become a habit, and one that’s hard to break.

You may have picked this up from your parents during childhood when you always being told to say sorry, living with a dominant partner, or a variety of other reasons.

Constantly apologising is a sign of low self esteem, so if you feel shy and lack confidence it can be very hard to overcome.

How To Feel Confident


Next time you’re about to say sorry be mindful about it. Even if you think you may have upset someone by saying a wrong word, chances are you haven’t. Unless you deliberately set out to insult or annoy another person then it truly isn’t your fault. There may be times though when you’re not aware of the other person’s circumstances and you inadvertently make a blunder. That’s different and you could say sorry as you didn’t know. But even then, it really wasn’t your fault.

Talk to new people every day and build self confidence

This may be completely out of your comfort zone, but isn’t as hard as it sounds. Believe it or not most people are friendly and often pleasantly surprised that a complete stranger has taken the time to say “hello”.

A good example is standing in a checkout queue in a supermarket or waiting to be served in a bank. Just a comment about the weather, or length of the queue can spark a brief conversation. Plus, you never know, that person may be very lonely and you’re the only one they’ve spoken to all day.

Doing this may seem scary the first few times especially if you have real social anxiety, but after practicing a few times you’ll not only feel happy, but you’ll make those you talked to happy as well.

4 ways to fake it until you make it.

Even if you’re shaking with fear at the idea of going to that party or social gathering you’ve been dreading, follow these tips and no one will ever suspect you lack confidence.

1. Stand tall, with your shoulders back

Slouching, looking down at the ground, and hunched shoulders are all signs of a lack of confidence.

2. Make eye contact.

Looking directly in the eyes of someone you’re talking to is a sign of confidence. You can look just between the eyes, as this is still looking directly at the person’s eyes. You will also be seen as more trustworthy to someone you’ve only just met.

3. Lower your voice.

Lowering the pitch of your voice just a little, and talking slower makes you sound more authoritative. It can even make you feel confident as well. Click here for an interesting article on the subject.

4. Deep breathing.

Try taking a few deep breaths before entering a room full of people you don’t know. Breathe in slowly and deeply, then slowly exhale. This really works and can make you feel calm and relaxed. It will also reduce your blood pressure and heart rate.

Listen to upbeat music that makes you feel good.

Listen to fast paced upbeat music. Music is very powerful, and the type you listen to can affect your mood and thinking. Some years ago I attended a few mlm events, and before the main speaker came on stage they would often play “The Only Way Is Up”, a well known 80s hit by Yazoo which is full of positive words.

Upbeat positive music with powerful lyrics can make you feel happier and more confident. Listen to this type of music when you’re driving, and before that dreaded social event.

Take up a new challenge to help build self confidence

Leave your comfort zone and take up something that really stretches you. An activity you’ve always wanted to do but felt scared in case you failed or looked silly. Don’t spend too much time thinking up excuses why you shouldn’t just go for it:) You’ll be so happy when you’ve taken that leap of faith.

It could be starting your own business, to snowboarding, or skydiving. Whatever it is, you’re never too old or fat, or thin, or whatever it is that’s holding you back:)

In time you’ll find that faking confidence and leaving your comfort zone to try things you never believed you could do will greatly increase your self confidence and belief in yourself.

I hope this article has helped to show you how to be confident in yourself. It may not be something you can do overnight, but apply the tips I’ve shared here with you and gradually you’ll start to notice a difference.

Take care and have a wonderful day:)

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What Is The Law Of Attraction?

What is the law of attraction, And How Can It Improve Your Life?

what is the law of attraction

The law of attraction has been around since the beginning of time and never fails to work. Put simply it’s manifesting into your life that which you think about and focus on. The problem is most people tend to focus on their problems rather than solutions to them. As a result they attract more of what they don’t want

You see thinking about a problem is going to draw more of it towards you. Let’s say for example you have a debt to pay and don’t have any money. Most people will worry about a lack of money. Focusing on lack may only serve to attract more of it in your life.

If instead you were to create a plan of action that will make money and pay off your debt you’d be much more likely to achieve success.

Thoughts are energy

Everything in the universe including your thoughts are created from energy. If you were to get a very powerful microscope and examined the particles that make up a chair or table. And then you zoomed in on the subatomic particles, you’d see that they were in a constant state of movement.

Well the thoughts in your mind are are also energy and in a constant state of vibration.

Quantum physics shows that thoughts create your reality. You can change your reality by changing how you think.

Why you should never focus on what you don’t want.

If you focus on what you don’t want to happen you’re actually attracting it towards you. Many times when people become fearful or anxious over a problem they end up making bad decisions, making things worse.

This is often because you’re in panic mode. You don’t expect things to work out well, and your actions may actually drive you closer to that which you don’t want.

You’ll make mistakes far easier and then see these errors as proof you can’t do something.

It becomes a vicious circle. The more you tense up, fretting over over what you’re trying to avoid, or achieve, the more obstacles you’ll face. You’ll keep making mistakes, and in the end probably give up.

So how can you make the law of attraction work for you?

Think about what you want and only focus on that. Forget the things you don’t want in your life, and you’ll be changing your energy from negative to positive. Imagine how great life will be when you get, or achieve whatever it is you want.

You have to really feel the emotion. This is much more than just wishing for good things to happen. It’s about shifting energy.

The universal law of attraction has been around forever, but the majority of people either don’t know about it, or can’t make it work.

This may be because their mind was so mixed up and full of negativity that they were unable to focus on creating change, or if something didn’t manifest they gave up.

The Secret and the law of attraction

law of attraction the secret

The teachings of Abraham Hicks is the inspiration behind the “The Secret” Both the film and book show you how law of attraction works. Many well known people including Bob Proctor and Dr Joe Vitale appear in the film, passing on their wisdom and understanding of the law of attraction.

Abraham is a non human entity of teachers from the world of sprit. These are advanced beings and depending on your belief are able to pass messages to us through a lady called Esther Hicks. She is an inspirational speaker and writer, and both her and her husband Jerry spent time touring America, passing on Abraham’s teachings through Esther.

I have a strong belief in sprit so have no problem accepting the idea of advanced beings from other dimensions, or the idea of law of attraction. However even if you don’t believe and are highly skeptical you must understand that this universal law is always working, just like gravity.

Allow it to happen and make the law of attraction work for you

You don’t need to struggle for what you want. Just allow it to happen. Most times when we want something we’re focusing on lack of not having it. You spend time wishing for that perfect job or relationship.

thoughts are energy

You may think about it a lot during the day and visualize it coming to you. However you’re actually focusing on a lack of it, and as I previously mentioned the law of attraction always delivers what your mind is focusing on.

Being in a state of allowing is very powerful as you become aligned with your desire and are open to receive it.

You do this by believing and acting as if you already have it.

It’s also important to only use the law of attraction for what you really want, or need in your life, otherwise you will only do things in a half hearted way, or if you do get what you tried to manifest, you won’t be truly happy.

Why affirmations can help the law of attraction work for you.

Affirmations can be a very powerful tool when used with the law of attraction. Simply write down on a piece of paper what you want.

It could be finding a soulmate, better career, more money, improved health etc, then imagining you’ve already achieved these goals, write down how you’re feeling.

e.g “I’m so happy to be in a loving and happy relationship”, or “I’m so happy now that I have more than enough money to pay the bills”, or “I love the new slimmer me”

You must also believe in the affirmation. just saying them everyday will help draw them into your life, but you must have the self belief that what you want is possible. Deeply ingrained negative beliefs can seriously hold you back.

Dealing with negative thoughts

You may believe that a negative thought has already done its damage by simply entering your mind. But, a thought only damages your thinking process when it’s allowed to linger – to become a strong and powerful force in your mind.

These thoughts may keep repeating themselves when necessary to keep you under their “spell.” For example you have a bad experience with a failed relationship.

You blame yourself, and acquire negative thoughts that this will happen again in other relationships. These damaging thoughts rise to the surface at the start of a new relationship and you then become focused on failure.

Getting rid of deeply ingrained negative beliefs isn’t easy and requires some work.

You can start by acknowledging these thoughts as it makes them less powerful.

Practicing meditation, and calming the mind can make a huge difference to your state of wellbeing and help you see things in a more positive light.

Some beliefs are so deeply embedded in the subconscious that professional counseling is the best option.

Once you’ve removed negative thoughts replace them with optimistic, happy thoughts, and you’ll raise your state of vibration.

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