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Overcoming Obstacles The Ultimate Guide

overcoming obstacles

Overcoming obstacles in life can be challenging. You feel stuck and anxious about the situation. You want to move on but don’t know how. The truth is many perceived obstacles don’t really exist. This may sound crazy as they’re very real in your mind, but read on as I explain. We all tend to see things as being far worse than they really are. It’s human nature and it’s all down to something known as framing. It’s a way of

How To Accept Yourself The Way You Are

how to accept yourself

Learning how to accept yourself can be challenging. You’ll never make everyone like you in this life. Trying to please all is futile and a waste of energy. If you’re shy and a bit introverted it’s easy to start internalising remarks made by others. Sometimes people say things without giving any previous thought. Envy and jealousy can lead some folk to make hateful comments. They’re often insecure and make themselves feel better by putting others down. Ask yourself if you

How To Curb Impulse Shopping

impulse shopping

Do you find it hard to control impulse shopping?     We’ve all been prey to impulsive shopping at one time or another. You find yourself at the checkout reaching for that special offer candy bar. You had no intention of buying chocolate but you can’t miss out on such a good offer. So what if you’re on a diet! Anyway, you can always start again tomorrow! After all, you deserve a treat after all that shopping! Small items bought

The Easy Way To Quit Smoking That Actually Works!

the easy way to quit smoking

The easy way to quit smoking that doesn’t involve patches or suffering the pain of withdrawal may surprise you. Many people keen to kick the habit turn to nicotine patches, but what if I told you there was an easier way? You could save a small fortune on patches or nicotine gum. Stop focusing why you can’t stop smoking Yes, you heard it right!! The more you focus on negative words the harder it is to achieve any goal. You

Who Is Abraham Hicks And Can He Really Help Manifest Your Dreams?

who is abraham hicks

Who is Abraham Hicks you may ask? You’ve seen his name mentioned in many law of attraction books, but is he a real person?   The answer may surprise you as Abraham is a non-physical entity. Abraham is a group consciousness from a non-physical realm. They describe themselves as source energy. This is energy in it’s purest form and is what we experience during overwhelming feelings of love or pure joy. How do you connect with source energy? Abraham teaches

Am I Psychic? Find Out If You Have Psychic Abilities!

am i psychic

Am I psychic? This is a question many people ask, especially if they’re sensitive. The truth is we all possess an inbuilt sixth sense or intuition. This is our inner voice that guides us, however, being psychic is a bit different. Having a feeling something isn’t quite right is intuition. This serves to protect us from danger and is a type of safety mechanism. It can also tell you if something is good. For example, you may have a good

What Is Synchronicity And How Does It Work?

what is synchronicity

Many people ask what is synchronicity and how does it work.   Read more as I share interesting and revealing information that will make you question many occurrences in your life and if it could be synchronicity at work. Have you ever found that sometimes things just fall into place? A series of events occur that seem to magically fit together. It’s almost as if some higher force has given you a helping hand. you ask for guidance and the

13 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

boost your immune system

  Boost your immune system and enjoy better health and wellbeing. Your immune system is your body’s defense against illness and infection. It identifies cells that are unfamiliar and destroys them. This is vital for protecting your body against germs and bacteria. A weak immune system makes you vulnerable to colds and flu. Today I’m going to share ways that you can use to boost your immune system naturally and enjoy better health Laughter really is the best medicine Laughter

How To Make The Law Of Attraction For Health Work In Your Favour

law of attraction for health

Your mind and body are very closely linked. Your thoughts and emotions can have a physical effect on your body. Can you really make the law of attraction for health work in your favour? Keep reading as I share powerful tips that may help you improve your health.. Feeling depressed or worried can trigger minor ailments such as itchy spots or mouth ulcers. I used to regularly suffer from migraines if I was worrying over something or felt anxious. Stress

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