Auras And Vibrational Energy

Auras And Vibrational Energy


vibrational energy

Auras are basically a magnetic energy field surrounding our body like a protective layer. A bit like the shell of an egg.

This energy is constantly changing depending on your health, state of mind, and interaction with others. You would see an aura as an egg shaped fuzzy halo , radiating outwards from your body.

People with very strong personalities such as world leaders have thicker auras, whereas shy, sensitive, and introverted types have thinner auras.

This is why sensitives pick up on others energy far easier. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the other person’s energy.

Being a shy, sensitive person, I’ve always been able to sense things about others, and whether to trust them or not.

So what’s the connection between auras and vibrational energy…?

vibrational energy

Everything in the universe is created from energy, and this energy is in a constant state of vibration. We are energy, and radiate this energy as aura.

We also have areas of spinning energy within our physical bodies known as chakras. This energy doesn’t radiate but is in a constant state of motion.

Psychics find it easier to see auras, but this doesn’t mean YOU won’t be able to see them. The trick is to be completely relaxed, and open to the idea.

How to see auras

It’s best to view auras in very dim light, and this light source should be to the side of you, not in front or behind.

Try looking at your own aura to begin with. Look at the space just above or to the side of you with half closed eyes. Keep looking for at least a few minutes.

Don’t force yourself to see anything as you must be relaxed, and just let it appear naturally. If you’re successful you may be able to see what looks like a halo of soft, muted colours around your head

Depending on how you’re feeling you may see any of the following colours. Remember though, your aura is constantly changing, and you’ll probably see a blend of colours, rather than a specific hue.

Yellows are associated with a happy, light mood. An easy going nature.

Reds are associated with passion, aggression, or someone who’s very anxious

Blues are seen around people who are calm, often psychic, and love people.

Pinks suggest an artistic, sensitive nature, but may also mean low energy. Pink is associated with romance and love, so a pink tinged aura may mean the person has fallen in love, and feeling very romantic about someone

You can find out more about auras and their colour meaning here.

How to strengthen your aura

strengthen your aura

Your aura is a protective layer and should be looked after, as various things can weaken it.

Negative energy can have a big impact on your aura. Keep away from negative people, especially if you’re very sensitive.

You may end up absorbing some of this negative energy and muddying the colour of your aura. Instead, hang around positive people, and their aura will lighten your energy

Try to avoid negative thinking, and avoid watching upsetting news items on tv.

If you’re very sensitive, you may end up dwelling on them.

Lighten your mood by listening to upbeat music. Any music that lifts your spirits and makes you feel happy.

Try to spend time each day walking outside in a green space such as a park or recreational ground. Green is a healing colour, and being among nature is calming.

Winter can seem long with many dark days in the northern hemisphere. Spending whatever time in the sun you can, will not only ensure you get enough vitamin D, but will also energise and expand your aura.

Drink plenty of water. Not only is it essential to keep your body hydrated and eliminate toxins, but it also helps to cleanse your aura. This is especially beneficial if you’ve had the misfortune to be around negative people,

Either wear, or keep a piece of clear quartz crystal on your desk. It will help re-energise your aura.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but adding a few handfuls of sea salt to your bathwater will help cleanse you aura, and raise your vibrational energy.

The sound of Tibetan singing bowls is very soothing, and it’s known that their sound frequency not only very healing, but can dissolve negative energies as well.

You can relax to the calming sound of binaural beats with the gentle sound of Tibetan singing bowls here.

Vibrational energy healing

vibrational energy healing

Ancient civilizations believed illness and disease starts when your aura or energy field becomes unbalanced or blocked.

If you become ill, your rate of vibration becomes lower, and this can attract more negativity or poor health towards you.

Your emotions have a strong influence on your rate of vibration. Every cell in your body is has it’s own vibrational rate, and how you’re feeling has a profound effect on this.

Your mind and body are very closely connected, and modern medicine is only just beginning to realise this.

Have you ever found you’re more prone to catching colds if you’re feeling low?

We live in a very different world from our ancestors, with constant daily exposure to electrical magnetic fields. Mobile phones, tvs, computers, and many other electrical gadgets, are continually emitting electromagnetic energy. This can effect you physically with some people suffering headaches or dizziness.

They also have an effect on you spiritually, causing imbalances in your auric field.

There are many types of vibrational energy healing. Some have now found their way into mainstream medicine.

Acupuncture has become a popular treatment for pain relief. It works by clearing energy blocks, and very fine needles, are applied to acupressure points.

Reiki works by channeling energy.Practitioners channel this energy through their hands, placed just above or touching the body. You can often feel a warm sensation as the energy is working. This energy is guided spiritually and will go to areas in the body that need it.

Some people even see colours or feel very light headed during a reiki session.

Reflexology works by applying pressure to points on the feet, hands or ears to release blocked energy. The idea behind all energy healing is that the body can heal itself.

The human body has a very complex energy system, and if this out of balance, disease and illness can affect you. As I mentioned previously the mind and body are closely connected, so by looking after your auric energy you will feel healthier both in mind and body.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and I’ve helped you understand a little bit about auras and vibrational energy.

Take care
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