How To Attract Money With Giving

Knowing how to attract money can be life changing.


If I told you that you can attract money by giving some away you may think I’d finally lost the plot!! After all, how can you grow your bank account if you’re giving your precious savings away? This is where the law of attraction comes into play…

Why giving attracts more

Even if you’re on a low income with little to spare, just giving a tiny proportion of that to those less fortunate can have a powerful effect on your energy.

You’ll feel good about yourself, and this in turn will raise your state of vibration, attracting positive things your way.

This has to be done out of genuine concern for your fellow man, and not for selfish reasons, otherwise it won’t work.

However, only give what you can afford. Don’t leave yourself short, so you can’t pay your rent!

If you’re on a fixed monthly salary with enough left over, set up a direct debit with your favorite charity. Even if you only have $50 left to spend, that’s $5 a month. If your circumstances change you can always alter it.

If your deposable income is very small, just get in the habit of giving the occasional dollar to those in desperate need and on the streets.

There are many poor homeless people out there, in genuine need of help. Next time you see one, don’t just walk past. A kind word, or a few dollars will make their day, and buy them a warm meal or drink.

As long as it’s out of a genuine desire to help, you’ll start to see a shift in your energy.

You’ll feel good about yourself which will be a huge boost to your confidence.

You may find this positive energy starts to attract new opportunities. Doors may start to open that bring wealth and abundance in your direction.

Giving it all away?

attract money by giving some to charityThere are a few well known billionaires including Bill Gates who give most of their money away.

Donald Trump has given millions away to charitable causes.

Randy Gage, transformed his life from one of crime and lack, to one of prosperity.

He is now a much sought after motivational speaker, and gives 10% of his wealth to charity.

Don’t be a hoarder if you want to attract money

Are you blocking energy with hoarding money?

I’m not suggesting you max out on your credit cards, or squander all your savings, but take a look at your habits around money.

If you’re too scared to spend any money and hold on tightly to every penny, you may be blocking it’s energy flow.

For money to flow naturally into your life you have to allow some of what you have to circulate.

This is why giving attracts positive energy.

Being afraid to spend any money at all suggests a lack mentality.

You don’t believe you have enough, and have to curb all spending

This in turn creates a cycle of lack, blocking the path for more money.

It’s how you see your financial situation, and if you think of yourself as wealthy or poor.

Our attitude to money often stems from what we’re taught by parents or well meaning friends.

Is your money stagnent?

Saving every penny for old age, or if you get sick and can’t work is a common idea, and one the majority of people stick to.

However, money sitting stagnant in the bank won’t make you wealthy.

You have to make money work for you, and develop a wealthy mindset.

Invest in yourself to attract money

Unless you’re a brain surgeon, working 9 t0 5 in a job won’t make you wealthy.

And if you hate your job, it’s even worse, as your heart’s not in it.

The vast majority of wealthy people who seem to attract money easily are doing something they love, and built a business around it.

If you love what you do, the money will follow.

Investing in the training and resources you need to get going can pay off big time.

Using money wisely in this way is allowing it to circulate, and encouraging the flow of positive energy.

Don’t squander money if you want to attract wealth

money and the law of attraction

This may sound the opposite of what I was saying before, but by squandering I mean wasting money on what you don’t need. This doesn’t include giving to charity!

For example buying clothes you’re never going to wear, or spending all your savings on a flashy car, just to look good.

Overspending on your weekly food shop, with items that will go off before you use them, or stocking up on what you don’t need.

If you’ve always had a problem holding onto money, and you always seem to be in debt, then take a look at your attitude and beliefs around money.

If you believe money is bad, and the root of all evil, you’re going to have a hard time attracting it in your life, or holding on to it.

Many of our subconscious core beliefs are laid down in childhood and have a massive influence on how successful we are in life.

Even if you won the lottery you may find it hard to hold onto your winnings as your subconscious will start sabotaging you.

Somehow you’ll end up back in debt or have very little of your fortune left

Being careful and keeping track of your spending can help make a difference, and attract more money.

Keep a tally of all your spending

Keep a note of all your monthly and weekly outgoings. Write down everything that goes out of your bank account.

Write down what you spend on groceries. A good tip is to keep your receipts, and jot down your total spend each week.

This may shock you, especially if you do multiple shops during the week!

Find ways to save money, while still allowing you to give a little bit to charity.

You’ll be surprised at how a few small changes can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.

Gratitude to attract money

attract money with gratitude

Being grateful what you have will raise your vibration attracting more money and abundance in your life.

Even if you believe you’ve nothing to be grateful for, you really have.

Just take the time to think of everything you do have. A roof over your head, food on the table, your health, friends, pets, family…the list goes on. Read my post to discover why practicing gratitude every day can have a positive effect in all areas of your life.

Once you do this your energy will change. You’ll feel happier, more content, and this in turn will raise your vibration. You’ll soon start finding opportunities and ideas to increase your wealth. Before long you may find you’ve started to become a money magnet!

I hope this article has given you ideas on how to attract money.

Remember, you can change your situation no matter how bad it seems, by changing your attitude and mindset.

Wishing you health and happiness
Take care:)

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