Are binaural beats effective natural sleeping aids?

Are Binaural Beats Effective Natural Sleeping Aids?

natural sleeping aids

There are plenty of natural sleeping aids on the market, and most of them are very safe with no side effects. Prescription drugs such as sleeping pills on the other hand do have side effects, especially if taken long term. They can also become addictive, so are not a long term solution for insomnia.

Insomnia, a deadly health problem!

Insomnia is a very common problem, and if left untreated can not only make you feel very low and lacking in energy during the day, but also lead to serious health problems including weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

If you find it hard to relax and switch off at the end of the day, you’re also going to have problems sleeping.

A poor nights sleep can affect your ability to concentrate during the day, and make you feel tired and depressed. Your state of vibration will become very low, and you may be more prone to accidents.

While meditation is a great way to calm the mind and slow down all those worrying thoughts that are racing through your mind it can be hard to master.

Meditation though, once you’ve got the hang of it, will not only help you relax and sleep better, but enjoy greater productivity, and deal with problems easier.

As a way of altering the frequency of your brain waves almost immediately, binaural beats are a great solution.

You see, your brain is constantly emitting waves, while you’re awake or asleep. The frequency of these waves is changing all the time as your thought patterns change. The highest of these frequencies are alpha waves, while the lowest are delta.

Theta and delta frequencies are experienced when you’re very relaxed or asleep. Delta brain waves are found during the deeper, healing stages of sleep.

Binaural beats as a natural sleeping aid may not be an obvious choice, but it can prove very effective.


Delta binaural beats with the tranquil sound of rolling thunder

Binaural beats aren’t real sounds!

Binaural beats aren’t real soundbut an auditory response to two sounds of differing frequencies, played one in each ear through headphones. The beats created in the brain sync your brainwaves to that frequency.

Depending on the binaural beats you’re listening to, you can become relaxed, focused, or ready to drift off in to a deep sleep. Many people use them to help meditate, as you can enter a meditative state far quicker.

To use binaural beats to help you sleep, you need tones of a lower frequency, as sleep occurs during theta and delta brain wave frequencies.

As the deepest sleep happens when your brain waves are in the lowest delta frequency, listening to binaural tones that match that can help you enter deep sleep more easily.

You need quality deep sleep for cell repair and regeneration. A lack of it could lower your immune system making you prone to infection and illness.

Waking up from a good nights sleep will have you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. You’ll feel less stressed and anxious about things as well. Tiredness from lack of sleep always makes you feel worse.

After a while of listening regularly to binaural beats your brain will begin to associate the brain wave frequencies created with relaxing and sleeping. You’ll start to find that as you wind down from the day and prepare for bedtime your brain waves will enter the lower frequencies naturally. You’ll feel relaxed and less prone to lay awake worrying over things.

The video in this post has one hour of deep delta waves in Jupiter and Saturn frequencies. A background sound of gentle rolling thunder, and tibetan singing bowls makes this even more soothing and relaxing:):)

You will need to wear headphones to get the best effect.

Hopefully this audio works for you, and helps you enjoy a peaceful nights sleep. Visit my youtube channel for more binaural beats videos and don’t forget to subscribe!

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