Hi, my name is Kathy, and I’m very happy that you dropped by my site today.

I live in Hertfordshire and was a successful mobile hairdresser with a large number of customers until I suffered a stroke last year.

Although my stroke was fairly mild, I had to really work hard and focus to get better. My first goal was driving, and despite doctors telling me I would have to change my car for an automatic, I proved them wrong.

This is when I discovered the true power of the law of attraction, as I visualised myself driving my manual car.  Then just 6 months post stroke was back behind the wheel of my car again.

This amazing natural law has played a major part my recovery, and now I want to help others benefit from it too.  I believe passionately in the law of attraction and how it can help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

I created this blog to help you attract abundance into your life, and now being unable to work as a hairdresser has given me the opportunity to work on this full time.

Every area of your life from health, relationships, career, to money and finances can be greatly improved using the amazing universal law of attraction.

I will be posting regular content including articles and videos to help inspire you, so make sure to check back here for updates.

Take care:)


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