5 Powerful Ways To Save Your Relationship

5 Powerful Ways To Save Your Relationship Using The Law Of Attraction

You’re desperate to save your relationship. You’re feeling heartbroken as you realise he’s having an affair. You can’t believe it’s happening as you’ve been together twenty years! Unfortunately, these things are not uncommon and no matter how long you and your partner have been together it can still happen.

You may have missed the signs or were too pre-occupied with other things that you failed to notice what was going on around you.

Alternatively, YOU may have been the one who had an affair and now feel totally sick as you realise what you’ve lost. Is it too late?

Before you even think about saving the relationship you must work out why it failed in the first place. and if it really is worth saving. It may be that it’s time to let go, and the universe is giving you that much needed push by bringing things to a head.

The universe always delivers what you want, so if your relationship is falling apart you may be subconsciously sending out vibes to end it. You may not want to consciously, but really take a good look at things and decide if you’re truly happy.

It may be that you are meant to be together but you need a break to fulfill certain ambitions and work on YOU. The same may apply to your spouse or partner. Sometimes a clean break for a few months or even years is needed before you get back.

It may happen that if you break up during this time apart someone new comes into your life. You then realise that he or she is the one you’re meant to be with. So you see the universe is always helping and trying to direct you on the right path, even though it may not seem it at the time.

After giving things a lot of time and thought. Decide if you really want to save your relationship then if you do, the following may help you utilise the law of attraction

1.The power of visualisation


save your relationship with visualization

Visualization is an extremely effective tool. Used in the right way it can help manifest what you desire into your life. However, you need to consider that we all have free will, and although you may be able to attract into your life what YOU want, you can’t make another person do what you want them to do. The law of attraction isn’t magic.

If he is in love with another woman there is nothing you can do to change that. However, you may still attract the love you desire with all the qualities you ask for, but it may be that you’ll be drawn to a new path with a new love entering your life.

If however he still has feelings for you then these tips may certainly help. Firstly remember a time you were both so happy and in love with each other.

Picture a future time when you’re meeting up again. For example, if you do end up living apart, imagine he’s coming round for dinner. Picture the scene in as much detail as possible.

Visualize your future life together. What does it feel like? Where are you living? Are you living in the same house?

Create a vision board for your new relationship, adding photos of happy times together. Of course, the relationship you had may be dead and gone, so you must build a new one together. Even though the photos are from the past, they can still be used to visualize future times together.

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2.Show gratitude


Showing gratitude is a very powerful tool in making the law of attraction work for you. It serves to raise your level of vibration which in turn attracts positive things in your life.

Don’t focus on problems that may be pushing your relationship further apart.

For example “he’s always working late, so we don’t spend enough time together, or “I’m always the one who gets the groceries every week”

These little annoyances can get blown out of all proportion if focused on. If you want to save your relationship focus on all the positives instead.

Think of all the times he was there for you when you needed him. Remember how attentive he was, and never missed an anniversary, or your birthday.

Send thoughts of love and light his way, and wish him peace and happiness. This will match his vibrational level to yours. You can’t attract something unless it’s a vibrational match.

3.Clear out the clutter!

A cluttered home can create bad energy. If you’re hoarding stuff you don’t need, throw it out. Be ruthless and have a major spring clean. Bad energy can create discord and could be affecting your relationship. You’re more inclined to feel unsettled and your self-esteem will suffer.

If you’re feeling bad about yourself and the state of your home this will inevitably affect your relationship.  Arguments are more likely especially if your partner likes a tidy living space!

You may find that your energy feels lighter as you free up space in your home. You can focus better and you may also find the peaceful harmony you once had has also returned.

4.Have faith

Letting go and having faith the universe will deliver is an important part of the law of attraction. Sometimes letting go is the best way to save your relationship. Holding on and hoping things will work out may not be the answer.

If he or she truly loves you, and you’re meant for each other then even if you live apart for a time, the universe will conspire to reunite you.

Staying in a stale relationship will only make things worse. You have to address the issues and find a way to fix them. Sometimes, a break in which you both grow and develop is the best solution.


5. Nurture your new and improved relationship

save relationship

You’ve saved your relationship from the brink of collapse or you reunited after time apart.

Just like gardening you have to nurture and feed the relationship. By this I mean do things together. Find common interests. Take up a new pastime like dancing or painting, where you can enjoy quality time together. Build the trust back again. Date each other once a week and book this time in your diary.

Most importantly communicate! I don’t mean just general chit chat or gossip, but discuss feelings and air any grievances you have. It’s often the little things that build up in your mind over time. Then one day something triggers all these little niggly annoyances to the surface, and you end up having a huge argument.

Before long resentments build up and you start drifting apart. Once this happens you run the risk of losing everything unless you take action.

Finally if things don’t work out it’s not the end of the world. You can survive on your own, and make life whatever you want. Sometimes a lost relationship can make you realise how much strength you really have, and that you don’t need another person to make you happy.

At the end of the day only YOU can make you happy, and you can choose to happy in an instant!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it’s given you hope. Some relationships can never be recovered, but many can, and hopefully you put into practice some of what I’ve shared today.

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Wishing you health and happiness

Take care

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