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Can Binaural Beats Help Boost Cell Regeneration?

meditation for cell regeneration

Can binaural beats help cell regeneration? Deep meditation can provide as much benefit as sleep. In fact many who meditate regularly, claim they need less sleep. There are even reports that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to a good night’s sleep. The benefits if you can achieve a deep meditative state are enormous. You’ll not only feel fantastic, but healing can take place as well. During the deeper stages of sleep or deep meditation your brainwaves slow down into

Are binaural beats effective natural sleeping aids?

natural sleeping aids

Are Binaural Beats Effective Natural Sleeping Aids? There are plenty of natural sleeping aids on the market, and most of them are very safe with no side effects. Prescription drugs such as sleeping pills on the other hand do have side effects, especially if taken long term. They can also become addictive, so are not a long term solution for insomnia. Insomnia, a deadly health problem! Insomnia is a very common problem, and if left untreated can not only make