How To Become A Law Of Attraction Money Magnet

law of attraction money magnet

How To Become A Law Of Attraction Money Magnet If you want to become a law of attraction money magnet there are a few steps you need to follow. Money is energy. and depending on the energy you’re vibrating can have an effect on your wealth. Everything in the universe is energy, including your thoughts. The happier and more upbeat you feel, the higher your energy. As like attracts like you will attract energy on a similar vibrational level. Your

Wealth Affirmations To Change Your Life

wealth affirmations can change your life

Wealth Affirmations To Change Your Life Creating wealth affirmations to attract money into your life can work really well, providing you believe in them, and have no limiting beliefs holding you back. Unfortunately for many people, limiting beliefs lurk at the back of their mind saying “you’ll never do it, so why bother”!! It’s important to have faith in yourself and believe any phrases you’re repeating each day for things to work. If you have any negative thoughts, and no

Can Meditation Slow Down Aging?

can meditation slow down aging

Can meditation slow down aging? Everyone of us over age 30 would love to know how to slow down aging. You wake up in the morning and find yet another grey hair, or laughter line around your eyes. We’re all getting older every day, and you can’t stop time. However there are so many other things that determine how you age. Stress, poor diet, smoking, drinking, and chronic health conditions can all make you look and feel older. Of course

Why Meditation For Healing Works

meditation for healing

Why Meditation For Healing Works Meditation for healing has been around for thousands of years, well before conventional medicine! It was practiced as a means of enlightenment, but the power of meditation goes far beyond that. You see the mind and body are very closely connected, and how you think and your mood definitely has an effect on your health and wellbeing. If you’re depressed or upset you’re more prone to catching colds or flu. On the other hand if

Why Is It So Hard To Leave Your Comfort Zone?

comfort zone

A comfort zone is place you feel safe with very little stress. We all need this, and it’s hard wired in us as humans to seek comfort and shelter. It’s completely normal, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Comfort zones relate to situations and activities that are routine and familiar. For example you have meals at certain times of the day, you watch your favourite tv shows of an evening, or you go to the same bar every

5 Powerful Ways To Save Your Relationship

save your relationship

5 Powerful Ways To Save Your Relationship Using The Law Of Attraction You’re desperate so save your relationship. You’re feeling heartbroken as you realise he’s having an affair. You can’t believe it’s happening as you’ve been together twenty years! Unfortunately these things are not uncommon and no matter how long you and your partner have been together it can still happen. You may have missed the signs or were to pre-occupied with other things that you failed to notice what

Do Positive Affirmations Work?

do positive affirmations work

Do Positive Affirmations Work Positive affirmations to improve your life have become very popular, and using them in the right way can bring amazing results. Affirmations are simply words repeated regularly to alter your thought pattern. These are normally positive affirmations to help attract success, wealth and happiness into your life. The idea is that by saying these words and phrases over and over, you reprogram your subconscious mind and change not only your thought pattern, but also your outcomes.

How To Motivate Yourself And Finally Achieve Your Goals!

how to motivate yourself

How To Motivate Yourself Knowing how to motivate yourself during difficult times, or when you just feel lazy can soon get you on track again. We all have days when you don’t feel like doing much. This is normal. The weather, your health, worrying over something, feeling upset or emotional can all play a part. Your productivity and motivation can be seriously affected if you’re not in the right frame of mind. . One of the best ways to get

What Is NLP?

what is nlp

What Is NLP? Nlp is a way of understanding how your mind works. A bit like a user manual, and helps you bring about positive changes to your life. The term “nlp” was first created in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It’s making a connection between neurological processes, language and behaviour. Of course nlp has always been around, but most of us are not aware of it. For example sales people and advertising executives frequently use nlp

What Is The Secret?:Is The Secret Real?

what is the secret

What Is The Secret?:Is The Secret Real?   “The Secret” is based on the law of attraction. This states that your thoughts become your reality. In other words what you spend time focusing on and thinking about manifests in your life. Now many people will argue with that and say that they weren’t thinking about bad health and got sick, or they weren’t thinking about money and got into debt. No one can help getting cancer, heart disease or other

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