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Why Coloring Pages Is One Of The Best Therapies

coloring pages

Why Coloring Pages Is One Of The Best Therapies Coloring isn’t just for kids. One of the first things we learn to do is crayon. Kids love playing with crayons and paint. It helps develop their creativity, observational skills, and social skills. The joy of mixing colors together, and making marks on paper is an important part of development. However, as we grow and focus on passing exams to get a job, playing with paint and crayons isn’t seen as

What Is Reiki Healing Energy?

reiki healing energy

What Is Reiki Healing Energy? Reiki energy healing has been around for thousands of years. Everything in the universe is created from energy, and this energy is in a constant state of vibration. Energy is continuously flowing through you, and the level at which it’s vibrating is changing all the time. You can actually see this energy radiating outside the body, and this is known as aura. This energy is an electromagnetic field and since Kirilian photography was invented it

How To Boost Your Creative Thinking Skills

how to boost creative thinking skills

How To Boost Your Creative Thinking Skills Creative thinking skills help you come up with new ideas, problem solve, and approach things in an original way by thinking outside of the box. What is creative thinking Creative thinking is simply approaching ideas from a fresh perspective. Taking a different route from the conventional or normal. The trouble is many people fear being original or different, and just don’t want to stand out from the crowd. There is something rebellious about

Auras And Vibrational Energy

Auras And Vibrational Energy   Auras are basically a magnetic energy field surrounding our body like a protective layer. A bit like the shell of an egg. This energy is constantly changing depending on your health, state of mind, and interaction with others. You would see an aura as an egg shaped fuzzy halo , radiating outwards from your body. People with very strong personalities such as world leaders have thicker auras, whereas shy, sensitive, and introverted types have thinner

Are binaural beats effective natural sleeping aids?

natural sleeping aids

Are Binaural Beats Effective Natural Sleeping Aids? There are plenty of natural sleeping aids on the market, and most of them are very safe with no side effects. Prescription drugs such as sleeping pills on the other hand do have side effects, especially if taken long term. They can also become addictive, so are not a long term solution for insomnia. Insomnia, a deadly health problem! Insomnia is a very common problem, and if left untreated can not only make

How Visualization Can Change Your Life (Podcast 002)

how visualisation can change your life

How Visualisation Can Change Your Life Welcome to the second in my series of podcasts! This is something I’ve only just started to do, and plan to upload one every week. Each week I’ll cover a different topic on law of attraction, and though they won’t be very long, I’ll try and make them as informative as possible. I’m very passionate on the subject, and truly believe you can make a big difference to your life by applying these laws

How To Become A Law Of Attraction Money Magnet

law of attraction money magnet

How To Become A Law Of Attraction Money Magnet If you want to become a law of attraction money magnet there are a few steps you need to follow. Money is energy. and depending on the energy you’re vibrating can have an effect on your wealth. Everything in the universe is energy, including your thoughts. The happier and more upbeat you feel, the higher your energy. As like attracts like you will attract energy on a similar vibrational level. Your

Wealth Affirmations To Change Your Life

wealth affirmations can change your life

Wealth Affirmations To Change Your Life Creating wealth affirmations to attract money into your life can work really well, providing you believe in them, and have no limiting beliefs holding you back. Unfortunately for many people, limiting beliefs lurk at the back of their mind saying “you’ll never do it, so why bother”!! It’s important to have faith in yourself and believe any phrases you’re repeating each day for things to work. If you have any negative thoughts, and no

Can Meditation Slow Down Aging?

can meditation slow down aging

Can meditation slow down aging? Everyone of us over age 30 would love to know how to slow down aging. You wake up in the morning and find yet another grey hair, or laughter line around your eyes. We’re all getting older every day, and you can’t stop time. However there are so many other things that determine how you age. Stress, poor diet, smoking, drinking, and chronic health conditions can all make you look and feel older. Of course

Why Meditation For Healing Works

meditation for healing

Why Meditation For Healing Works Meditation for healing has been around for thousands of years, well before conventional medicine! It was practiced as a means of enlightenment, but the power of meditation goes far beyond that. You see the mind and body are very closely connected, and how you think and your mood definitely has an effect on your health and wellbeing. If you’re depressed or upset you’re more prone to catching colds or flu. On the other hand if

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