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How To Stop Overthinking

how to stop overthinking

  Are you searching for answers on how to stop overthinking? Keep reading as I’ve researched some of the best ideas, as well as provided you with my own personal outlook on this all too common problem. Keep reading as I’ve researched some of the best ideas, as well as provided you with my own personal outlook on this all too common problem. Overthinkers tend to spend a lot of time going over what happened in the past, and making

How To Be More Productive And Why Busy Isn’t Always The Answer!

  If you want to know how to be more productive and get stuff done keep reading as I share tips and ideas to make your productivity soar… Why is it that you can spend hours working hard yet you’ve very little to show for it? This is such a common problem, yet there is no definite answer. Procrastination, distractions, jumping from one task to another are just a few reasons why you’re not getting very far. It can often

Zen12: The Easy Way To Meditate: My Review

yoga and meditation

What is Zen12 and how can it help you de-stress? Zen12 is a program of 12 minute meditation audios, delivered monthly, that make meditation easy for everyone. It claims to drastically reduce the time taken to enter a deep meditative state. Many of us either don’t have the time, or find it hard to meditate. This is a great pity as it’s been scientifically proven to lower levels of stress, and help you feel happier. There are also those who

How To Attract Money With Giving

attract money

Knowing how to attract money can be life changing. If I told you that you can attract money by giving some away you may think I’d finally lost the plot!! After all, how can you grow your bank account if you’re giving your precious savings away? This is where the law of attraction comes into play… Why giving attracts more Even if you’re on a low income with little to spare, just giving a tiny proportion of that to those

Who Is Bob Proctor, And Can He Really Help You Become Prosperous?

Who is Bob Proctor? He’s just an ordinary guy who has transformed not only his own life, but those of the thousands he’s helped over the years. He started out as a young man in debt, and working in dead end jobs that barely kept him going. It was purely by chance that he was given a book which was to change his life forever… This book planted a seed in his mind which grew, causing him to completely change

How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Live Life To The Full!

how to overcome social anxiety

How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Live Life To The Full! If you want to know how to overcome social anxiety keep reading as I uncover some powerful and proven tips… Social anxiety can be very debilitating, affecting many areas of your life. Making new friends becomes extremely hard, and the idea of walking into a room full of people you don’t know, an impossible task. It can seriously hold you back, stopping you from seizing opportunities. Unless you take

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

how to stop worrying

How to stop worrying is something we’ve all wanted to know the answer to at sometime or another. You get a thought in your head, and it grows from a niggly little worry into full blown anxiety. Your mind goes into overdrive and no matter what you do, you just can’t switch off. This can have a negative impact in all areas of your life. You can’t sleep properly, you can’t focus on work, and your digestive system also suffers.

Can Binaural Beats Help Boost Cell Regeneration?

meditation for cell regeneration

Can binaural beats help cell regeneration? Deep meditation can provide as much benefit as sleep. In fact many who meditate regularly, claim they need less sleep. There are even reports that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to a good night’s sleep. The benefits if you can achieve a deep meditative state are enormous. You’ll not only feel fantastic, but healing can take place as well. During the deeper stages of sleep or deep meditation your brainwaves slow down into

How To Stay Young And Defy Age!

how to stay young

We would all love to know the secret of how to stay young and in good shape. Unfortunately, many people believe the stereotypical idea that once you’re over a certain age it’s all downhill! Well, I am over that certain age myself, and have regularly come across people who tell me how grim life is for them. They moan about their aches and pains and how it has to be expected at their age!! The problem is we’re conditioned to

How To Stay Focused And Boost Productivity!

how to stay focused

How To Stay Focused And Boost Productivity Setting goals is great, but knowing how to stay focused is vital if you want success. One of the important things about setting a goal is that you feel excited by it. If you don’t have any motivation and lack interest, then you’re going to find it very hard to stay focused. This is often when procrastination sets in! For example you may set well meaning goals to exercise and keep fit, but

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