What Is Synchronicity And How Does It Work?

what is synchronicity

Many people ask what is synchronicity and how does it work. Read more as I share interesting and revealing information that will make you question many occurrences in your life and if it could be synchronicity at work. Have you ever found that sometimes things just fall into place? A series of events occur that seem to magically fit together. It’s almost as if some higher force has given you a helping hand. you ask for guidance and the right

13 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

boost your immune system

  Boost your immune system and enjoy better health and wellbeing. Your immune system is your body’s defense against illness and infection. It identifies cells that are unfamiliar and destroys them. This is vital for protecting your body against germs and bacteria. A weak immune system makes you vulnerable to colds and flu. Today I’m going to share ways that you can use to boost your immune system naturally and enjoy better health Laughter really is the best medicine Laughter

How To Make The Law Of Attraction For Health Work In Your Favour

law of attraction for health

Your mind and body are very closely linked. Your thoughts and emotions can have a physical effect on your body. Can you really make the law of attraction for health work in your favour? Keep reading as I share powerful tips that may help you improve your health.. Feeling depressed or worried can trigger minor ailments such as itchy spots or mouth ulcers. I used to regularly suffer from migraines if I was worrying over something or felt anxious. Stress

How To Rewire Your Brain For A Happy And Successful Life

rewire your brain

Rewire your brain and transform every area of your life! This may sound far fetched but your brain really can be rewired, not like a circuit board, but in a neurobiological way. Keep reading as I explain in easy to understand language. What is neuroplasticity? It was once thought that the brain was a fixed structure, but now scientists understand it to be pliable and constantly changing. neuroplasticity is simply the brain forming new ways of doing things. You see,

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work By Chakra Clearing

chakra clearing

Why Chakra Clearing May Help Make The Law Of Attraction Work In Your Favor.   If you’re familiar with the idea of chakra clearing you’ll know how powerful it is in releasing blocked energy. As I’ve mentioned before everything in the universe is created from energy. This energy flows through your body and is in a constant state of motion. If you’re tired or unwell this will be reflected in your energy field. Feeling low or emotionally upset has a

How To Tap Into The Power Of Your Subconscious

the power of your subconscious

  Can tapping into the power of your subconscious help bring success and happiness in your life? only a fraction of our conscious mind is used in decision making, reactions to situations and emotional responses. The remaining 95% is done subconsciously. Past experiences and beliefs passed on by others are filed away in the subconscious mind ready for instant access. Your brain is active 24 hours a day, even during sleep. In fact the brain is even more active during

How To Stop Overthinking

how to stop overthinking

  Are you searching for answers on how to stop overthinking? Keep reading as I’ve researched some of the best ideas, as well as provided you with my own personal outlook on this all too common problem. Keep reading as I’ve researched some of the best ideas, as well as provided you with my own personal outlook on this all too common problem. Overthinkers tend to spend a lot of time going over what happened in the past, and making

How To Be More Productive And Why Busy Isn’t Always The Answer!

  If you want to know how to be more productive and get stuff done keep reading as I share tips and ideas to make your productivity soar… Why is it that you can spend hours working hard yet you’ve very little to show for it? This is such a common problem, yet there is no definite answer. Procrastination, distractions, jumping from one task to another are just a few reasons why you’re not getting very far. It can often

Zen12: The Easy Way To Meditate: My Review

yoga and meditation

What is Zen12 and how can it help you de-stress? Zen12 is a program of 12 minute meditation audios, delivered monthly, that make meditation easy for everyone. It claims to drastically reduce the time taken to enter a deep meditative state. Many of us either don’t have the time, or find it hard to meditate. This is a great pity as it’s been scientifically proven to lower levels of stress, and help you feel happier. There are also those who

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